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Telecoms, Media and Technology

FT Cyber Security Summit Day 2

Defending a Digital Future

London |
Speakers include:
Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes

BT Group

Cheri  McGuire

Cheri McGuire

Standard Chartered Bank

Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson



​This day has been designed to enable CISOs and their teams to participate in interactive scenario planning and response activities, in addition to hearing from cross-sector cyber experts on the threats being faced and the solutions required to ensure a robust and resilient defence. 

Cyber security attacks continue to dominate news headlines. Data breach costs can exceed £4 million. Global cybercrime costs could reach £5 trillion by 2021. As criminals find increasingly innovative ways to bypass software and controls, how can we shift the focus to resilience and active defence? How will interconnected systems be defended and by whom? How can we restore the public’s ‘crisis of trust’? Where is the line between data capture and privacy? 

fallback Add to my Calendar 10/16/2018 08:00:0010/16/2018 15:00:00trueFT Cyber Security Summit Day 2​This day has been designed to enable CISOs and their teams to participate in interactive scenario planning and response activities, in addition to hearing from cross-sector cyber experts on the threats being faced and the solutions required to ensure a robust and resilient defence. Cyber security attacks continue to dominate news headlines. Data breach costs can exceed £4 million. Global cybercrime costs could reach £5 trillion by 2021. As criminals find increasingly innovative ways to bypass software and controls, how can we shift the focus to resilience and active defence? How will interconnected systems be defended and by whom? How can we restore the public’s ‘crisis of trust’? Where is the line between data capture and privacy? FT-Cyber-Security-Summit-Day-2c30a5a4da7c34abd4b6d0ac6c8adfc66MM/DD/YYYY

2017 Photos

View photos from the 2017 event here

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2017 Testimonials

“Insight from my peers around Cyber Security topics made this a great investment in time." Jeff Fawcett, Director, Cisco

“Great platform to exchange with a large variety of people and get deep dives on current issues and trends.” Carl Schmidt-Ehemann, Lufthansa

“Relevant, current and thought provoking.” John Coffey, FCE Bank plc


Executive summary

Executive Summary

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Cyber security special report

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Agenda - 16th Oct

  • 8:00am
    Registration and networking
  • 9:00am
    Chair's opening remarks

    Hannah Kuchler, San Francisco Correspondent, Financial Times

  • 9:05am
    Opening keynote: Re-thinking the cyber security approach and how organisations can prepare

    This keynote will include a short presentation and fireside chat with the FT and will cover the following:

    • How can organisations ensure security is fundamental to their whole business strategy from the board to design level?
    • What are some of the developments influencing this change in approach?
    • What are some of the biggest changes to the industry? How can organisations ensure they are prepared and anticipate what is next?
    • How can a balance be struck between security and agility that digitalisation demands of businesses?
    • Which security technologies have huge potential in securing our digital future?
    • How can SMEs prioritise limited resources to ensure robust defence?

    Mark Hughes, CEO, BT Security

  • 9:35am
    Industry insight: Effectively managing supply chain risk

    Interviewee: Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies USA

    Interviewer: Nic Fildes, Telecoms Correspondent, Financial Times

  • 9:55am
    360 degree panel: How are Financial Services continuously responding to a complex and evolving risk environment?

    Cyber attacks against this sector have grown in number, size, and sophistication. This is complicated further by a rise in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and global expansion which creates an even greater challenge in integrating different infrastructures, databases, protocols and computer assets across multiple jurisdictions. Defending the digital landscape in a cohesive and holistic way is a huge challenge.

    • How are financial regulators helping to protect the system?
    • Has collaboration and information-sharing between relevant institutions (government, banks, regulators) been achieved?
    • If trust has emerged as the key competitive differentiator, how will this impact the financial services supply chain?
    • What is the update on cyber-protection regulations specific to the financial industry?
    • How have the challenges of compliance to existing complex regulatory requirements, including those on anti money laundering, KYC and sanctions and data protection, been met?
    • How do cryptocurrencies and blockchain impact cyber security measures?
    • How can AI and machine learning be implemented effectively to support compliance, improve monitoring and reporting, and prevent illicit financial flows?

    Dr. Marc Hofmann, Chief Information Security Officer, SWIFT

    Cheri McGuire, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Standard Chartered Bank

    Henry Harrison, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Garrison

    Alison Barker, Director of Specialist Supervision, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

    Dr Michael Farrell, Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security and Privacy (IISP), Georgia Tech

    Moderated by: David Crow, Banking Editor, Financial Times

  • 10:40am
    Networking break
  • 11:10am
    Insider Threats – Best practices for detecting and preventing an attack
    • Why 90% of organisations feel vulnerable to insider attacks
    • How breach notification laws create impact across the globe
    • How enterprises are tightening their cyber defences
    • How weapons of cyber destruction are becoming more sophisticated with widespread availability
    • What popular technologies can help detect, deter and prevent insider attacks
    • How the use of behaviour and data monitoring is accelerating
    • What future opportunities can be envisaged in the security automation space

    Des Powley, Director, EMEA Security, CA Technologies

    Matt Bancroft, Industrial Cybersecurity Director, Wipro

  • 11:30am
    CISO thought leader dialogue: Live scenario response to a cyber security attack

    During this live session we will follow the story of a response to a major cyber incident. A number of leading cross-sector CISO panellists will then discuss the key stages of the recovery plan and how they would have responded to ensure operations were recovered quickly and the impact was minimised.

    Flavius Plesu, Chief Information Security Officer, Bank of Ireland UK

    Simon Hodgkinson, Chief Information Security Officer, BP

    Brian Brackenborough, Chief Information Security Officer, Channel 4

    Robert Duncan, CISO, Direct Line Group and Lecturer: Cyber Security, Columbia University

    Dr John Meakin, Chief Information Security Officer, GlaxoSmithKline

    Moderated by: Hannah Kuchler, San Francisco Correspondent, Financial Times

  • 12:30pm
  • 1:30pm
    Business continuity and resilience: Interactive scenario contingency planning round tables

    Hosted by: Robert Duncan, CISO, Direct Line Group and Lecturer - Cyber Security, Columbia University 

    Cyber response is about asking questions and making key decisions about the recovery stage based on the understanding of the incident. Simulation of a cyber emergency scenario is a critical part of building cyber resilience into your organisation. This interactive exercise will challenge the participants to make decisions that will influence the outcome of the cyber incident story. At the end of the training there will be time to reflect on the outcome of each group’s decisions, providing insights into the impact of the decisions made.

    Each group will have the same  cyber security challenge assigned to them and a leader to guide them through the scenario response process. Once the damage has been assessed ie what is the attackers goal, what type of incident is it, how serious is the incident, has the system been compromised; you will need to agree with the group how do you isolate that breach, who has been affected and should they be informed,  how can business be resumed quickly and securely, what are the priorities, who should lead on the business continuity, what are the next steps, who needs to be informed, have stakeholders, staff or the press already found out?

    In terms of the recovery steps, what can you do to prevent the attack from happening again, are your monitoring tools and processes sufficient, which of your pieces of equipment or devices are the most vulnerable, are your critical data and systems backed-up, what is the “cyber kill chain” ie a sequence of stages required for an attacker to successfully infiltrate a network and exfiltrate data from it, how can your monitoring and response plan be improved? 


    Michael Farrell, Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security and Privacy (IISP), Georgia Tech

    Ahana Datta, Head of Cyber Security and IT Risk, Financial Times

    Simon Legg, Group CISO, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group

    Elke Bachler, Group CISO, Hiscox

    Matt Gordon-Smith, Head of Global IM Security, Anglo American

    Detective Sergeant Alan Goodsell, Organised Crime Command, FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online), Metropolitan Police

    Ray Irving, Managing Director - Global Business Services, Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Centre FS-ISAC 

    Amie Alekna, Senior Security Adviser and Data Protection Officer, Security and Privacy Team, Justice Digital and Technology, Ministry of Justice

    Will Harvey, Head - Government Cyber Defence, Government Security Group, Cabinet Office

  • 2:40pm
    Summary of interactive scenario planning sessions
  • 2:55pm
    Chair's closing remarks

Keynotes (1)

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes

CEO, Security
BT Group

Mark Hughes is CEO of BT Security and is accountable for all elements of BT’s own security activity globally. He ensures that BT has the right policies and procedures in place to keep the company’s assets – whether physical, logical or information - secure from attack. BT’s security team also counter fraud and minimise disruption to BT in the event of an incident. This includes BT's UK civil resilience obligations. Mr Hughes is also responsible for ensuring that BT’s security market offer, the BT Security portfolio, capabilities and customer experience, are carefully developed in order to protect the customers’ data and assets, to drive substantial global profitable revenue growth and to develop and harness security talent. Joining BT in 2002, he assumed responsibility for a number of ventures including a partnership with Government for the Criminal Records Bureau in Scotland and other Government contracts. He then ran the operations for a sales division in the major customer market sector, focussing on BT’s core services. Prior to BT, Mr Hughes was the commercial director of MWB Business Exchange. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global future council on cybersecurity. He and a small group of globally renowned experts from business, government, academia and civil society collaborate to develop new insights and perspectives on cybersecurity.

Speakers (23)

Cheri  McGuire

Cheri McGuire

Group Chief Information Security Officer
Standard Chartered Bank

As Group Chief Information Security Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, Cheri McGuire oversees information and cyber security strategy and risk management, governance, policy, training and awareness, third party security risk, red teaming, exercises, and partnerships. Prior to this, she served as Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Cybersecurity Policy at Symantec where she was responsible for its public policy agenda and government regulatory and partnership strategy, that included cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, cyber crime, data integrity, and privacy. She also has held senior cyber security roles at Microsoft, the US Department of Homeland Security Cyber Division/US-CERT, and Booz Allen Hamilton. She currently sits on the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cybersecurity, and on the boards of The George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, and the UK Cyber Defence Alliance. She is a frequent presenter on cyber risk management and resilience, information sharing, and cyber crime, and has testified as an invited expert witness numerous times before the US Congress.

Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson

Chief Information Security Officer

Simon Hodgkinson is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at BP. He is responsible for cyber security across the Group, including strategy, governance, architecture, education, counter threat operations and incident response.

He joined BP in 2002 and has held a number of senior IT leadership roles in Supply and Trading and Corporate & Functions. Prior to becoming CISO, he was the VP, Infrastructure and Integration Services. During this time, he has driven a significant improvement in IT operational integrity, led a transformation programme (to establish a Cloud and digital workplace platforms) and has spearheaded the commitment to improve employees’ IT experience.

Mr Hodgkinson has a wealth of IT knowledge and experience from across BP and externally. He led the CISO function in BP Supply and Trading organisation between 2009 -2012, where he successfully delivered a programme to improve cyber controls, many of which have been implemented across the BP group.

Prior to joining BP, he worked in IT for a dotcom, an investment bank and commercial software companies.

Detective Sergeant Alan  Goodsell

Detective Sergeant Alan Goodsell

Organised Crime Command, FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online)
Metropolitan Police

Alan Goodsell is a Detective Sergeant with the Metropolitan Police, Organised Crime Command. He leads a team of officers from the Protect, Prepare and Prevent strands of FALCON (Fraud And Linked Crime Online), the Met’s cyber-crime team. He and his team are dedicated to trying to reduce the vulnerability of the public, businesses and organisations in London to cyber dependent and cyber enabled crime, and helping them to strengthen their awareness and resilience. Det Sergeant Goodsell has been a police officer for 28 years. He has been part of FALCON since its inception in 2014, and before his current role, he led a team investigating allegations of cyber dependant and cyber enabled crime, with a particular focus on online fraud. Beyond this, he has had a diverse career in organised crime intelligence, critical incident management, crime investigation, surveillance and proactive policing.

Ahana Datta

Ahana Datta

Head of Cyber Security and IT Risk
Financial Times

Ahana Datta is the Head of IT Risk and Cyber Security at the Financial Times. Previously, she spent over four years in the UK government in positions at various departments like the Ministry of Justice, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Government Digital Service and the National Cyber Security Centre. As the first ethical hacker in central government, Ms Datta led the formation of the first cyber security engineering team outside the intelligence services. She began her cyber security career by hacking into ATMs for a cash machine provider.

Andy Purdy

Andy Purdy

Chief Security Officer
Huawei Technologies USA.

Andy Purdy is Chief Security Officer for Huawei Technologies USA overseeing their cyber security assurance program, and supporting Huawei’s global assurance programme. He is the Huawei global lead for the East-West Institute Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative and serves as the Vice Chair of the Open Group Trusted Technology Forum, which developed the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS), recognised as ISO/IEC 20243.Mr Purdy was the senior cyber security official of the U.S. Government from 2004-2006. Prior to joining the Department of Homeland Security, he was a member of the White House staff where he helped to draft the U.S. National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003), after which he went to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where he helped to form and then led the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).

Flavius Plesu

Flavius Plesu

Chief Information Security Officer
Bank of Ireland UK

Along with his role as a CISO of Bank of Ireland UK, Flavius Plesu is also one of the co-founders of OutThink, a team of CISOs and security practitioners who are changing the way in which organisations engage with their employees to change behaviours and build a risk aware culture.
A business-focussed cyber security leader, Mr Plesu has held senior security positions both within the public and the private sector and has lead a number of enterprise-wide security transformation programmes, in complex global organisations. Passionate about cultivating and building teams to deliver on the organisation’s mission, values and goals. His primary focus is enabling organisations understand their cyber security risk exposure to make well informed business decisions.

Alison Barker

Alison Barker

Director of Specialist Supervision, Supervision – Investment, Wholesale & Specialists
Financial Conduct Authority

Alison Barker was appointed in 2016 as Director of Specialist Supervision, within the Supervision Division at the Financial Conduct Authority. She has responsibility for financial crime regulation, technology and cyber risk, client assets and the prudential supervision of 22,000 firms, and she leads on complex cases such as payment protection insurance (PPI) and interest rate hedging product reviews. Her division provides specialist expertise to the FCA, and engages with national and international stakeholders on related policy issues. Prior to her current role, Alison was Head of the Infrastructure & Trading Firms Department. She joined the Financial Services Authority in 2009 and was responsible for the Supervisory Oversight Function, assessing supervisory quality. She has also supervised the UK’s client money and assets regime and retail banking conduct regime. Prior to joining the FSA she spent 12 years as a consultant for KPMG in the London regulatory practice, working on a range of regulatory programmes for financial services organisations. Before joining KPMG, she worked for Lloyds Banking Group in senior compliance roles.

Brian Brackenborough

Brian Brackenborough

Chief Information Security Officer
Channel 4

Brian Brackenborough is the CISO at Channel 4 and has been involved in the Information Security industry since 2007. Having risen to become the Head of Information Security (Acting) at the BBC after 12 years, he eventually left to Join Channel 4 in Dec 2011. Prior to this, he specialised in Active Directory and Client build designs, but was more an advisor for varying technology projects in the broadcast industry.

Dr. Marc  Hofmann

Dr. Marc Hofmann

Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. Marc Hofmann took up his position as SWIFT’s Chief Information Security Officer in November 2016. Dr. Hofmann joined SWIFT from Deutsche Bank where he held various CISO roles, most recently as Regional Chief Information Security Officer for the UK and Ireland. He has more than 20 years’ experience in security and risk management. Prior to working at Deutsche Bank, he held a number of IT security roles, among others at Ernst & Young. Dr. Hofmann holds a PhD in economics with a focus on banking regulation, IT and risk management. He is also a member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group (PSG) of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) since November 2017.

Elke  Bachler

Elke Bachler

Group Chief Information Security Officer

Elke Bachler joined Hiscox in January 2018 as Group CSIO, where she leads the Information Security team. Hiscox is a global specialist insurer, headquartered in Bermuda and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Ms Bachler has worked in IT, and latterly in Information Security, in a number of organisations and industries in the UK and abroad for over two decades. Most recently, she was Deputy Director in HMRC’s Information Security function, where she led teams responsible for strategy, policy, assurance, risks, incidents, business continuity and records management. She was the senior sponsor for the security change portfolio and the GDPR programme. and from August 2017, she also served as HMRC’s Data Protection Officer.

Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan

Chief Information Security Officer
Direct Line Group

Robert Duncan serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for Direct Line Group plc, a FTSE 100 constituent and the largest general insurer in the United Kingdom. In additional to its own brands, Direct Line Group provides insurance products via brand partners such as Nationwide, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Prudential plc. Mr Duncan is responsible for the overall Information Security Strategy as well as Technology Risk and Data Privacy, and has oversight of various core teams: Security Architecture, Security Engineering, Security Enablement and Awareness, and Cyber Intelligence.

In addition, he is a course designer and lecturer at Columbia University teaching Cyber Security - Executive Strategy, Response, and Risk Management as part of their Masters of Science in Technology Management degree programme.

Mr Duncan has extensive international experience, having been based in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Australia. Prior to Direct Line Group, he was CISO for Euronext. He was also Head of Global Risk and Governance for Prudential PGDS division for many years, supporting the division globally with extensive travel in Asia and U.S. He holds an LLB in Law (London), MBA (Cranfield), and a post graduate qualification in Executive IT Management from Columbia University in New York.

Henry  Harrison

Henry Harrison

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Henry Harrison is the Co-founder and CTO for Garrison. He is a seasoned IT industry executive, serial entrepreneur and the brain behind Garrison’s core technologies. He has a background in leading the development of innovation in cyber security and Garrison was founded to create a unique way to protect organisations from cyber attacks that come from employees accessing the internet. 

In his current role, and in his previous role as Technical Director for Cyber Security at BAE Systems, Mr Harrison has worked closely with customers across numerous industries including the Financial Services sector, as well as with high-security parts of governments. In addition to designing and deploying new cyber security technologies, He has engaged with customers on cyber risk and maturity assessments.

After spending several years at BAE Systems focussed on developing and delivering advanced monitoring and incident response capabilities, he created Garrison’s ultra-secure browsing platform to make a real difference to the fundamental protection of sensitive enterprise systems and data.

Amie  Alekna

Amie Alekna

Senior Security Adviser and Data Protection Officer, Security and Privacy Team, Justice Digital and Technology
Ministry of Justice

Amie Alekna has spent 15 years in government, covering various policy, private office and corporate roles. For the last three years, she has headed up Information Security for the Ministry of Justice and was responsible for implementing the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 within the Ministry.  She has recently taken up the post of Senor Security Adviser leading on the programme to transform government security. 

Dr John Meakin

Dr John Meakin

Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. John Meakin has recently retired as the Chief Security and Risk Officer at Burberry and now advises several businesses on cyber risk, including security product companies, Fintech startups and a major UK insurer. He currently acts as interim Chief Information Security Officer at GlaxoSmithKline.
Dr. Meakin is a specialist in information and systems security with more than 27 years experience. Prior to Burberry, he was Chief Security Officer for the luxury goods conglomerate Richemont International SA (ie Cartier, Montblanc and Piaget) in Geneva, with oversight over physical, information and cyber security. Previously, he has built and led security functions in a range of Banks, notably the Royal Bank of Scotland, Dresdner Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. He has also been Chief Information Security Officer of BP and Reuters. He was a founding board member of the Jericho Forum, and has served on the Customer Advisory Boards of the specialist security product companies Qualys, Veracode and Watchfire, as well as Microsoft, IBM and HPE. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and public forums on a variety of risk and security topics. He has a Ph.D. in experimental solid-state physics from Cambridge University.

Simon  Legg

Simon Legg

Group Chief Information Security Officer
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group

Simon Legg is the Group CISO at Jardine Lloyd Thompson. He JLT in October 2018 with a primary objective to build and mature the company’s information security capability. He has a wide field of multi sector experience spanning 23 years across technology risk, compliance, information security and business operations.

Prior to JLT, he held senior executive positions as PRA Health Sciences and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, for 5 years he also held a Non-Executive Director position for Capital South a not for profit charity operating across South East England.

Des  Powley

Des Powley

Director, EMEA Security
CA Technologies

Des Powley joined CA Technologies in 2017 to drive the strategy and execution of CA’s security vision with their alliance and channel partners across EMEA. He has over twenty years’ experience of the Cyber Security and Identity and Access Management markets globally and has previously worked in Security Technology Incubation, creating market entry point for highly innovative technology into the European Market. Prior to this, Mr Powley was responsible for Security Business Development across EMEA for Oracle, Atos and RSA Security.

Matt  Gordon-Smith

Matt Gordon-Smith

Head of Global IM Security
Anglo American

Matt Gordon-Smith is the Head of Global IM Security at Anglo American, a mining company with a portfolio of mining operations and undeveloped resources with a focus on diamonds, copper, platinum group metals, bulk commodities and other minerals. He started this role last year to manage an increased investment in cyber security, leading the growth and development of the security team, processes and technology.

In 2014, Mr Gordon-Smith moved out of the IT sector to take the role of Head of Security at URENCO, a highly regulated global uranium enrichment company. 

He began his career in Information Security over 18 years ago at IBM, where he took the opportunity to move out of his network engineering role to train as a Security Architect. Since then, he has taken on many other aspects of information security management including global security leadership roles within several IT Service providers, dealing with both internal and customer requirements. By engaging directly with customers to understand their business drivers and security challenges, he has benefitted from a greater understanding of the underlying business processes across several different sectors, including Banking, FMCG, Media, Telecommunications and Local and Central Government.

Dr Michael  Farrell

Dr Michael Farrell

Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security and Privacy (IISP)
Georgia Tech

Dr Michael Farrell is Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security and Privacy (IISP) at Georgia Tech, one of the world’s premier research universities and a leader in cybersecurity prototyping and analysis.  He has spent the last 20 years in research, technical operations, and product development, often creating or leveraging emerging technologies.  His experience ranges from austere conditions in field operations to the research lab, from the server room to the boardroom.

Currently, Mr Farrell is focussed on applying machine learning (ML) to address network security issues and mitigate business risk for financial services, energy and media companies as well as for defense and other government agencies.  In this pursuit, he has the benefits of many failures and a few successes in applying AI/ML to solve actual business and mission problems.

Will  Harvey

Will Harvey

Head - Government Cyber Defence, Government Security Group
Cabinet Office

Will Harvey Heads the Government Cyber Defence Team within the Cabinet Office’s newly established Government Security Group – the UK Government’s central security function. The role covers the Government’s response to cyber security risks, coordinates the public sector side of the National Cyber Security Programme, conducts red teaming of UK Government department, oversees work to protect the UK’s Democratic processes and coordinates Government incident response. Prior to this role, he has spent 12 years in Government moving between policy and operational security covering leading infosec roles within Government Departments, working on National Security and Cyber Security Policy, coordinating cyber security for major UK events and reforming the structures the UK Government has in place to respond to major cyber security incidents.

Matt  Bancroft

Matt Bancroft

Industrial Cybersecurity Director

Matt Bancroft heads the global practice for Industrial Cybersecurity at Wipro, leading a team of consultants and cyber technologists, working with global clients across Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing. He has represented Wipro at various industry events, providing talks and workshops on Industrial Cybersecurity. He has over 20 years of cyber security experience leading security operations and global cyber programmes including CPNI, SOX, and cyber transformations across diverse industry sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals, telecoms, banking and finance, online gambling, manufacturing, logistics, fast moving consumer goods and supply chain.

Ray  Irving

Ray Irving

Managing Director, Global Business Services
Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC)

Ray Irving is the Managing Director, Global Business Services for the Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC). He is responsible for FS-ISAC activities outside the United States including outreach, partnerships, expansion and member engagement around the globe. FS-ISAC is a non-profit member owned with over 7,000 member financial institutions worldwide. Working as a neighbourhood watch for the financial services sector member firms share the threats and incidents they have experienced via a variety of channels from mailing lists and alerts on a portal, to over STIX/TAXII automation.

Prior to FS-ISAC, Mr Irving spent three years as Head of Security Programmes at UBS. In this role he was responsible for the Information Security portfolio of over 30 IT Security projects with an annual budget of €65 million.  During a total of 12 years in financial services working for UBS, Citibank and Lombard Odier; he managed projects and programmes covering all aspects of information security: cyber threat management, data protection, security monitoring and identity & vulnerability management.

He has over 25 years’ experience in IT and during which time he has performed every job in the data centre as well as holding a number of operational management roles. He is a Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and holds a number of other IT certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP), and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Mr Irving has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Psychology from Bristol University, UK.

David Crow

David Crow

Banking Editor
Financial Times

David Crow became Banking Editor of the Financial Times, based in London, in October 2018. He was previously the FT’s Senior US Business Correspondent, based in New York and covering primarily pharmaceuticals. Prior to that, he worked on the FT's main news desk in London, where he edited the front page of the print edition. Before joining the FT he was Managing Editor of City AM, the London financial newspaper. Mr Crow has an MA in English Literature from the University of Glasgow.

Nic  Fildes

Nic Fildes

Telecoms correspondent
Financial Times

Nic Fildes is the FT’s Telecoms Correspondent in London. Originally from Australia, he previously worked at The Times, where he spent seven years as Technology & Communications Editor. He has also worked for The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and Dow Jones Newswires, mostly covering telecoms, technology and media, and the music industry. He has also been published in The Spectator and various specialist music blogs writing about culture. 

Mr Fildes has won the UK Tech (previously TechMARK) journalist of the year award three times.


Chair (1)

Hannah Kuchler

Hannah Kuchler

Financial Times

Hannah Kuchler is US Pharma and Biotech Correspondent for the Financial Times, with a particular focus on how technology is transforming healthcare. She is based in San Francisco.  For five years, Ms Kuchler served as FT’s San Francisco Correspondent where she covered Silicon Valley and technology with a focus on social media and cyber security. Ms Kuchler was previously a London-based UK news reporter for the FT, covering British politics and general UK news. Prior to this, she worked on the FT’s newsdesk, as Asia Correspondent for FT Tilt in Hong Kong, and covered US markets in New York.  Before joining the FT in 2009, Ms Kuchler was the Editor of The Oxford Student and won the Guardian’s Student Reporter of the Year award in 2008. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern History from Balliol College, Oxford.

Why Attend

  • Interact with cross-sector CISOs from key company's in a live scenario response to a cyber security attack
  • Test your cyber resilience strategy and real-life business readiness through interactive cyber attack scenario planning and response sessions with your team
  • Learn from sectors who are further ahead and better equipped for cyber security resilience and recovery
  • Network with cross-sector CISOs and their teams to share lessons learnt and discuss how to enable a collaborative approach 

Who Attends


Businesses – Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Telecommunications, Utilities, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Manufacturing and Transport

Policymakers – Federal, State and Foreign governments; Supranational Bodies

Public Sector Organisations – Police, Security and Intelligence Services, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Industry Regulators 

Service Providers - Software Vendors, Technology Platforms, Law Firms, Consultancies

Influencers – NGOs, Universities, Research Institutes, Industry Associations


Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, IT Director, Director of Security/Information Security/Digital Security, Director of Risk/Crisis Management/Business Continuity Planning


Past Attendees

Aflac AIG Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Alcatel-Lucent American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Ann Inc. AOL Bank of America Bank of New York Mellon Barclays Bloomberg CA Technologies Cargill Center for Audit Quality Cisco Citigroup Columbia UniversityConEdison CrowdStrike CVS Health Darktrace Deloitte & Touche Deutsche BankE*Trade Embassy of Canada Ernst & Young Federal Bureau of Investigation FedEx Ford Motor Company Fortune Freddie Mac Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer GE Capital Google Haliburton Hill and Knowlton Strategies Hogan Lovells Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Huawei Technologies USA IBM International Monetary Fund JP Morgan Chase Kelley Drye Liberty Mutual Insurance Lockheed Martin Mayer Brown McGraw Hill Merck Microsoft Moody's MUFG Union Bank Nasdaq Palo Alto Networks PNC Financial Services Group PwC Ropes & Gray SAP Shearman & Sterling Sidley Austin Standard Chartered Bank T. Rowe Price Target The Carlyle Group The World Bank Time Warner Cable UBS United Rentals US Chamber of Commerce US Department of Defense US Department of Homeland Security US Department of Justice US Department of the Treasury US Navy Visa Wells Fargo WWE


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EY believes a better working world means helping clients solve big, complex industry issues and capitalise on opportunities to grow, optimise and protect their businesses.

EY’s multidisciplinary cybersecurity team helps clients meet a set of diverse requirements which can arise from a compliance problem such as GDPR, a security or data breach, a client moving into a new market, a merger, a de-merger or an acquisition.

EY helps clients with effective cybersecurity strategies moving them from a defensive approach to a source of competitive advantage that can have a value impact across their whole organisation.

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BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communication solutions and services, with operations in over 180 countries. We own and manage a global network, supporting some of the world’s largest companies and playing a critical role in protecting the infrastructure of the UK.

BT Security is one of the fastest-growing parts of our business, with over 1700 customers using our portfolio of security consulting, managed security services, continuity and identity services. We have 2,600 security experts protecting our consumer, corporate and government customers, and work with law enforcement agencies across the globe to help make the internet a safer place.

CA Technologies helps customers succeed in a future where every business—from apparel to energy—is being rewritten by software. From planning to development to management to security, at CA we create software that fuels transformation for companies in the application economy. With CA software at the center of their IT strategy, organisations can leverage the technology that changes the way we live—from the data center to the mobile device. Our software and solutions help our customers thrive in the new application economy by delivering the means to deploy monitor and secure their applications and infrastructure.

For almost 100 years, Covington has been a recognised international leader in the field of law, representing sophisticated clients in highly regulated and specialised businesses in disputes, transactions, public policy, and regulatory affairs.

Our Cybersecurity practice has unsurpassed experience addressing the most significant cybersecurity matters confronted by commercial enterprises. We have assisted clients in responding to scores of cybersecurity incidents, ranging from security breaches perpetrated by inside actors, to sophisticated external attacks involving millions of customer and employee records, to several of the largest cyber-related financial crimes on record.

Garrison has pioneered an innovative security platform to counter the highest impact cyber threat to modern enterprises: that of persistent and targeted attacks which exploit corporate Internet connectivity. Browse the web, click on any link, open any attachment – Garrison’s unique hardware approach to secure browsing provides risk free Internet access that is commercially affordable, highly secure, and delivers a great user experience at enterprise scale.  

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Through dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, Huawei has established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei is committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Its products and solutions have been deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population.

Kekst CNC was formed in late 2018 when two of the world’s premier strategic communications firms, Kekst, founded in 1970, and CNC, founded in 2002, combined their teams and capabilities. Our global team of more than 250 experienced professionals serve clients from our 12 offices in New York, London, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Stockholm where Kekst CNC is JKL.

As institutions around the world compete for capital, business and talent, they are increasingly scrutinized for their strategic readiness and judged by how they respond to challenges – and communicate their actions. Investors demand that risk is being defined and managed appropriately and broadly that boards and management teams are ahead of the curve. Prospective employees want to understand and be part of a collective mission and purpose in which they can believe. And communities around the world require responsible partners on whom they can count. We are ideally equipped to help global business and institutional leaders address these challenges and opportunities. We partner with them to develop and execute the necessary integrated communications strategies to gain the confidence of key stakeholders in this era of accelerated change. That is why many of the world’s leading companies and organizations, as well as many fast- growth companies and prominent individuals, seek the deep experience, proven judgement, and objective counsel of Kekst CNC.

As trusted advisors, the firm brings expertise on such high stakes matters as: M&A, shareholder activism and governance, crisis communications, restructurings, regulatory investigations/resolutions, litigation support, investor relations, IPO communications, issues and reputation management, change management and employee engagement, as well as digital and social communications. Kekst CNC’s judgment and counsel is supported by objective insights, based on access to proprietary research, data and analytics capabilities. 

Kekst CNC is part of the  Publicis Groupe , the world’s third largest communications group.

Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has 40,000 employees serving more than 140 countries.

We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. Our unique perspective allows us to see the critical intersections between talent, assets and ideas — the dynamic formula that drives business performance.

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Our work at the Columbia University Center for Technology Management focuses on three pillars: Technology Strategy, Leadership, and Management. We recognize that the accelerating changes created by technology are existential threats to every organization and to the personal value proposition of each individual.

At the Columbia University Center for Technology Management, a university-wide center, we help you address these existential threats – and your organization's need for a 20-year Vision – by integrating Technology Strategy, Leadership, and Management to create and maintain strategic viability for your organization and for you personally.

The Columbia University Center for Technology Management is university-wide, giving leaders and organizations access to the resources and expertise of all of Columbia’s major schools, including Columbia Business School and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The Center for Technology Management at Columbia becomes the place for leaders and organizations to go, to build and maintain their strategic viability.

CBR Online provides the latest news and analysis for the technology sector through its website and daily newsletter, as well as exclusive premium content; dedicated, independent research studies; and the CBR Dining Club exclusive networking events for senior IT managers. Subscribe to our newsletter and read the latest here.

European Risk Management Council is a think tank of Chief Risk Officers and risk management executives from banks, insurances, asset management firms and other financial institutions, consultancies and global industrial companies operating in Europe. The Council operates in London since 2011 and representatives of more than 150 organisations participated in the Council’s think tank meetings. Focusing on the key themes in risk management, regulation and compliance, the Council provides an opportunity for industry discussions and facilitates professional communication and knowledge sharing in the risk management, regulation and compliance. The Council’s mission is to create an environment that allows effective sharing of the best industry practice in risk management and building trusted working relationships with regulators and policy makers.

The ICLG series provides current and practical comparative legal information on a range of practice areas. These comprehensive guides follow a question and answer format to ensure thorough coverage of each topic within different legal systems worldwide. Each guide draws together the collective expertise of our contributors to provide a valuable and convenient resource, updated annually.

The ICLG series provides a practical insight for general counsel, government agencies and private practice lawyers, keeping them abreast of law and policy globally.

All guides are available free to access at

The leadership community engages in cross-collaboration and promotes management, leadership, winning practices in healthcare. With the active engagement from thought leaders and almost 100 well-respected national and international associations and congresses, HealthManagement provides comprehensive information related to Executive Management, Imaging, Healthcare IT & Cardiology.

2017 Testimonials

“It may have been the ultimate forum. Leading cyber-security experts from industry and government having topical conversations with knowledgeable investigative journalists serving as moderators who hit fast forward and went directly to the heart of the issues.” Timothy Masluk, CSO, BNY Mellon

“Insight from my peers around Cyber Security topics made this a great investment in time." Jeff Fawcett, Director, Cisco

“Great platform to exchange with a large variety of people and get deep dives on current issues and trends.” Carl Schmidt-Ehemann, Lufthansa

“Relevant, current and thought provoking.” John Coffey, FCE Bank plc

“The FT harnessed its height as an international institution to attract some top tier speakers to its podium and panels and enrich us with insight from James Arbuthnot and Robert Hanningan among others.” Adam Mockett, Moorgate Capital

“I got inputs that allow me to verify current state of cyber security concerns addressing on the Banking and corporate environment" Pedro Cunha, Credibom S.A.

“I was able to network with numerous representatives from different industries around Europe. Also, I got to hear about current events and thinking from a range of industries around Europe.” Jeff Day, BT plc

“To hear insights and identify gaps and vulnerabilities in this sector” Dr Sally Leivesley, Newrisk Limited

“Amazing job team! Another great year of relevance and engaging talks!” Jennifer Arcuri, Hacker House

“Interesting update for the financial world” Andy Taylor, ASMG Interational

“Quality delegates and very topical high level subjects” Roger Whitehead, ASO Casaire (cyber security)


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  • Benefit from sustained international visibility through our advertising and marketing campaigns

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