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FT Family Business Summit 2018

Dubai |  - 
Speakers include:
Rupert  Hoogewerf

Rupert Hoogewerf

Hurun Report

Raza  Jafar

Raza Jafar

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Jeffrey  Farrow

Jeffrey Farrow



Dubai - the 21st Century’s trading hub. Built on the foundations of its original pearl diving and fishing port, Dubai has evolved into a globalized hub, with world-class trade infrastructure supporting the emerging economies of the Gulf, and across the globe.

Within Dubai the importance of Family Business continues to be a cornerstone of commercial activity and growth. It has been estimated that over 90% of commercial activity in the Middle East is controlled by family businesses.

In the Middle East, just as elsewhere, family firms are more likely to take a longer term approach to running their businesses showing a readiness to invest capital with patience that can become a competitive advantage.

The Financial Times - in partnership with Hezar Ventures - will hold the second FT Family Business Summit in Dubai in March 2018. The event will focus on private capital, investment opportunities, and family values, the summit will be 1.5 days of keynote addresses, interactive debate and educational workshops.

The objectives of the summit include connecting wealthy Gulf based families and financial institutions to a global network of peers, while introducing private foreign investors to opportunities in markets served by Dubai’s hub status.

fallback Add to my Calendar 03/27/2018 08:15:0003/28/2018 14:50:00trueFT Family Business Summit 2018Dubai - the 21st Century’s trading hub. Built on the foundations of its original pearl diving and fishing port, Dubai has evolved into a globalized hub, with world-class trade infrastructure supporting the emerging economies of the Gulf, and across the globe.Within Dubai the importance of Family Business continues to be a cornerstone of commercial activity and growth. It has been estimated that over 90% of commercial activity in the Middle East is controlled by family businesses.In the Middle East, just as elsewhere, family firms are more likely to take a longer term approach to running their businesses showing a readiness to invest capital with patience that can become a competitive advantage.The Financial Times - in partnership with Hezar Ventures - will hold the second FT Family Business Summit in Dubai in March 2018. The event will focus on private capital, investment opportunities, and family values, the summit will be 1.5 days of keynote addresses, interactive debate and educational workshops.The objectives of the summit include connecting wealthy Gulf based families and financial institutions to a global network of peers, while introducing private foreign investors to opportunities in markets served by Dubai’s hub status.FT-Family-Business-Summit-2018c142b675016b12496e5cfc0fa13b27ceMM/DD/YYYY

Agenda - 27th Mar

  • 8:15am
  • 9:15am
    Chairman's welcome

    Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 9:25am
    Why collaboration between families can change the world

    James Cadbury, Managing Partner, Hezar Ventures

  • 9:35am
    Keynote:Tackling Goal 8 and modern-day slavery through technology

    Raza Jafar, CEO, Palazzo Versace Dubai

    Followed by Keynote Interview:
    Raza Jafar, CEO, Palazzo Versace Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai

    Interviewed by: Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 10:00am
    Keynote: Family businesses are experiencing slow evolution instead of innovative transformation. What are the disruptive strategies necessary to transition family groups into today’s economic reality?

    Sabah al-Binali, Chief Executive Officer,  Universal Strategy

  • 10:30am
    Panel Discussion: Creating the optimum family business structure

    What are the key factors to consider when structuring a Family Business Group or setting up a Family Office?

    Is the ‘agency model’ a long term solution?

    Best practices in governance

    Moderator: Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-Chief, fDi Magazine, Head of Content, fDi Intelligence


    James Cadbury, Managing Partner, Hezar Ventures
    Alastair Glover, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins
    Hisham Hodroge, CIO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investment (ZEI)Hisham Hodroge, CIO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investment (ZEI)

  • 11:10am
    Morning break
  • 11:40am
    Interview session: Industrialization and manufacturing – how family businesses can adapt in challenging economic markets and diversify in core economic sectors

    Discussion points will include themes such as  how can risks for investors be offset

    Sheikh Hussein Al Banawi, Chairman & CEO, The Industrial Group

    Interviewed by:  Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 12:10pm
    Keynote: China and India and the growth of wealth, a perspective on the political changes and the growth of entrepreneurship

    Rupert Hoogewerf, Founder, Hurun Report

  • 12:40pm
  • 1:40pm
    Keynote: Perennity of the family and the family business – when is the ideal time to initiate succession planning?

    This session will discuss the top to bottom versus bottom to top, pros and cons. How to address the taboo in most families and turning it to a subject of interest to all. Achieving communication excellence and building team work towards perennity.

    Riccardo HOSRI, CEO, Board Member, SACOTEL sal

  • 2:10pm
    Keynote: The global landscape for business

    Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-Chief, fDi Magazine, Head of Content, fDi Intelligence

  • 2:40pm
    Afternoon break
  • 3:10pm
    Panel Discussion: The great global real estate play – getting value from the long term value of real estate

    Where are the opportunities for global real estate investment?

    What are the global opportunities for commercial real estate investment in healthcare, education and hospitality? 

    Moderator: Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-Chief, fDi Magazine, Head of Content, fDi Intelligence

    Faisal Butt, Principal, Spire Ventures
    Bruno Doutrelepont, CEO, Even Keel Group
    Richard Nunn, Head of Business Development,  Jersey Finance
    Craig Plumb, Head of Research - Real Estate/Property (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt), JLL

  • 3:50pm
    Panel Discussion: The many shades of co-investing

    Overcoming the barriers and seeking opportunity to Club and Co- investment deals  

    Examples of family office deals and lessons learnt

    Moderator: Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

    Ted Low, Partner, GAO Capital
    Nitai Utkarsh, Lead - Chairman's Family Office, Hero MotoCorp Limited
    Catherine Shiang, Managing Director, Asia Capital Advisor Ltd
    Gregory Racz, President, MGG Investment Group

  • 4:40pm
    Panel Discussion: Sourcing investments of passion

    Experts in the luxury sector will discuss their priorities. What are the investment returns expectations and realities of an investment such as art, horses and cars?    

    Moderator: Rob Garrett, Managing Partner, Hezar Ventures


    Oliver Cole, Private Investor
    Edward Lovett, Private Investor
    Riccardo Horsi, CEO, Board Member, SACOTEL sal


  • 5:20pm
    Chairman's closing remarks

    Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 5:30pm
    Evening reception

Agenda - 28th Mar

  • 8:30am
  • 9:00am
    Opening remarks

    Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 9:15am
    Panel Discussion: Sustainable investment. The growth agenda for the world

    As sustainable investing becomes a priority of UHNW families across the globe, how does the Family Business community view sustainable investments?

    How much of asset allocation is currently geared towards investments of this nature?

    Is there perceived or evident trade-off between seeking a social investment and financial return? 

    How can investment ensure sustainable growth in energy and resource requirements?

    Moderator: Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

    Rupesh Madlani, CEO, Global Sustainable Capital Management
    Abdulrazzak Alwafi, Managing Director, The Alwafi Group
    Hisham Hodroge, CIO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investment (ZEI)
    Mohammad al Duaij, CEO, Alea Global Group

  • 9:55am
    Keynote: Engaging the next generation

    How is your business managing inter-generational change and succession?

    Preparing younger generations to enter the business

    What are the challenges of new perspectives entering the business? 

    Harjeev Kandhari, CEO, Zenises

  • 10:25am
    Morning break
  • 10:55am
    Keynote: India as an option for investment– a GCC Family perspective

    What are the key factors to consider when investing in India? Experiences of a Dubai based family, who focusess geographically on India for their portfolio.

    Abhishek Sharma, CEO, Foundation Holdings

  • 11:25am
    Panel Discussion: Investing in technology via venture capital

    Dubai's family offices are increasinglyinvesting in tech making VC the obvious vehicle. How do you access the tech VC market and what are the key factors to look for when sourcing these investments?
    Moderator: Rob Garrett, Managing Partner, Hezar Ventures

    Catherine Shiang, Managing Director, Asia Capital Advisor Ltd
    Ted Low, Partner, GAO Capital
    Nitai Utkarsh, Lead - Chairman's Family Office, Hero MotoCorp Limited

  • 12:15pm
    Interview session: Philanthropy and impact: Technology as a force of good

    How to identify and access technology driven innovation to address the regions challenges and how can family offices play a role to accelerate this change? 

    Shainoor Khoja, Managing Director, Better Business Enterprise Ltd
    Interviewed by : Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 12:45pm
    Architecting the future – where will family business find the building blocks of blockchain, crypto currency and technology relevant to their business endeavours?

    Jeffrey Farrow, Founder & CEODCI

  • 1:15pm
    Keynote: The future human agenda - new frontiers of healthcare

    One of the principal future agenda for humanity would be to improve the quality of life for all humans. Healthcare is an area of focus where technology, AI , data analytics, immnuenotherapy, will provide breakthrough disruptive healthcare solutions. These healthcare solutions should democratise the cost and availability of healthcare to all humanity. Entreprenuers and Family businesses can play a vital role in furthering this agenda.

    Lalit Modi, Founder & Managing Trustee, IONCARE FOUNDATION

  • 1:45pm
    Chairman's closing remarks

    Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times

  • 1:50pm
    Lunch & networking

Speakers (26)

Rupert  Hoogewerf

Rupert Hoogewerf

President and Chief Researcher
Hurun Report

Rupert Hoogewerf is the Publisher of the Hurun Report, a monthly magazine best known for its "China Rich List", a ranking of the wealthiest individuals in China.  A qualified chartered accountant, Mr Hoogewerf worked for seven years at Arthur Andersen, before launching Hurun Report in 1999 as an independent researcher with the China Rich List.  Other key lists produced by Hurun Report include the "Hurun Philanthropy List", a ranking of the most generous individuals in China, and the "Hurun Contemporary Art List", a ranking of the top fifty living Chinese artists based on their sales of art at public auction in the past year. The "Hurun Best of the Best Awards" are the annual awards held in January for brands targeting China's richest.

He graduated in Chinese and Japanese from Durham University, UK in 1993 and went to Eton College.  Rupert was awarded the 'Person of the Year Award' in 2002 by News weekly magazine and in September 2009 was presented with the Magnolia Award, which is the highest honor bestowed by the city of Shanghai on foreigners.

Raza  Jafar

Raza Jafar

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Raza Jafar is a Dubai based businessman, serial entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Mr Jafar’s business ventures include banking, aviation, real estate development, and hospitality management. He led the vision to establish the Palazzo Versace in Dubai, an innovative and commercially successful combination of luxury hotel with lifestyle residences. Other key projects he has led include the development of Emirates Financial Towers and Dubai’s D1 tower, as well as the management of The Capital Club in Dubai, Bahrain, Nairobi, and Lagos.

Since a young age he has combined business with philanthropy and a humanitarian approach to projects. Central to his approach is a belief in adoption of a triple bottom line framework, seeking a balance of commercial success, environmental sustainability & social justice.

In 2015, working with the Vatican and the Church of England, he co-founded the Global Sustainability Network (GSN) to drive progress in support of achieving Goal 8 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – also known as "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" or Agenda 2030. The GSN brings together over 600 leaders from diverse faiths, governments, business & media interests, academia, and non-profits to work jointly to accelerate the achievement of Goal 8. The group meets quarterly, rotating between the Vatican, the UN HQ in New York, Lambeth Palace in London and Dubai.

Jeffrey  Farrow

Jeffrey Farrow

Founder & CEO

Jeffrey Farrow is a visionary investor/developer, leader and change agent who has spend much of his working life in dynamic ‘frontier’ business environments.

Wishing to return to his engineering and technology roots, he relocated to Dubai which led to work on robotic sea-bed mining, autonomous vehicles and the discovery of FinTech and Blockchain in late 2015. The universal power of digital tokenisation and an appreciation of the fast-approaching Value Web captured his professional attention in 2016, and this, along with machine learning, now forms the core of his investment interests, business development and advisory work.

As a young officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers and a prize-winning student of civil engineering and fracture mechanics, he soon became aware of a need to feed his intellectually expeditionary curiosity and he left the British army for wider horizons after 11 years of service. The journey that followed took him through semiconductor R&D in UK, international shipping, and business operations in both communist Eastern Europe and Southern Africa. It was rewarding and invaluable experience that prepared him for an extended period in post-conflict, resource-rich Azerbaijan during which over a period of more than 15 years he became a well-known and central figure in the dynamically emerging business community, with interests in insurance, finance and inward investment. He also delivered the Caspian region its premier, dedicated international English language business newspaper. 

He is a member of the international Crypto Council; an advisor on ICOs and CEO/Founder of DCI Pte. Ltd based in the blockchain and FinTech innovation hub of Singapore. 

Hisham  Hodroge

Hisham Hodroge

Al Zarooni Emirates Investment (ZEI)

Hisham Hodrodge  has over 16 years of private equity and alternative investment experience both regionally and globally. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Al Zarooni Emirates Investments since July 2013, managing the full investment portfolio in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, education, logistics and SMEs. Hisham has extensive experience in the GCC region, having worked for Istithmar World Capital in DIFC, Dubai as well as at QInvest in Doha, Qatar, between the years of 2002 and 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.”

Sheikh Hussein  Al Banawi

Sheikh Hussein Al Banawi

Chairman & CEO
The Industrial Group

Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Industrial Group, a market leader in packaging, specialty chemicals and food flavors in the Broader Middle East, Africa, and Indian Subcontinent.  He is an inspirational leader dedicated to helping the next generation of enterprise leaders in the Arab World. He is Founder of the Chair in Islamic Economics, Finance and Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas and also serves on the board of various civic organizations. He is also a founding member of The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement at the American University of Cairo. Sheikh Al-Banawi is a member of the Board of Trustees, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Investment Committee of the World Waqf Foundation of the Islamic Development Bank.

An advocate and proponent of good corporate governance in both private and public institutions, Sheikh Al-Banawi is a member of the Board of Directors of Hawkamah, The Institute for Corporate Governance of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Sheikh Al-Banawi is also the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of The Effat Ambassadors Program, a program established at Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to empower aspiring women leaders. With his founding vision, The Al-Banawi Scholarship for Personal Development was established at Franklin University in Switzerland with the unique purpose of providing financial aid to outstanding students in need who reciprocate by acting as academic mentors for other students facing language, learning or cultural challenges.

Mohammad  al Duaij

Mohammad al Duaij

Alea Global Group

Mohammad Al Duaij since 2008 has been the CEO of Alea Global Group, his family's SFO. His responsibilities are compromised of managing investment activities in real estate and private equity, investment advisory, commodities trading and the retail business. Mr Al Duaij earned his experience through diversified projects and business dealings with distinguished partners on a global scale. He was named The Man of the Year 2017 by Business Worldwide Magazine for his work ability to maintain excellent professional relationships despite often challenging political circumstances.

He started his career at the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development as part of the Asian projects funding team followed by Global Investment House as investment manager forming and managing real estate funds globally.

Mr Al Duaij graduated from Leeds University Business School in 2002 with an accounting and finance honour degree.

Edward  Lovett

Edward Lovett

Private Investor

Edward Lovett is a Private Investor specialising particularly in the luxury and ultra-desirable car segment, where be both buys for pleasure and enjoyment, and actively trades highly sought after or unique collectable cars for fellow private investors.    Following an early career in his Family’s third generation franchised dealer group based in the South West of England selling Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and MINI, Edward has pursued his private investing focus, spending the last 6 years working independently buying, selling and brokering Classic and Collectable cars throughout the world.  Specialising mainly in European cars he has been involved with over $100m in transactions during this period, whilst he has lived in Monaco, LA and London.  

Mr Lovett is fascinated by all things automotive, and from an early age has owned, driven, ridden whatever he can get his hands on.    He has translated his personal passion into business, independent of the Family business which continues to grow under his Father’s leadership, but building on the passion and knowledge founded in family business to increase his knowledge to become a sought-after guide for many discreet collectors.    Whilst the financial merits of luxury and car ownership are often evident in the liquidity, geographical freedom to move and lack of capital gains – the most important factor remains for Mr Lovett one of passion.    Whilst he invests privately in other asset classes, he likes to be able get under the hood and then get behind the wheel and drive most of all. 

Oliver  Cole

Oliver Cole

Private Investor

Oliver Cole is assistant trainer to his father, champion trainer Paul Cole who is one of Europe’s most successful horse trainers.  His and his fathers training establishment, Whatcombe Racing Stables, is one of the largest and most historical training centres in the UK.  The Whatcombe team is a dominating force in the horse racing world, having won the championship at home and internationally four times.  Whatcombe has produced the fourth best horse ever trained in the world to this date, Generous, who was Champion of the decade.  Whatcombe has also produced over thirty Royal Ascot winners.  He plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day running of Whatcombe, working closely with senior staff, to oversee all aspects of the horses' training routine.  

One of Mr Coless main strengths is buying horses for clients, sourcing them from England, France and America.  Oliver maintains constant contact with his clients throughout the bloodstock acquisition and training process.  Owning a horse at Whatcombe makes a person an integral part of the team.

Gregory  Racz

Gregory Racz

MGG Investment Group

Mr Racz is Co-Founder and President of MGG Investment Group.  Prior to joining MGG, Mr Racz was President, Principal, and Chief Legal Officer of Hutchin Hill, a multi-billion multi-strategy hedge fund. Prior to joining Hutchin Hill, Mr Racz co-founded Octavian Advisors, LP, a $1.4 billion multi-strategy investment fund, and served as President, Chief Operating Officer, and general counsel (2006-2009). Previously, Mr Racz was a member of the corporate department of the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (1999-2006). There he advised on corporate, securities, and compliance matters for Fortune 500 businesses, investment firms, and institutional and high net worth clients, including ConocoPhillips, General Mills, Walt Disney Company, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Fox Paine, Warburg Pincus, a Washington State Investment Board affiliate, and owners of the New Jersey Devils. Mr Racz was also a journalist at The Wall Street Journal and The Buffalo News (1993-1995), and worked at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office (1991-1993).

 Previously, Mr Racz was clerk on the D.C. Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals. He is a member of the Board of Trustees & Investment Committee of the NYU School of Law Foundation, and was a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a member of the P&I Research Advisory Panel. He was named a “2011 Rising Star of Hedge Funds” by Institutional Investor.

 Mr Racz received his JD, Order of the Coif, magna cum laude, from NYU School of Law and his BA, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Dartmouth College. Mr. Racz also studied at Oxford University and Leningrad State University.

Craig  Plumb

Craig Plumb

Head of Research - Real Estate/Property (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt)

Craig Plumb has responsibility for JLL’s research team in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. This team advises clients on the impact of real estate market conditions on the performance of specific developments and investments. The MENA research team also prepares a range of regular publications on market conditions and thought Leading reports on trends impacting on future real estate market conditions.

He has more than 25 years experience providing clients with quality advice on real estate market conditions in the UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With a background in urban economics and spatial planning, he has particular experience and expertise in the areas of property market research, development consultancy, transport related infrastructure projects and corporate real estate.

Since 2006, he has advised clients on a wide range of projects in markets across the Middle East including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon. He has spoken on real estate markets at numerous conferences across the region and has appeared as an independent real estate expert before the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC). He is a regular commentator on real estate issues in the print and broadcast media in the MENA region and is a guest lecturer on real estate courses in the UAE.

Craig has authored more than 30 published articles/research reports on a range of different subjects impacting on real estate in the Middle East including; transport infrastructure; high – tech & business park developments; off shoring of business processes; the influence of technology on real estate; drivers of real estate demand and city development; corporate real estate strategy and business location planning.

Riccardo  Horsi

Riccardo Horsi

CEO, Board Member

Riccardo Fernand Horsi was born in Beirut in 1973 in a family of business entrepreneurs whose motto is “Merit by Knowledge, Hard Work and Tradition”.   

After having proved his skills in marketing, management and strategy planning and having occupied various positions in the family business company, he has been appointed CEO of Sacotel sal on January 2015; SACOTEL being the market leader in telecom, security and automation systems and solutions in Lebanon since 1974.   

He is also Managing Director at URMET Middle East since 2013.  General Manager at Sacotel Panasonic Services Company (SPS) since 2009 Managing Director at SACOTEL FZCO – Dubai since 2017 . He is the founder and general manager of F.A. HOSRI AUTOMOTIVE, as well as managing partner at Bikes & Co. a company he created in 2013.  He is also Chairman at ANB Motorcycles Club since 2013.  

At a young age and whilst in his first year of college, he has integrated the family business through SACOTEL sal, one of the companies of the FERNAND HOSRI GROUP of which he is a board member since the year 2000.   After having pursued his early school years in Collège Des Frères Maristes Champville in Lebanon he travelled to England and graduated from The International School of Choueifat UK (SABIS), Bath.   His patriotism, loyalty, dedication and sense of sacrifice for his homeland pushed him to come back.   He entered the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1991 and then continued his BS and obtained his Marketing and Management degrees with high distinction from The Lebanese American University (LAU) in 1996.   

Representing his family business, he is one of the founding members of the Family Business Network Levant, part of FBN International, and he is currently Vice Chairman of the Board.

Abhishek  Sharma

Abhishek Sharma

Foundation Holdings

Abhishek Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Foundation Holdings, a strategic, global investment firm focused on building sustainable, industry defining companies in the impactful sectors of healthcare, education and consumer across India and the GCC.   

Mr Sharma is well-recognized as a former founding management member and Head of Education at Amanat Holdings, an AED2.5 bn company listed on the DFM. Mr Sharma was a key figure behind the Al Noor Hospitals transaction on the LSE. Mr Sharma also led the landmark investment in the K-12 primary and secondary education provider Madaares PJSC.   

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

AbdulRazzak  Alwafi

AbdulRazzak Alwafi

Managing Director
The Alwafi Group

Dr AbdulRazzak Alwafi is a second generation family business member, Dr Wafi is currently leading his family business in the real-estate development, construction and hospitality services.

Since 2001, he joined the family business to restructure, lead and develop the portfolio of businesses. Previously he had founded his own business in the IT solutions and services and became a regional consultant and lecturer advising businesses on how to use technology to improve their processes. He started his career as an aircraft engineer in Saudi Arabian airlines.

His research interests are at the intersection of strategic planning and family business with a particular emphasis in auditing "strategies and strategic planning". He is also member of several committees of Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

He has engineering degree in electronics and communications from King Abdulaziz University in Jedda. He also earned a Master degree specialized in strategic planning and a DBA in family business strategic planning from Heriot-Watt university in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sabah  al-Binali

Sabah al-Binali

Chief Executive Officer
Universal Strategy

Dr Sabah Hamad al-Sabah al-Binali is CEO of Universal Strategy and an active investor and entrepreneurial leader, with a track record of financing, building and growing companies in the Mena region. As CEO of Universal Strategy, Dr al-Binali works closely with his clients to transition and transform their companies to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the future.

Dr al-Binali has served as the Chief Investment Officer and CEO of Credit of SHUAA Capital, Director of the Board at Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia, Chairman of Shuaa Capital Saudi Arabia, Vice Chairman of Gulf Finance Co., Chairman of Gulf Installments Co., Chairman of Zawya, founding CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Saffar Capital and Head of the Treasury and Investment Division at Union National Bank as well as Director of the Board at Visa International CEMA Region.

Dr al-Binali holds a Diploma in Company Direction from the UK Institute of Directors.

Dr al-Binali received his Ph.D. from Columbia University, dissertation title: Competitive Analysis of Risk-Taking and Valuation of Financial Derivatives, and a B.S.E from Princeton University

Harjeev  Kandhari

Harjeev Kandhari


Harjeev Kandhari is the Founder and CEO of Zenises, the premier global tyre company that focuses on the fusion of technical advances, aesthetical beauty, and the balance of precision, safety, customer service, and style.

Mr. Kandhari entered the world of investment banking at Merrill Lynch, where he did corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications and technology sector in the London office. He then went on to help manage the UAE Corporate Finance and Advisory practice of the firm based out of London.  

While in the UK, Mr. Kandhari was called to return to Dubai to revive his family’s business from near bankruptcy. He focused on recapitalizing the company through building relationships with 14 banks.  He then changed the business model to focus on contract manufacturing from China for his own private brand as opposed to only localized and regional distribution of other’s brands.  This private brand allowed him to expand the business into the global market – with a focus on Europe – as he got “tired of being local”.  Finally continuing with a vision to globalize the business he built one of the world’s most technologically advanced industrial battery plants and helped transform the company from a local tyre distributor to a formidable worldwide player. He then finally sold his interest in the business to allow him to pursue his more entrepreneurial spirit.

Faisal  Butt

Faisal Butt

Spire Ventures

Mr Faisal Butt is an Entrepreneur and Investor based in Mayfair, UK.  His investment focus has a recurring theme in property, property services, and property related technology.  He invests through his vehicle Spire Ventures and through his PropTech investment fund Pi Labs. 

Mr Butt’s investment portfolio includes 20+ companies, spanning a diverse range of ventures including 90 North, a real estate investment management business with over £1bn assets under management, The Accouter Group, a furniture supply business, emoov, one of the UK’s leading online estate agents, Trussle, the UK’s first digital mortgage advisor, Hubble, an office space marketplace, and Pi Labs, Europe’s first ‘PropTech’ investment platform.

 He is a recipient of several noteworthy industry and academic awards, including the Estates Gazette Power List, the 40 under 40 award by Property Week, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Shell Livewire.  He is also a recipient of the Skoll Scholarship for social entrepreneurship, awarded by the University of Oxford.

Mr Butt completed his Bachelors degree at UCLA in 1999 in Business Economics and Computer Science and earned an MBA with Distinction from the University of Oxford in 2009.

Nitai  Utkarsh

Nitai Utkarsh

Lead - Chairman's Family Office
Hero MotoCorp Limited

A Financial Services professional with deep expertise in Family Office and the Investment Advisory space, Nitai Utkarsh leads the Investment Strategy and the Chairman’s Family Office for Hero MotoCorp Ltd. One of the first set of professionals to have worked on Family Offices in India, he started his journey with developing and executing the concept of Family Office for probably  the first commercial launch of such services in the country.

As part  of the Family Office offering, he has founded and managed an exclusive team of portfolio analytics specialists, set   up teams, policies, and processes for a pioneering boutique Multi Family Office firm and subsequently for two large, diverse, and global Single Family Offices.                            

He holds a degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management. His interests and expertise lie      in dealing with complex structural issues related to global wealth preservation and transmission and in implementing portfolio risk-reward optimization techniques.       

Bruno  Doutrelepont

Bruno Doutrelepont

Even Keel Group

Bruno Doutrelepont is Founder and CEO of Even Keel Group, a discrete International Private Investment Office. The firm looks after a select number of clients from London, Dublin, Dubai, Doha and Monaco. Even Keel specialises in Alternative Investments, with a particular focus on Real Estate / Real Assets and direct Private Equity. 

He was most recently Head of Wealth Management at BNP Paribas (IE), as well as a Non-Executive Director of a large charitable foundation. He previously worked for JP Morgan and Barclays Wealth in Brussels, London, New York and Monaco. 

Shainoor  Khoja

Shainoor Khoja

Managing Director
Better Business Enterprise Ltd

Shainoor Khoja is a global change maker and a serial entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Better Business Enterprise (BBE), a consultancy firm, she drives impact  through designing innovative sustainable solutions in emerging and developed markets to address the needs of base of the pyramid populations. She works with private sector, family foundations and international development agencies.

Richard  Nunn

Richard Nunn

Business Development Director – UK
Jersey Finance

Richard Nunn joined Jersey Finance as Business Development Director for the UK following eight years with Barclays International. 

Prior to Jersey Finance Mr Nunn was Vice President and leader of the UK Resident Non Domicile business within Barclays International Banking based in Canary Wharf. Previous to this he spent six years based in the Jersey office having been an Investment Manager and Relationship Manager before leading the business development and relationship teams.

Mr Nunn is a holder of the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and through the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) obtained the Diploma of International Trust Management with distinction.

He has an Honours degree in Economics & Social History from the University of Leicester.

Catherine  Shiang

Catherine Shiang

Managing Director
Asia Capital Advisor Ltd

Catherine Shiang serves as Managing Director at Asia Capital Advisor, Ltd., a single family office, for the past 12 years.  In this capacity she has participated in transactions from various roles, limited partner, principal and advisor with venture capital, private equity, mergers & acquisitions and long short hedge funds including: Projects of Energy Investments Corp (Panama), Sands China, Ltd. (Macau), Frontier Resource Group (then privately held, now listed on SEHK), Starr International Co. Inc. (Asia), Dragon Capital Group (Vietnam), Vision Investment Management (Hong Kong) in strategic developments and Equinox Group (Nigeria).  She has served as a member and observer on various boards of portfolio interests, and has been seconded time to time to various organizations in special situations: She was Special Advisor to the Chairman of Equinox Group, a Nigerian based resource and real estate corporation on in bound investment projects; Special Advisor to the CEO of Sands China, Ltd., Special Advisor to the Deputy CEO of UC Rusal during their dual listing on the Securities Exchange of Hong Kong and NYSE-Euronext Paris Exchange, and Autorité des Marchés Financiers building out their compliance and institutional investor and retail programs; and Executive Advisor to the Chairman at Prudential Corporation Asia she advised on the proposed acquisition of $1.3Bn AIG Global Investments Asia Real Estate Fund portfolio.


Ms Shiang holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, in political science with minor in biochemistry, and Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center with election to The Tax Lawyer as Associate Editor.  She is admitted to the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, First Department, and U.S. Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York and the State Bar of California.

Alastair  Glover

Alastair Glover

Trowers & Hamlins

Alastair Glover is a Partner in Trowers & Hamlins' International Private Wealth department and heads the Private Wealth team in the Middle East from our Dubai office. He has over 10 years' experience in advising high net worth individuals and families, family offices and trustees on global wealth holding and succession structures, tax and relocation. Mr Glovers practice focuses on designing and implementing succession structures which meet the needs of the individuals and families he advises. This will often involve advising on trusts, foundations, family business governance, taxation and immigration. He has been based in the Middle East since September 2013 following seven years working in London for a leading private wealth firm. He is a member of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners. 

The majority of his work has an international dimension and often involves cross border estate and tax planning. His expertise includes advising on family trust and governance structures encompassing both business and private assets, tax efficient UK real estate investment structures, UK immigration, cross border estates and tax residency advice for those moving to or leaving the UK.

Mr Glovers client base is drawn from individuals and families across multiple jurisdictions but with a particular focus on individuals and families based in the Middle East be they GCC nationals or global expatriates. Although there is no "typical" client, clients' business and family assets often go hand in hand and he works closely with colleagues across other areas of the firm to provide the advice and service such clients demand.

Rupesh  Madlani

Rupesh Madlani

Global Sustainable Capital Management

Rupesh is CEO and co-founder of Global Sustainable Capital Management, a dedicated firm investing in emerging markets sustainable agriculture. Prior to this, he spent just under a decade at Lehman Brothers and Barclays in equity research in sustainability and clean technology sector, ranking first in the Institutional Investor survey in his last year. Prior to this, he worked at PwC in the corporate finance practice. In addition, he co founded Bankers without Boundaries, to utilise former investment bankers for the benefit of the environment and social good. Rupesh graduated in economics from the London School of Economics, is a chartered accountant and Freeman of the City of London.  Rupesh has been an expert reviewer in various publications with the World Economic Forum, the OECD, Prince of Wales international sustainability unit and the United Nations relating to sustainable development. 

James Cadbury

James Cadbury

Hezar Ventures

James Cadbury is Managing Partner of Hezar Ventures, a Dubai based Investment and General Trading company focused on growth in the Emerging Markets, and developing connectivity between the Emerging and Developed markets.  James’ heritage as a member of the Cadbury chocolate family, an early pioneer of philanthropic ideals, has imbued him with a keen sense of entrepreneurship, balanced with a desire to make positive change.  He has been an active investor in Africa, spending the last 6 years building businesses, predominantly focused on servicing the mining sector, whilst forging an extensive network of strong strategic partnerships. It is the establishment of trusted relationships that he sees as key to developing business in the family business space, which is a key driver behind Hezar Ventures’ mission; to identify, nurture and develop co-investment and direct investment opportunities alongside their network of families and investors.  James moved to Dubai in 2008 after finishing 6 years of active service as an Officer in King’s Royal Hussars Regiment of the British Army.

Lalit  Modi

Lalit Modi

Founder & Managing Trustee

Lalit Kumar Modi is an internationally recognised trendsetter in the field of sports and entertainment. He is regarded as an expert in transforming brands, licensing and partnerships. 


As Executive Director of Modi Enterprises, Mr Modi has varied interests across various fields.  As an international business strategist, Mr Modi has specialised in the use of technology to create opportunities to enrich lives, create sustainable revenue, and optimize productivity through integration of emerging platforms in social and digital.His most audacious attempt thus far has been the radical change brought to the sport of cricket via the much celebrated Indian Premier League (IPL). His radical approach changed the face of the sport and also the administration of cricket in India forever. His expertise as someone who can turn ideas into revenue generating enterprises was well and truly established by the IPL.

 He has worn a number of different hats over the years to further his key skill sets.  He is currently leading two varied initiatives. Firstly as Executive Chairman of Valor Sport Entertainment he is involved in bringing combat sport on a global stage. The other role is as the founder of Innovative Technology Network (IONCARE) where the aim is provide effective oncology treatment centres.

 A family of self-made entrepreneurs, Mr Modi is still the President & MD of Modi Enterprises, a role he has donned since 1986. The company has grown manifolds with a number of new diversified business initiatives being undertaken under the leadership of Mr Modi. Apart from revolutionising, Mr Modi also changed the face of Pay TV model in India. It was under his leadership that Modi Entertainment Networks (MEN) brought ESPN, Fashion TV, Disney and other major international syndication networks to India

Ted  Low

Ted Low

GAO Capital

Ted Low is a Partner in GAO Capital and currently heads the direct investments team.  He also leads the special projects team within the group such as overseeing the open-source financial news platform,, which caters for the family office community on new interesting hedge funds and other investment opportunities.
Mr Low is also actively involved with his family's business in property development and hospitality in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia, having held a successful enterprise in the region for three generations.  Prior to GAO Capital, He has held various roles as a Founder of a boutique advisory firm to working in a multi-billion dollar hedge fund based in Boston focusing on technical analysis.  He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Chair and Moderator (3)

Courtney Fingar

Courtney Fingar

fDi Magazine

Courtney Fingar is the editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine and head of content for fDi Intelligence. In her role she oversees all elements of editorial production for the bimonthly magazine and its website, as well as editorial outputs for fDi Intelligence.
She is also the presenter for the ‘fDi On Location’ video series, and a regular contributor to the Financial Times newspaper. As a trained journalist, Ms Fingar interviews political and business leaders at the highest levels about economic and investment issues. She has covered business stories in all major regions of the world and has been on assignment to more than 80 countries in her career.
She is a popular panellist and moderator at international economic gatherings and has appeared on television and radio in dozens of countries as a commentator on international investment.
Before joining fDi in 2004, she served as the editor of Trade & Forfaiting Review, a London-based magazine focusing on trade finance. She worked previously as a journalist in Washington, DC.

Ms Fingar has a BA in journalism from the University of Alabama in the United States and an MSc in International and European Politics, with a special focus on political economy and trade issues, from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Rob  Garrett

Rob Garrett

Managing Partner
Hezar Ventures

Rob Garrett formed Hezar Ventures in 2015 with James Cadbury, a good friend from their shared time as British Army Officers in the King’s Royal Hussars; to pursue their entrepreneurial and investment ambitions to identify, incubate and grow business opportunities across the emerging markets, through targeted strategic partnerships and investment formation, whilst providing a trusted resource to the wide network of Family Business partners seeking to better understand opportunities with their peers globally.   He has advised and partnered with a prominent Family asset owner in China in the automotive and motorsport sector, and a leading European family backed energy optimisation company stemming from one of the leading R&D organisations in the energy optimisation field.   This interest in impact is something which he is currently keenly pursuing through the foundation of an education focused recycling impact venture.   Mr Garrett now lives in Singapore as Hezar Ventures seeks to expand from its base in Dubai to harness the opportunity to connect Asia, Africa, China and Europe and US through the maritime, aviation and business hub of the Middle East.

Yuri Bender

Yuri Bender

PWM (Professional Wealth Management)

Yuri Bender is a journalist covering banking, asset management and capital markets. He has launched and edited several magazines and websites at the Financial Times group and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Professional Wealth Management global magazine, website and events hub. He moderates panel discussions on financial, business and cultural issues in Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia.  He has reported from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine for the FT Wealth magazine and writes regularly for FTfm, the fund management section of the FT newspaper. He studied Investment Management at the London Business School and International Relations at Cambridge University, writing his thesis on the economics of armed conflict.

Who Attends?

The Financial Times Family Business Summit  is an invitation only event and for any 3rd party registrations the FT Live team will assess registrants to make sure they meet the delegate criteria before confirming a delegate place at this event.

•UHNW Senior family members

•Next generation members: working in the business: working outside the business

•Family Members involved in the family business

•Single family offices

•Owners of Multi Family Offices in multi generational ownership

•Selected Family owned Asset Managers


Why attend?

The Financial Times Family Business events have been running on a global scale for over 7 years. 2017 saw the inaugural event held in Dubai, which was attended by 274 UHNW families, family business owners and principals from single and multi family offices. The event offers delegates exclusive networking opportunities with like minded individuals and business owners. The agenda will cover business critical issues and solutions which families are dealing with on a day to day basis, along with focus on specific investment areas. 

100% of 2017 attendees said they would attend the event in 2018 which is testament to the exceptional content, themes and delegate quality at these events. We look forward to seeing you.


Summit Photos

A full selection of pictures taken at the event can be found on here:



‘Thanks for the forum, it was extremely informative. It also provided a wonderful platform for interaction and networking between participants.’

                    Said Mbarak

‘This is just to say a big thank you for the invitation to speak at the Family Business Summit last week. Many congratulations for organising what was truly a five star event. The feedback I received was excellent all round. We look forward to further interaction in the future.’

                            Atiq Anjarwalla

‘I just wanted to congratulate you on an event that was very well run and attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some fabulous people.’

                    Hardeep Rai



Palazzo Versace
P.O. Box 128431

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 556 8888


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Hezar Ventures is a Dubai based Investment and General Trading Platform which works with selected partners to raise the profile and drive commercial success of its portfolio and partner companies.

 Hezar Ventures is focused on growth emerging consumer opportunities in emerging markets jurisdictions, remaining sector and geography agnostic in its opportunistic approach to sourcing dealflow which serves these markets.

The Founders James Cadbury and Rob Garrett work with a global network of family offices and private investment companies facilitating co-investments and growth opportunities, discreet M&A transactions and helping introduce  parties looking for direct private investments on a discretionary basis.

Hezar Ventures proprietary activities focus is on the emerging market geographical span of Africa, The Gulf and South Asia, with presence in Singapore and London, in addition to Dubai.

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Reminiscent of a 16th century Italian Palace, Palazzo Versace Dubai is a Neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. Featuring a striking entrance, high ceilings, landscaped gardens, and a range of well-crafted Italian furnishings, the hotel is truly symbolic of the Versace lifestyle.

Set in the heart of the Culture Village along the shores of the Dubai Creek, the hotel is less than 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and 8 minutes away from Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.  A walk through the 5-star hotel’s public spaces reveals several exclusive designs and fabrics from Versace.

Every single piece of furniture and fabric that adorns the hotel’s 215 hotel rooms and suites, and 169 residences, is designed and tailor-made by Versace exclusively for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. Each of the hotel’s 8 restaurants and bars is designed to have an al fresco terrace to reflect the heritage of Palazzos, where the internal court was the informal space to meet, dine and enjoy the weather. The three outdoor pools are decorated with mosaic tiles and surrounded by palm trees and flowers. The beautifully landscaped gardens and breathtaking views of the Dubai Creek, make this luxury hotel an ideal venue for weddings and social events in Dubai.

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Berkeley Group builds fantastic homes in amazing places and have been delivering exceptional properties in London and the South of England for more than 40 years.  From luxury penthouses to family homes and stylish apartments, Berkeley is an expert in creating fantastic homes in amazing places and is renowned for setting exceptional standards of quality and design.

One of the UK’s premier housebuilders, Berkeley Group believe in placemaking, not just housebuilding and create sustainable places where people aspire to live.

Berkeley Group is the only housebuilder to have won the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development twice in 2008 and 2014. In 2016, Berkeley was voted Britain’s fourth most admired company across all sectors and also named British Housebuilder of the Year by the Sunday Times.

Berkeley Group is made up of six autonomous companies:  Berkeley, St. Edward, St. George, St. James, St. Joseph, and St. William. Berkeley Group is publicly-owned and listed on the London Stock Exchange as a FTSE 100 company.

With over 60 projects in London and the South of England, when you think of London, Think Berkeley.

MGG makes loans to private companies, especially to deeply underserved family- and entrepreneur-owned (not sponsor-backed) firms in the less competitive lower middle market. Our portfolio of uncorrelated, direct lending and special situations investments is designed to deliver constant high cash yields with upside and superior risk-adjusted returns (on an absolute and relative basis) in all market cycles. Our current gross estimated portfolio IRR is 17.07% (levered) and 13.06% (unlevered) in all senior secured first lien loans. MGG's LPs are leading blue chip institutional endowment, foundation, pension, and insurance investors as well as select high net worth investors. MGG manages $750mm of long term committed equity capital. Investors can elect varied structures including to receive quarterly cash distributions. MGG also offers significant low-fee co-investment opportunities.  Since 2007, the CIO has had zero losses.

Jersey Finance, promotes and leads the development of Jersey as an International Finance Centre (IFC). Its primary role is to communicate the many advantages that Jersey offers investors, including the experience and expertise of its practitioners, its political, economic and fiscal stability and its high level of regulation.  It has offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, along with representation in London, Shanghai, Mumbai and Delhi.  

As an IFC, Jersey has substance and critical mass in the breadth and depth of its financial services, which enable it to act as a major player in the global FDI market. As capital continues to flow across borders in increasing amounts, IFCs like Jersey provide investors with essential services that facilitate FDI. Such investors find Jersey a particularly attractive centre because of the strengths of its financial markets and the quality of the services it offers.

As a result, the jurisdiction has handled very substantial amounts of FDI, adding considerable value to the global economy by supporting the growth in cross-border investment.

We are lawyers who regularly act for individuals and families in relation to their private wealth.  We are professional trusted advisors who aim to protect our client's investments and wealth.

We help our clients to invest and to establish legitimate, tax efficient, stable long-term structures, taking into account personal and family circumstances and inheritance considerations to grow their wealth with confidence.

Our clients include family offices, individuals, corporations and institutions.  We work with investment managers, professional intermediaries and experts. Our wider UAE team of lawyers advise across a range of disciplines including finance (Islamic and conventional), investment, real estate and construction and dispute resolution and our lawyers include speakers of English, Arabic, French, German and Urdu.

Our specialist International Private Wealth team in the Middle East handles a broad range of high value cross-border matters, including cross-border acquisitions, tax advice, structuring (including choice of vehicles and jurisdiction), trust & estate administration, and succession planning and wills (including Shari'ah compliant succession planning).

We believe in providing a high quality service delivered by a partner-led team and building a strong personal relationship with our clients. We have a long-established reputation and remain trusted advisors for providing a comprehensive Private Wealth service including strategic advice.

Trowers & Hamlins is an international law firm with over 150 partners and nearly 900 staff located across the Middle East, Far East and United Kingdom. With offices in London, Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman and Kuala Lumpur, we provide a full-service integrated offering.

With an established presence in the Middle East dating back to 1959, we are one of the largest and most experienced international law firms working in the region. During the last 40 years we have expanded considerably and now have a wide global presence with our international offices and membership of Interlaw. This network has lawyers in more than 125 cities worldwide and we are the sole representatives selected for the UAE and England.  

We are consistently ranked as a leading law firm in the Middle East and North Africa and are the first law firm to secure a Law Society Award for our Middle East offices recognising us as meeting the highest standards of client care. 

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Old Mutual International is one of the world’s leading cross-border providers of wealth management solutions.

We enjoy a long-established reputation for expertise and integrity, supported by a commitment to leading the financial industry in ethical and responsible business practices.

We are one of the few financial service providers that operate in multiple global markets.  Because we have a deep understanding of local cultures and regulations, we are able to offer robust wealth management solutions for individuals, wherever they live or work around the globe.

Our highly-regulated international service centre in the Isle of Man helps financial advisers apply specialised international expertise to the creation of individually-tailored strategies for their clients.

We are part of Old Mutual Wealth Limited, a leading wealth management business in the UK and internationally. Its offering includes platform-based investments and protection, asset management solutions and discretionary management.

With more than US$176 billion in customer investments (as at 30 September 2017), Old Mutual Wealth’s aim is to help create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

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In 2008, the Financial Times launched FT Wealth, a high-quality magazine which is distributed worldwide with the FT newspaper. Published six times a year, FT Wealth addresses the issues of unique importance to the extremely wealthy:

  • Investments
  • Succession planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Legacy
  • Security
  • Offshoring
  • Wealth industry trends

In the current volatile financial climate, HNW individuals no longer just rely on their adviser to manage financial affairs. Trusted media sources such as the Financial Times play a crucial role in helping HNWs to manage their investments and their wealth.

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Published by the Financial Times, Professional Wealth Management (PWM) specialises in analysing the growth strategies of private banks and the regional financial centres in which they operate.PWM carries the latest analysis of private banks, wealth managers and regional financial centres, along with in-depth reporting on asset allocation, the fast moving regulatory agenda, digital operations and technology, with input from a broad range of thought leaders.PWM is devoted to analysing the delivery of wealth solutions to private clients and entrepreneurial families. This can be through traditional banks, private investment or family offices and increasingly robo-advisers. PWM is also helping financial institutions to set up relevant distribution and advice models in developing markets such as the Middle East and parts of Asia and Latin America. Register for a free print subscription to receive PWM bi-monthly.

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