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Legal, Innovation

FT/RSG Intelligent Business Forum

‘The Black Mirror’ of the ‘Back Office’

San Francisco |
Speakers include:
Leyla Boulton

Leyla Boulton

Financial Times

Richard Waters

Richard Waters

Financial Times

Reena SenGupta

Reena SenGupta

RSG Consulting


About the FT Intelligent Business Programme: The convergence of data and technology with legal and professional services is transforming business and legal operations. Not only is it making the ‘back office’ a profit centre, it is also transforming business models.

Through the lens of certain industry sectors, common operational challenges and major advisory firms and technology suppliers, the FT Intelligent Business report seeks to take a below-the-surface look at how ‘convergence’ is changing business processes and ultimately notions of where and how to find and drive economic value.

The report looks at how convergence is playing out in the insurance and public sectors; and how it is improving the way in which major organisations handle cyber and privacy risk, supply chains, commercial contracting, managing legal costs and data. It also examines the increasing integration of services and products from suppliers such as the big four, law companies and other consulting and technology businesses.

The forum draws together short-listed organisations in the FT Intelligent Business report in a unique meeting of people, working at the intersection of data, technology and services to transform business and society. A dominant theme in the FT Intelligent Business report is a collaboration, and the forum will seek to showcase the people behind some of the more cutting-edge examples of how convergence is having an impact, across industries, professions and technologies.

Delegates and Speakers: 150 C-suite representatives from companies who are leading in their digital transformations and the big four, technology companies and professional service firms who are helping them get there faster.

fallback Add to my Calendar 10/22/2019 08:15:0010/22/2019 20:00:00trueFT/RSG Intelligent Business ForumAbout the FT Intelligent Business Programme: The convergence of data and technology with legal and professional services is transforming business and legal operations. Not only is it making the ‘back office’ a profit centre, it is also transforming business models.Through the lens of certain industry sectors, common operational challenges and major advisory firms and technology suppliers, the FT Intelligent Business report seeks to take a below-the-surface look at how ‘convergence’ is changing business processes and ultimately notions of where and how to find and drive economic value.The report looks at how convergence is playing out in the insurance and public sectors; and how it is improving the way in which major organisations handle cyber and privacy risk, supply chains, commercial contracting, managing legal costs and data. It also examines the increasing integration of services and products from suppliers such as the big four, law companies and other consulting and technology businesses.The forum draws together short-listed organisations in the FT Intelligent Business report in a unique meeting of people, working at the intersection of data, technology and services to transform business and society. A dominant theme in the FT Intelligent Business report is a collaboration, and the forum will seek to showcase the people behind some of the more cutting-edge examples of how convergence is having an impact, across industries, professions and technologies.Delegates and Speakers: 150 C-suite representatives from companies who are leading in their digital transformations and the big four, technology companies and professional service firms who are helping them get there faster.FT/RSG-Intelligent-Business-Forum0d63d7fe86c08e353bbaf4797f0c00dcMM/DD/YYYY

Agenda - 22nd Oct

  • 8:15am
    Registration and Buffet Breakfast
  • 9:00am
    Opening Remarks

    Reena SenGupta, CEO, RSG Consulting

  • 9:05am
    The FT Interview: Intelligent Supply Chains

    The convergence of legal, technology, data and other professional service disciplines is changing the way business approaches operational challenges such as supply chains. The impacts are significant and can obviate risk, protect and enhance reputation and ultimately contribute to the bottom line. In this session, company executives and solution providers discuss the challenges of convergence in these areas and whether the benefits are being overstated. We look at how what were once considered difficult back office challenges, are the new breeding grounds for intelligent business.

    Raj Rao, General Manager, IBM Food Trust™
    Bob Wolpert, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Golden State Foods
    Panel Commentator: Sridhar Thati, Chief Technology Officer, Everledger
    Interviewer: Richard Waters, West Coast Managing Editor, Financial Times

  • 9:40am
    Intelligent Collaboration: A Healthcare Gamechanger

    Two of the industry sectors that provide fertile ground for data, technology and services to converge are the insurance and public sectors; these are spotlighted in the FT report. Both grapple with large data sets and must deliver services faster, cheaper and better. Here, we have some cutting-edge case studies from market leaders in the public sector to discuss how convergence can improve public services.

    Paul Hirner, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, SimpliGov
    Carolyn Staats, Director of Innovation, County of Sonoma and IT Director, ACCESS Initiative
    Interviewer: Leyla Boulton, Executive Editor and Editor of Special Reports, Financial Times

  • 10:05am
    The Race to Platforms

    The legal industry is witnessing an explosion in new legal technology companies, with investors keen to take a bet on a profession in the early stages of digitization. At the same time, established legal technology companies are adopting different strategies that focus on consolidation and integration. Many are seeking to either become technology platforms and some are going for full-scale adoption of a platform business model. In this session, we discuss what the legal industry needs and whether the varied technology providers and approaches are delivering it. Is it feasible to build a platform in an industry that is so fragmented? Do consumers of legal services actually want this type of business approach?

    • Rhonda Jenkins, Chief Transformation Officer, Reynen Court
    • Emelita Hernandez Bravo, Head of Legal Operations, Fitbit
    • Richard Punt, Chief Strategy Officer, Thomson Reuters
    • Tri Tran, Principal and Chief Technology Officer, Applico

    Moderator: David Halliwell, Director of Knowledge & Innovation Delivery, Pinsent Masons

  • 10:50am
    Networking and Refreshment Break
  • 11:10am
    Contract Humanism

    Smart contracts, visual contracts, automatic contracts and a surge in the sophistication of contract technology, point to a removal of the individual lawyer from the contracting process. But, paradoxically, the use of different technologies is making contracts more fit for purpose, more human and a driver for better commercial relationships. In this session, we discuss how the revolution in contracting – the cornerstone of commerce - is increasing speed to market and driving better profitability.

    Speaker: Tim Cummins, Founder and President, International Association for Contract & Commercial Management


    • Nick Conway, Director- Forensic Technology Practice, Deloitte
    • Alistair Maiden, CEO and Founder, Syke
    • Léo Murgel, VP, Legal and Corporate Affairs COO, Salesforce 
    • Jason Parkman, CEO, Mitratech

    Moderator: Mary Shen O’Carroll, Director of Legal, Operations and Technology, Google; President, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium CLOC

  • 12:10pm
    Networking Lunch and The People’s Choice Award: Best Use Cases For Blockchain Technology?

    Over a networking lunch, we invite representatives from five blockchain projects to make short presentations to all delegates who will be able to vote for a winner. The award winner will be announced in the evening ceremony.

    • Sharath Beedu, Vice President of Product, Elevate
    • Dan Hushon, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, DXC Technology
    • Coty de Monteverde, Director- Blockchain Center of Excellence, Banco Santander
    • Philipp Schartau, Director, Advisory, Innovation & Growth, EY Tesseract
    • Medicalchain
  • 1:40pm
    Fast and Frictionless: AI Answers the Call

    GDPR, Libor, Brexit and regulatory changes are a way of life. It means wholescale “re-papering” exercises – contract reviews and re-writes - which take years and cost millions of dollars. The speed of events means that the need to efficiently integrate AI with other technologies and advisers is acute. These exercises perfectly illustrate the necessity and importance of convergence, but they are not without their challenges. In this session, leading AI firms talk to clients about how best to undertake repapering exercises, the pitfalls, and how to avoid them.


    • Jeffrey Becker, Managing Director- Global Contracting Lead, Accenture
    • Chris Georgiou, Partner, Ashurst and Head, Ashurst Advance
    • Lewis Z. Liu, Co-Founder & CEO, Eigen Technologies
    • Noah Waisberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Kira Systems

    Moderator: Yasmin Lambert, Partner and Senior Consultant, RSG Consulting

  • 2:20pm
    Intelligent Data Strategies

    Likened to oil or currency, being able to properly leverage large data sets is providing significant business value. Everyone needs data scientists and yet many still do not have a data strategy or are at a loss as to how to collect, synthesize and analyse their organisation’s data. But for companies and industries who have wrestled with the data beast and won, the results are astounding. From the international derivatives market, to mortgages to the insurance industry, this session will look at how smart data strategies are changing the way we think about work and business models.
    In Conversation

    • Akber Datoo, CEO & Founder of D2 Legal Technology (D2LT) with Charles Post, Director and Managing Counsel, BNY Mellon
    • Sirisha Gummaregula, Chief Operating Officer, QuisLex with Adrienne Coffin, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Ocwen Financial Corporation


    Wendy Butler-Curtis, Chief Innovation Officer, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

  • 3:00pm
    Networking and Refreshment Break
  • 3:30pm
    Spotlight the Insurance Industry

    The revolution going on in the insurance industry presents a test case for how the combination of technology, data and services are transforming underwriting and creating better customer segmentation and bespoke products. The rise of nimble insure-tech firms is helping the industry move quickly into the 21st century and is also changing social behaviours. We discuss what these changes mean for the insurance industry and business more broadly and how critical data is in underpinning business transformation.

    In Conversation:

    Lewis Lee, CEO, Aon Intellectual Property Solutions Stuart Lee, Chief Privacy Officer, VMWare and Reena SenGupta, CEO, RSG Consulting

  • 3:55pm
    Ted-Talk: A Convergent Career in a Convergent Business

    Jose Lazares, VP Product and Business Management, Intapp

  • 4:10pm
    Trust & Collaboration: The Rise of New Professionals

    A dominant theme to emerge from the research for the FT Intelligent Business report is how the trend to converge data, technology and services is creating new and different careers and collaborations. The FT report profiles leading individuals who are shaping new markets and others who are working at the intersection of law, business and technology. We ask some of them to share how they have overcome the skills gap in their organisations and the best ways to collaborate with peers and competitors to create fast-growing businesses.


    • Joshua Browder, Founder and CEO, DoNotPay
    • Andrew Mellett, Founder and CEO, Plexus
    • James Thomas, Head of Legal and Innovation, KPMG

    Moderator: Basha Rubin, CEO and Co-Founder, Priori Legal

  • 5:00pm
    Closing Remarks

    Reena SenGupta, CEO, RSG Consulting

  • 5:30pm
    Networking Reception and Canapes
  • 6:30pm

    We will present the FT Intelligent Business Awards and reveal the shortlisted entries in 15 categories. The ceremony will be hosted by the FT and RSG Consulting. In most categories, awards will be given to the company and its solution providers as appropriate. After the ceremony is over, advance copies of the FT Intelligent Business Report will be released.

    The awards will be:
    1) FT Intelligent Business Award: Public Sector Initiative
    2) FT Intelligent Business Award: Insurance Initiative
    3) FT Intelligent Business Award: Supply Chain Management
    4) FT Intelligent Business Award: Cyber Security
    5) FT Intelligent Business Award: Contracting
    6) FT Intelligent Business Award: Managing Legal Costs
    7) FT Intelligent Business Award: Data Strategy
    8) FT Intelligent Business Award: Technology
    a. Legal Technology Company of the Year
    b. Repapering Initiative
    c. Best Legal Technology Newcomer
    d. Blockchain Initiative
    9) FT Intelligent Business Award: Legal Business Technologist
    10) FT Intelligent Business Award: Market Shaper
    11) FT Intelligent Business Award: Big 4
    12) FT Intelligent Business Award: Company of the Year (overall company)


    Leyla Boulton, Executive Editor and Editor of Special Reports, Financial Times and Reena SenGupta, CEO, RSG Consulting

    Award Presenters
    Wendy Butler Curtis, Chief Innovation Officer, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
    Chris Georgiou, Partner, Ashurst and Head, Ashurst Advance
    Mary Shen O’Carroll, Director of Legal, Operations and Technology, Google and President, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium CLOC
    Alastair Morrison, Head of Client Strategy and Board Member, Pinsent Masons

Chairs (3)

Leyla Boulton

Leyla Boulton

Executive Editor and Editor Special Reports
Financial Times

Leyla Boulton is an Executive Editor and Editor of Special Reports on everything from countries and innovative lawyers to technology and healthcare. Since joining the newspaper as a correspondent in Moscow in 1990, Leyla has been FT correspondent in Turkey, environment Correspondent, as well as a news editor and web pioneer.  She was highly commended in the Asian Women of Achievement awards UK 2019. 

Richard Waters

Richard Waters

West Coast Editor
Financial Times

Richard Waters is the West Coast Managing Editor for the Financial Times. His beat covers the technology industry. Before moving to the West Coast, Richard was based in the FT’s New York office for nine years. His roles there included Wall Street reporter, New York bureau chief, and the FT’s first information industries editor, overseeing global coverage of technology, telecommunications and media. Richard previously worked at the FT in London where he held a number of positions, including editor of international capital markets, securities industry correspondent and accountancy and taxation correspondent. Before working for the FT, Richard worked as a reporter and editor for several financial magazines. He also worked for two years at Lloyd’s Bank International. In 2004, he was awarded Corporate Finance Reporter of the Year for his coverage of Google’s IPO. He was shortlisted for the Business & Finance Reporter of the Year award at the British Press Awards in 2003 and won the award in 1992 as part of a team covering the BCCI scandal.

Reena SenGupta

Reena SenGupta

Managing Director
RSG Consulting

Reena SenGupta founded RSG Consulting in 2001 to provide research and consultancy to law firms and in-house counsel. With nearly 30 years’ experience of business and the City, she is known as one of the leading analysts of the legal profession. As editor and publishing director of Chambers & Partners Publishing in the mid-nineties, she devised the research methodology behind the Chambers’ guides to the legal profession and launched the first Chambers Student and Chambers Global guides. In 2005, Ms SenGupta came up with the idea of ranking lawyers on innovation, which has become the FT Innovative Lawyers reports and awards. She is a long-time contributor to the Financial Times and helped to establish the paper’s Law & Business page in 2001.

Ms SenGupta has experience of both big and small businesses and spent the early nineties working in investment banking in London and rescuing a family-owned graphic design business out of recession. A journalist, entrepreneur and now senior consultant, Ms SenGupta is responsible for coming up with the ideas for a number of ground-breaking projects for both clients and RSG Consulting. Among these are the RSG India Report and the Innovative GC Club. She is a regular public speaker on innovation and the legal profession, is a graduate of the Meyler Campbell Elements coaching programme and an Asian Woman of Achievement.

Speakers (36)

Joshua Browder

Joshua Browder


Joshua Browder is the Founder and CEO of DoNotPay, a robot lawyer that helps ordinary people with their legal issues. Since its launch, the site has attracted over 500,000 successful appeals and saved people an estimated $20 million.

Sharath  Beedu

Sharath Beedu

Vice President- Product

Sharath Beedu is VP, Products and leads the product business at Elevate. Sharath has over 20 years’ experience in product strategy, management, and execution across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Elevate in 2018, he was a Senior Director of Product Management and Industries at Apttus in California where he led a team of industry experts in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services and EU. Prior to Apttus, Sharath worked in a variety of product, strategy and marketing roles at leading SaaS software companies including Model N, Intuit and Sciquest. Sharath developed several products at pricing and revenue management pioneer, Manugistics, and internet travel pioneer, Gethere (acquired by Sabre). Sharath holds an MBA from Duke University and BTech in Electronics from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

Adrienne  Coffin

Adrienne Coffin

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
Ocwen Financial Corporation
Nick  Conway

Nick Conway

Deloitte- Forensic Practice

Nick Conway is a Director in Deloitte’s Forensic Technology practice in London.  He is the EMEA lead for Deloitte’s Monitoring and Compliance business which incorporates their contract management technology, dTrax. Nick qualified as a barrister in London and has worked in the legal technology industry for more than 20 years.  He is well versed in cutting through complex matters with a logical, common-sense approach to deploy cost-effective, technology-enabled solutions. Nick has also overseen global business restructuring reviews to improve the operational efficiency and financial performance of businesses in the UK, US and Australia.  He has a very open, honest and collaborative style. Nick is committed to the future of technology integration in the legal profession and he has recently accepted an invitation to sit on the Advisory Board at the University of Law Business School in London.

Tim Cummins

Tim Cummins

Founder and President
International Association for Contract & Commercial Management


Tim Cummins is founder and President of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, a New York-based non-profit organization with more than 60,000 members. IACCM undertakes extensive research and training related to contract standards, process and practices, in pursuit of ‘a world where every trading relationship delivers economic and social value’. Tim is also a professor of law and Chair in International Commercial & Contract Management at the University of Leeds, UK, working extensively with worldwide corporations, academics and governments to research and improve procurement and contracting practices.

Wendy Butler Curtis

Wendy Butler Curtis

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

Orrick provides legal solutions for visionary companies in the Technology & Innovation, Energy & Infrastructure and Finance sectors. Based in 25+ markets globally, we help our clients grow and disrupt, we protect them, and we help them win. We’re also transforming the delivery of legal services. That’s why Financial Times has named Orrick the Most Innovative Law Firm in North America three years in a row. Through Orrick Labs, we’re developing new legal technologies. Through our corporate venture investment fund, we’re partnering with exciting legal tech company founders. Through Orrick Analytics, we’re applying AI and other tools to solve clients’ problems. And through creative staffing at our Global Operations Center, we’re streamlining legal processes. We do all of this by engaging the very top talent, earning us a place on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list four years in a row.

Wendy Butler Curtis is Orrick’s Chief Innovation Officer. Named Financial Times’ Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year in 2018, Wendy leads Orrick’s efforts to innovate through our focus on people, process and technology. Wendy is ranked Band 1 by Chambers for eDiscovery. She has met with more than 40 corporate legal departments over the past year to exchange ideas about innovation.

Akber Datoo

Akber Datoo

Founder and CEO
D2 Legal Technology (D2LT)

Akber Datoo is the founder and CEO of D2 Legal Technology (D2LT), an award-winning global legal consulting firm advising clients on the use of technology and data to unlock business value through legal change. After graduating with first-class honours from Cambridge University, Akber began his career as a technologist at the investment bank UBS.  Through this, he saw an opportunity for digital transformation across the legal profession and decided to retrain and qualify as a lawyer, working at magic circle law firm Allen & Overy. Akber founded D2LT in 2011, where he has overseen its growth during the last eight years across the UK, US and Asia. He was appointed to the Law Society’s Technology and Law Committee in 2016 and is the author of the Wiley textbook, Legal Data – Banking & Finance (May 2019).

Chris  Georgiou

Chris Georgiou

Partner, Head of Ashurst Advance

Chris Georgiou is a partner at Ashurst and the Head of Ashurst Advance, the firm's integrated "NewLaw" division which focuses on the three fundamental areas of innovation in legal services: resources, process and technology. The objective of the Ashurst Advance team is to transform client service by continually evolving the firm's legal services delivery in order to provide real value and help our clients achieve their business objectives in a highly cost-effective way. With 30 years’ experience in the legal sector, both in private practice and in-house, Chris has a deep understanding of clients’ changing needs, and has a market-leading reputation in developing innovative solutions for clients. Chris was formerly CEO of the alternative legal solutions division of a leading international law firm. Prior to that, Chris spent fourteen years with Ashurst successfully building a global securities and derivatives practice and as co-head of the firm's bank sector, and played a key role in establishing the firm's alternative legal services capability in Glasgow in 2013 before rejoining the firm in 2018.

Sirisha Gummaregula

Sirisha Gummaregula

Chief Operating Officer

Sirisha Gummaregula has been at the intersection of law and quality for over a decade. She is responsible for managing our team of permanent attorneys, as well as our teams of Six Sigma black belts, quality analysts, process experts, statisticians and linguists, and oversees all aspects of QuisLex’s operations. She has over 15 years of experience advising boards of directors, corporate and other clients on a variety of matters. Prior to joining QuisLex, Sirisha was the Assistant General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Quest Diagnostics where, in addition to her legal portfolio, she was responsible for Six Sigma. Sirisha also spent nine years at Shearman & Sterling where she advised clients on corporate matters, including M&A and corporate finance transactions. She received her Master of Law degree from Northwestern University School of Law and her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Madras.

David Halliwell

David Halliwell

Director, Client Solutions
Pinsent Masons

David Halliwell a lawyer who started asking "surely there's a better way of doing this?" 20 years ago, and hasn't stopped trying to answer that question ever since. His focus is on understanding what matters to our clients, to help them make legal services work better for their business.  Drawing on the resources available across the firm, he can design and develop solutions with clients, to support their legal transformation agendas and to inform the firm's strategy. He led the development of the firm's multi-award winning SmartDelivery approach to delivering legal services faster, better and cheaper through optimal combinations of people, process and technology. He qualified and practised as a litigation lawyer in the City of London, before moving into law firm knowledge, risk and quality management at a number of international law firms.

Paul  Hirner

Paul Hirner

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Paul Hirner is Co-founder & Executive chairman of SimpliGov a workflow automation technology company headquartered in San Francisco CA. 

Dan Hushon

Dan Hushon

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
DXC Technology

Dan Hushon, DXC Technology’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, drives innovation strategy and growth for the company’s solutions and ensures technology excellence. He is responsible for defining DXC’s long-term technology strategy and vision, and advocating for that vision with customers. Mr. Hushon has more than 20 years of experience delivering technology-differentiated solutions to private, public and international customers. He served as CSC’s CTO and Vice President and General Manager, cybersecurity, and provided the leadership for driving the strategy and growth of CSC’s product lines and boosting technology excellence across the company. Prior to CSC, he served in chief technologist roles at EMC Corp. and Sun Microsystems. At EMC, Mr, Hushon led key strategic initiatives in big data, cloud technologies and next-generation infrastructure, and was chief technologist of the service provider business. At Sun Microsystems, he was Chief Technologist for a cloud service and the global sales organization. Mr. Hushon holds a BS from Carnegie Mellon University

Rhonda Jenkins

Rhonda Jenkins

Chief Transformation Officer
Reynen Court

Rhonda Jenkins (RJ) is the Chief Transformation at Reynen Court, where she is responsible for product deployments and change management. RJ has more than 20 years’ experience working with law firms to optimize practices and implement right-sized technology solutions that help lawyers serve clients more efficiently. She was the co-founder of Legal Web Technologies LLC, where she specialized in developing collaboration systems for the legal and insurance industries. RJ also specialized in business process improvement for the insurance and financial services industries while at Navigant Consulting, Inc. Most recently, she served as the North America Head of Business Transformation for Clyde & Co, where she led and managed transformation, innovation and modernization initiatives for a UK-based law firm with more than 50 offices worldwide.

Jose Lazares

Jose Lazares

Vice President of Product and Business Management

Jose Lazares leads the Products and Markets team at Intapp. He serves as the go-to-market leader for Intapp products, guiding product management and program investments. Jose has more than 20 years of enterprise software and application platform experience, including 10 years creating and bringing platform solutions to market for automation, experience, and integration. Jose has a proven track record of developing innovative product strategies, creating differentiated industry solutions, and delivering go-to-market programs that increase demand and accelerate sales. He has successfully defined and launched enterprise software and technology platforms globally, and brings extensive experience building strategic partner alliances and customer success programs. Prior to joining Intapp, Jose was head of product strategy and business development for Cisco’s Automation and Mobile Experience platform group. While there, he developed Cisco’s go-to-market strategy, delivered industry solutions, and created sales programs that drove revenue growth from zero to $20 million in less than two years. Prior to his time at Cisco, Jose founded MarketFX™ Advisors, a marketing strategy firm. He has also held senior leadership roles: at Avid Technology, as SVP of Marketing, and at Oracle Corporation, as Vice President of Application Strategy and Development. Jose earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, and a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lewis Lee

Lewis Lee

CEO and Global Head
Intellectual Property Solutions

Lewis Lee is CEO and Global Head of Aon Intellectual Property Solutions, a business focused on enhancing enterprise value by executing IP-based value creation strategies and minimizing the cost of IP risk. With IP emerging as a valuable asset class, Lewis provides advanced business and data analytics to help financial and insurance industries assess and value IP assets. Lewis is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Economic Advisory Council, an IAM top 300 IP strategist, an experienced IP attorney, entrepreneur, author, inventor and educator.

Stuart Lee

Stuart Lee

Chief Privacy Officer
Eric Lentell

Eric Lentell

Vice President, Legal
Lewis Z. Liu

Lewis Z. Liu

Co-Founder and CEO
Eigen Technologies

Lewis Z. Liu co-founded Eigen Technologies in late 2014. Having started his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in London, he then founded and led the Quantitative Finance & Strategies Division for Aleron Partners LLP, a boutique private equity advisory firm. He is also a former Senior Advisor to Linklaters LLP, where he co-founded the Tactical Opportunities Group, a deal origination team. Lewis holds a Doctorate in Atomic & Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. During his studies at Oxford, Lewis invented a new class of X-ray laser, and the mathematics behind this invention was later abstracted into Eigen's core technology. Lewis received Harvard’s first Joint Bachelors in Fine Arts and Physics, as well as a Masters in Theoretical Physics, during which he conducted antihydrogen research at CERN.

Alistair Maiden

Alistair Maiden


Alistair Maiden is a leading legal technology expert and founder of SYKE, a pioneering legal engineering consultancy with over 40 skilled legal engineers. SYKE helps law firms and corporate legal teams to select, buy and implement legal technology, including contract lifecycle management, document automation, legal bots and AI. Before founding SYKE, Alistair was a legal director at ASDA (Walmart UK) where Alistair developed a digital contracting system which reduced the average contract cycle from 17 days to 5 days. SYKE has close links to the University of Manchester, where Alistair lectures in legal technology.

Coty Monteverde

Coty Monteverde

Santander's Blockchain Center of Excellence

Coty de Monteverde studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). Her professional career began at Deloitte as a strategic consultant for the telecommunications sector and after a couple of years, she joined the Santander Group with the aim of guiding her development towards the financial sector where she has been working for more than a decade. She has spent most of her time in the Innovation Area, defining new business models and strategic international agreements, and during the last three years, she is immersed in the management of blockchain projects, currently leading Santander’s Blockchain Center of Excellence.

Andrew  Mellett

Andrew Mellett


As CEO of Plexus, Andrew Mellett, is on a mission to 'create the future of The Law'. Co-founding the company in 2011, he now leads a team of lawyers, technologists and engineers across five countries in building what has been described ‘as a game-changer for legal functions’. Plexus launched Gateway, the world’s first legal operating system, in 2016, and already it’s being used by in-house legal teams at over 200 of the world’s largest organisations including L’Oreal, Samsung, Woolworths, Spotify, General Mills, Coca Cola and General Motors. Driving this growth is a fresh approach to the law coupled with the world's most advanced legal technology. In 2018 Gateway was profiled as a best practice by Gartner’s General Counsel Roundtable. In May 2019 Plexus closed the largest venture capital raise in Australian Legal history, with $4.65 million raised from investors including KPMG and some of the country's most reputable technology leaders. Andrew & Plexus have been profiled as a case study in the disruption of the professional services industry by HBR, The ABC, INSEAD, ACU, and RMIT, and his thought leadership can often be found published in the AFR, Sydney Morning Herald, ALB, Lawyers Weekly and The Age – along with Plexus’ Thought Leader’s blog which is read by over 4000 inhouse lawyers each month. Prior to founding Plexus Andrew was an Asia Pacific Director for a $3b+, a listed global consultancy.

Alastair  Morrison

Alastair Morrison

Partner and Board Member
Pinsent Masons

Alastair Morrison is a Partner and Board Member at Pinsent Masons. He is the Head of Client Strategy, responsible for advising the Board on objectives, strategies and investments required to sustain the firm’s relevance to clients and build long term sustainability, resilience and relevance in the global legal market. Alastair has over 25 years’ experience in the legal sector, leading the way with innovative solutions and collaboration with clients. He was awarded joint winner of Legal Innovator of the Year 2019 at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Europe Awards. Alastair has spoken at a number of international conferences on the challenges being faced by clients and how these issues are shaping the legal profession more widely.

Léo Murgel

Léo Murgel

VP, Legal and Corporate Affairs COO

Léo Murgel is Salesforce Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) COO. In this role, Léo is accountable for the overall productivity of the division including; Outside Counsel Management, LCA Shared Services, LCA Innovation Delivery, and LCA Enablement supporting 600+ strong Global Salesforce Legal and Corporate Affairs team. Prior to his role in Legal Operations, Leo was a VP in IT Mergers & Acquisitions, where he was responsible for due diligence and complete IT integration of 20+ Salesforce acquisitions. Léo has also led Salesforce's IT Program Management office and held other related leadership roles across global retailers, technology consultancies, and engineering firms. He holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis and a Project Management Certificate from UC Berkeley.

Mary  O'Carroll

Mary O'Carroll

Director of Legal Operations

Mary Shen O'Carroll is Director of the Legal Operations at Google, where she is responsible for overseeing key aspects of financial performance management, outside counsel management, systems/tools, and internal operations.  Prior to joining Google, Mary served as Profitability Manager for Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. Earlier, Mary was an investment banker and a strategic management consultant. Mary is also a passionate leader pushing forward disruptive technology and processes designed to change the future of the legal industry. To support that agenda, she is President of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium).

Jason  Parkman

Jason Parkman


As Chief Executive Officer, Jason leads a talented management team to drive growth and innovation for Mitratech and its clients. Jason joined Mitratech in 2012 and has more than 15 years of experience leading legal technology, software, and services businesses.  In the years since Jason joined Mitratech, his team has produced the strongest years of growth and client success in the business’s 30+ year history. Prior to Mitratech, Jason served as the Senior Vice President, Large Law Firm Business at Thomson Reuters; General Manager of Hubbard One, a fast-growing legal software business; founder and CTO of Juritas, an innovative online legal document business; and Director of Technology Development at litigation powerhouse Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott. Jason is originally from Los Angeles and received his Bachelor's Degree in legal studies and philosophy from the University of California-Santa Cruz. He received his MA in philosophy from the University of Chicago. 

Charles Post

Charles Post

Managing Counsel
BNY Mellon

Charles Post is Director and Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon, where he advises the enterprise on utilizing emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic-process-automation, smart contracts, and blockchain. Mr. Post focuses on new product and business development initiatives.  He led the bank’s development of an enterprise artificial intelligent contract analytics utility. Previously, Mr. Post was a foreign exchange, derivatives, and fixed income attorney at BNY Mellon for trading and treasury.  

Richard  Punt

Richard Punt

Chief Strategy Officer
Thomson Reuters

As Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Punt is responsible for developing the business strategy for the company, including Thomson Reuters M&A options, and contributing to its execution.  He joined Thomson Reuters in June 2019. Richard has built his career in professional markets, both as a practitioner and in leadership roles, at the forefront of innovation and change. He was a partner at Deloitte for 15 years specializing in strategy and organisation design, including working extensively with Thomson Reuters globally, as well as with a range of law firms. He was involved in many of Deloitte’s major business developments, playing roles both globally and in the UK, including being managing partner for clients and markets as well as strategy. In 2014, Richard joined Allen & Overy as CEO of Peerpoint, the firm’s consultant lawyer platform, now recognised as one of the leading players in that market. He was also responsible for developing A&O’s strategy for legal technology and launching their entry into the regulatory consulting market. 

Raj  Rao

Raj Rao

General Manager
IBM Food Trust™

Raj Rao has been recently appointed General Manager, IBM Food Trust™, the world’s only enterprise-class blockchain platform that is solely focused on enhancing the efficiency, safety and transparency of the global food supply chain. In this role, Raj leads the platform and business expansion of IBM Food Trust™ with ecosystem plays involving the world's leading retailers, consumer goods companies, food suppliers and growers through shared, permissioned and secure blockchain data networks that are fueled by AI and cognitive applications. Some of the key partners of IBM Food Trust™ include Walmart, Carrefour, Krogers, Golden State Foods, Dole, Driscoll and Tyson. Raj previously was the CEO of Ford Mobility, leading the automotive giant’s burgeoning Palo Alto based mobility business investments, ride sharing operations, public transit partnerships and Greenfield Labs, a start-up garage in collaboration with IDEO. In other roles, Raj was the Chief Digital Officer of 3M leading the company’s digital transformation programs, eCommerce partnerships and digital ventures through its Silicon Valley accelerator. 


A native of India, Raj earned an honors degree in economics from the University of Delhi, and then completed graduate studies from Boston University’s Business School earning a Master’s Degree in Management. He started his career in Procter & Gamble’s marketing organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and has since lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and North America. He has a passion for the power of personal transformation, mentorship and employee empowerment, and speaks widely about the challenges and lessons learned from broad and deep digital transformation efforts. Raj currently sits on the board of NY-based Turtle & Hughes, and also served on the board of 3M Foundation until 2016. 

Basha Rubin

Basha Rubin

CEO and Co-Founder

Basha Rubin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Priori, the legal marketplace changing the way in-house teams find, hire and manage outside counsel. Using data and technology, Priori rapidly connects teams from 1 to 1000+ with the right attorney for any project globally. Priori's clients include Fortune 500 enterprises and leading technology companies, who use Priori's platform to find vetted boutique firms for projects requiring niche expertise, local counsel, cost-control or overflow capacity support. Basha writes and speaks extensively on how technology is changing and will change the marketplace for legal services. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur and Corporate Counsel, and she has spoken at ABA Techshow, Women in Legal Technology Conference, Clio Cloud Conference, SXSW, Reinvent Law, SOLID Conference and Legal Geek. Basha has been named an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, LTRC Woman of LegalTech, StrtupBoost 33 Under 33, ILTA Young Professional to Watch and is part of Baylor Law School's "The Braintrust." She holds a JD and BA from Yale University and is a member of the New York Bar.

Carolyn Staats

Carolyn Staats

Director of Innovation County Sonama and IT Director
ACCESS Initative

Carolyn Staats is the Director of Innovation for the County of Sonoma and IT Director for the ACCESS Initiative, a collaborative county program which has won multiple awards for innovation in both the private and public sector. Carolyn was named one of the top 40 women in the world in Artificial Intelligence by IBM at the joint IBM and NY Times New Rules Summit in June 2019. Prior to coming to the County of Sonoma, Carolyn spent 30 years in the private sector in both manufacturing and distribution including 14 years as the CIO for Birkenstock USA.

Sridhar Thati

Sridhar Thati

Chief Technology Officer

Sridhar Thati is the Chief Technology Officer at Everledger responsible for leading and driving all technology initiatives and R&D activities. At Everledger, we use emerging technologies to build innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters, and transparency is key. Sridhar is a Product and Technology leader with a successful track record of managing high-performance agile teams and providing executive leadership with a balanced focus on strategic objectives, innovation and operational execution. Prior to joining Everledger, Sridhar worked for Oracle, Amazon, and Blue Nile where he held hands-on engineering and technical leadership roles.

James Thomas

James Thomas

Head of Legal Technology and Innovation- Legal Services

James Thomas is an effective and highly skilled legal technologist who led KPMG’s Global Legal Technology initiative as part of KPMG International from 2016 to 2019 before returning to KPMG UK to head the Legal Technology & Innovation team.  James helps KPMG’s legal team deliver more effectively through the use of technology and enables the digitization and productization of legal services. James also supports KPMG’s Legal Operations and Transformation Services offering which advises clients on how to transform their in-house legal function and unlock value from their total legal spend through process optimisation, change management and legal technology solutions. Previously, James was a Corporate transactions lawyer with 7 years experience having worked within KPMG and Addleshaw Goddard and prior to his career in law James worked as a software developer and IT consultant, working with numerous bluechip multi-national clients.

Tri Tran

Tri Tran

Principal and CTO

Tri Tran is a Principal and CTO at Applico. He is responsible for the company’s strategic and technical directions. He has over 19 years of startup experience, including founding and was the CEO of his own startup Munchery in 2011, a platform connecting local chefs with consumers looking for healthy home-style meals. Tri received his MA and BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

Bob Wolpert

Bob Wolpert

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Golden State Foods (GSF)

Bob Wolpert is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Golden State Foods (GSF) – a global company with food processing and logistics services that support over 125,000 restaurant and food service locations around the world.  Previously, Bob was responsible for U.S. and international supply chain services for GSF. Bob represents GSF on the IBM Food Trust Advisory Council and serves as Chair of the Council. Prior to joining GSF, Bob was Global Innovation Champion for ITT Corporation (later Xylem Corporation), President of an ITT Corporation global division and concurrently CEO of ITT’s businesses in China and India.  Bob began his career in IT systems integration and then held a progression of general management leadership roles in several industries. Bob has a BSc from the University of Denver and earned an MBA from Harvard University. He serves as a board member and executive committee member for two non-profits, LeadersUp and Second Harvest Food Bank of OC. 

Noah  Waisberg

Noah Waisberg

CEO and Co-Founder
Kira Systems

Prior to founding Kira Systems, Noah Waisberg practiced at the law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges in New York, where he focused on private equity, M&A, and securities. Noah is an expert on contract analysis, legal technology, and artificial intelligence; has spoken at conferences including SXSW Interactive, ILTACON, and ReInvent Law; and was named 2016 ILTA Innovative Thought Leader of the Year. He is also the author of Robbie the Robot Learns to Read, the world’s first ever children’s book on machine learning. Noah holds a JD from the NYU School of Law, an AM from Brown University, and a BA with honours from McGill University.

Jeffrey  Becker

Jeffrey Becker

Managing Director- Global Contracting Lead

Jeffrey Becker is a Managing Director at Accenture and leads the global contracting function of Accenture's legal group.  He is responsible for client-facing contracting across all businesses and geographies.



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Initially, the company focused on client relationship management projects, working for the magic circle law firms and top US firms. In the course of that work, RSG realised that the profession was on the brink of tumultuous change and founded a ranking of lawyers on innovation which became the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers programme.
Today, RSG is a leading innovation agency for lawyers and works with law firms, in-house legal teams and law companies to help them innovate and build a culture of innovation. It has a unique position in the legal market globally as a connector and its networks of lawyers, built up over 25 years, are unrivalled.  It works in emerging markets such as India to help drive up standards of professionalism and client care. All its work is underpinned by robust research and it has been the author of many thought-leadership studies over the past 18 years.

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