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FT Commodities Global Summit

Addressing the Climate Crisis

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Speakers include:
Jeremy Weir

Jeremy Weir

Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

Torbjörn Törnqvist

Torbjörn Törnqvist

Gunvor Group

Russell Hardy

Russell Hardy

Vitol Group



The natural resources industry is being forced to take stock and think hard about how it will respond to the biggest issue of our age: climate change. Ignoring global warming is no longer an option and to thrive companies will have to play a part in the shift to cleaner forms of energy. This will mean developing sustainable business models and new relationships with key stakeholders from financing banks to the end consumer. The industry will also have to navigate a fast-moving geopolitical backdrop and rapid technological advances, which are changing the rules of global trade and bringing greater transparency to markets. This will put greater emphasis on the ability to manage risk and stay ahead of the curve.

Now in its ninth year, the FT Commodities Global Summit has established itself as the pre-eminent gathering of senior executives, traders and financiers. This year’s Summit will feature the industry’s biggest names addressing the issues that matter most at the dawn of the new decade.

fallback Add to my Calendar 09/28/2020 15:30:0009/30/2020 14:00:00trueFT Commodities Global SummitFT COMMODITIES GLOBAL SUMMIT - POSTPONED TO 28-30 SEPTEMBER 2020The natural resources industry is being forced to take stock and think hard about how it will respond to the biggest issue of our age: climate change. Ignoring global warming is no longer an option and to thrive companies will have to play a part in the shift to cleaner forms of energy. This will mean developing sustainable business models and new relationships with key stakeholders from financing banks to the end consumer. The industry will also have to navigate a fast-moving geopolitical backdrop and rapid technological advances, which are changing the rules of global trade and bringing greater transparency to markets. This will put greater emphasis on the ability to manage risk and stay ahead of the curve.Now in its ninth year, the FT Commodities Global Summit has established itself as the pre-eminent gathering of senior executives, traders and financiers. This year’s Summit will feature the industry’s biggest names addressing the issues that matter most at the dawn of the new decade.FT-Commodities-Global-Summitdc8d7dafdb7e2345f87dd915b6fe55e8MM/DD/YYYY

FT Commodities Global Summit - Summary Video 2019


Photos from FT Commodities Global Summit 2019


Testimonials From FT Commodities Global Summit

Testimonials from Commodities Global Summit 2019

“Excellent level of delegates as ever. Good debate. Well informed speakers. Smooth organisation” Director, Solaris

“Very well organised, high calibre participants, relevant senior speakers. Outstanding networking opportunities” MD, The Metals Risk Team

“I loved the people, the mood, the location and the dedication to go over very important topics.” Consultant, Spencer Stuart

"High level speakers, useful insights, good mixture of topics" Portfolio manager, AnalystE-Steiermark

"A wonderful opportunity to hear from market leaders on issues which influence the future of the commodities industry" Head of Structured Trade & Commodity Finance, Erste Group Bank AG

"This year was the first time I have attended the FT Commodities Summit in Lausanne. It was very well run from start to finish, the speakers and the sessions were excellent, and the networking events were also very good. It is one of the best Conferences I have attended. I will be returning next year" Head of Commodities, Fidessa


Selection of FT Coverage of Commodities Events in 2019

Selection of FT Coverage of Commodities Events in 2019

Anglo American chief says palladium price surge creates ‘bubble’: Neil Hume & Henry Sanderson, 28 March 2019

Crude awakening: commodity traders look beyond oil: David Sheppard, Neil Hume & Anjli Raval, 29 March 2019

Big data key for commodity traders’ future: David Sheppard & Neil Hume, 25 March 2019

Vale holds dividends as it looks to repair damage from dam disaster: Neil Hume, 30 September 2019

Commodity Traders have nothing to fear from transparency: Fredrick Reinfeldt, 25 March 2019

Louis Dreyfus profits rise on oilseed volatility: Neil Hume, 25 March 2019

China's Cofco International aims to boost grain and soybean purchases: Emiko Terazono, 26 March 2019

Physical oil traders aren't buying hedge fund optimism: David Sheppard, 26 March 2019

Tory peer to receive bonus after negotiating for Deripaska: Neil Hume, 28 March 2019

US - China trade war casts chill over liquified natural gas market: Anjli Raval & Emiko Terazono, 29 March 2019

Louis Dreyfus boss ousted after Glencore overture: Neil Hume & Emiko Terazono, 1 April 2019

Head of Glencore's agriculture business to retire after 17 years: Neil Hume, 23 May 2019


FT Commodities Global Summit - Postponed to 28-30 September

FT Commodities Global Summit – Postponed to 28-30 September 2020

The Financial Times would like to advise you that it has taken the decision to postpone the FT Commodities Global Summit. We are very disappointed that this has proved necessary but with the rapid increase of the Covid-19 virus across Europe and globally, together with the many travel restrictions now in place for so many of our participants, we feel that it is in the interests of all our attendees to  no longer proceed as planned on 23-25 March.

We understand how important the Summit is for all our speakers, sponsors and delegates, so we are pleased to confirm the Summit will now be held at the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel on the 28-30 September.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of this Summit.

We have compiled a list of FAQs below, to answer any concerns you may have.


Q - What are the dates for the new Summit?

A - The new dates are the 28-30 September 2020


Q - The Summit has been postponed, what will happen to my ticket?

A - Your ticket has been transferred to the new date. You don’t need to do anything.


Q - I cannot attend on the new date, what are my options?

A - Please contact Shivani Budhdev at or +44 (0)20 7873 4212 who will be able to advise you on your options.


Q - Will the programme be the same for the postponed summit?

A - We intend to keep the programme the same, subject to speakers being available.


Q - I have pre-paid for accommodation through the recommended hotels, Beau Rivage Palace/ Angleterre & Residence - can I transfer my booking or get a refund?

A - The hotel has stated that: We have automatically amended your booking accordingly to the rescheduled event dates. If you are unable to attend the re-scheduled date, you should contact by email at least 1 week prior to the re-scheduled date and we will issue a refund for the amount we received from you for the Booking to the card on which the payment was made.


Agenda - 28th Sep

  • 3:30pm
    Monday 28 September

    Commodity Trading 2.0
    Technology has eroded the classic edge of the commodity industry’s big players, making pricing more transparent and putting further pressure on margins. Faced with markets that arbitrage information instantaneously, trading companies are being forced to adapt. But how can they stay ahead of the game? Is big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence the answer. Can the scale of their operations provide an edge in the technology arms race?

    Diversity and the Workforce of the Future
    How can the commodity trading industry attract and retain the staff it needs to compete in the digital age while also improving gender balance and diversity? These are tough questions and the answers will require companies to think carefully about the changes needed to realise the goal of a more inclusive workplace. In the past, commodity traders typically boasted hard-driving cultures built around dominant personalities. But in a world where data analytics, compliance and risk management are as important as trading prowess, new skills will be needed.

    Welcome Reception

Agenda - 29th Sep

  • 8:00am
    Tuesday 29 September

    Opening Address

    Keynote Address and Conversation

    The CEO Spotlight - Navigating the Energy Transition
    Over the past thirty years the commodity trading industry has surfed the wave of globalisation and emerging market growth to build big business that have delivered substantial riches to their top executives. The next three thirty years promise to be very different as efforts to tackle climate change intensify and peak oil demand approaches. The so-called energy transition, or the attempt to decarbonise the global economy and move away from fossil fuels by 2050, is forcing companies to think hard about their place in the world. Some are trying to adapt their business models by investing more in gas and power businesses, while others are looking to renewables. But can these markets ever replace oil as the industry’s main money spinner? At the same time, commodity traders are facing increased scrutiny from governments and regulators for the manner in which they operate, presenting another challenge for top executives.

    The FT Climate Debate: Delivering on the Paris Agreement
    The 2020s will be the make or break decade for climate action. The allowable carbon budget needed to keep global warming below 1.5°C will be used up in the next 10 years unless things change. But how? And at what price? Technology in the form of energy storage, electric vehicles, renewables will have a big part to play, but human behaviour will also have to change and policymakers will need to act aggressively to make sure the shift to a low carbon economy becomes a reality before it is too late. Leading thinkers from industry, non-profit organizations and finance, will debate the biggest issue of our age.

    Can Shipping go Green?
    If the commodity trading industry is serious about addressing its carbon footprint then it will have to help tackle the greenhouse gas emissions of the world’s shipping fleet. The International Maritime Organisation has set a goal of 2030 to reduce carbon intensity of international shipping by 40 per cent but it is not clear how that target will be achieved. Can slow-streaming provide a stop-gap solution while the industry develops zero-emissions fuels and energy-efficient vessels? Or are there other fixes that can help decarbonise the industry without having a significant impact on rates and global trade flows. A group of leading executives will debate the way ahead of the world’s shipping fleet.

    View from the Top

    Special Address

    Rethinking Commodity Trading 

    Commodities and the New World Order
    A new world order is emerging as rising tensions between the US and China create new geopolitical dividing lines, with countries expected to make clear whether they stand with Washington or Beijing. But what does the Sino-American struggle for global supremacy mean for global trade and commodity markets? If China’s Belt and Road Initiative succeeds, it could tie the whole of the Eurasian landmass much more closely to Beijing, causing alarm in Washington, which now sees the Middle East through a different strategic lens because of its revolution.

    Credit in a Carbon-Constrained World
    Cheap credit is the lifeblood of the commodity trading industry and the cost of funding can make or break a business. As trade finance banks start to factor environmental, social and governance risk into their lending criteria and work towards ambitious sustainable development goals, traders will be forced to react and change the way they do business. A panel of leading bankers will discuss what these changes mean and how the industry can tap new pools of capital.

    Gas, Power and the Energy Transition
    Shale, LNG, renewable energy - gas and power markets are booming on both sides of the Atlantic, a fact that has not escaped the attention of big commodity traders, the oil majors and utility companies. looking to find ways to play the energy transition. Many of them already have a deep understanding of European markets, and are looking to apply that knowledge in the US, where renewable power is a small but growing part of the energy mix. This could generate lucrative returns for those companies able to execute in competitive market places.

    FT Debate: The Outlook for the Oil Market in the Next Decade

    Closing Keynote

    Summit Reception & Dinner

Agenda - 30th Sep

  • 8:00am
    Wednesday 30 September

    Opening Keynote Address

    The CFO Debate
    The finance chiefs of the world’s biggest commodity traders debate the outlook for the industry and reflect on the performance of the past year.

    Keynote Address on Sustainability

    Thinking Sustainably
    Managing environmental, social and governance risks is something the commodity traders can no longer ignore. But how should the industry respond and what benchmarks should it be following in order to create sustainable business models and practices? These issues go beyond addressing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions and encompass more challenging issues around governance and how an industry, that has largely shied away from public markets, can make a positive contribution to society.

    LNG - The Fossil Fuel of the Future
    Gas is becoming an increasingly important part of the energy mix, replacing thermal coal and even crude oil as governments try to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. As such it has also become an increasingly important commodity for traders, particularly LNG, the fastest growing fossil fuel. By 2035 demand for LNG could double and with US export capacity bringing the key consuming regions of Asia and Europe closer together, a global benchmark could become a reality. In the near term, a wave of new supply from projects in North America, Australia, Russia and Mozambique will keep a lid on prices until demand growth catches up and rebalances the market.

    Peak Oil and the Electrification of Transport
    When will oil demand peak? The answer to that question is very difficult to predict and will only become clearer when the electric vehicle goes mainstream? But when will the EV revolution happen and what are the barriers preventing the rapid electrification of transportation? And what part can the commodity trading industry play in tackling these issues?

    Closing Remarks from the FT Natural Resources Team

    Close of Summit & Lunch

Speakers (56)

Jeremy Weir

Jeremy Weir

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

Jeremy Weir became Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trafigura in April 2018. This follows his appointment as CEO of the company in March 2014 after a career spanning nearly three decades in commodity and commodity derivative markets.

An Australian national, Mr Weir joined the Trafigura Group in 2001 as head of metals derivatives, structured products and risk management. Immediately prior to becoming CEO he served as a Management Board Director, Head of Risk and CEO of Galena Asset Management and Trafigura Mining Group.

Before Trafigura, Mr Weir spent nearly nine years between 1992 and 2000 with N M Rothschild. Mr Weir holds a BSc (Hons), Geology Major, from the University of Melbourne.

Torbjörn Törnqvist

Torbjörn Törnqvist

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Gunvor Group

Mr Tornqvist has more then thirty years’ experience in the oil business and extensive knowledge of the international oil markets accumulated during that time. He co-founded Gunvor Group, where he is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and in 1995 has established it as one of the world’s leading crude oil trading companies. Prior to founding Gunvor, he was Managing Director for the oil division of Intermaritime Group Petrotrade for six years. He began his career in the oil industry at British Petroleum where he worked from 1977 to 1983, before becoming Head of Oil Trading at Scandinavian Trading Co AB, a role he undertook until 1989. Born in Stockholm and a Swedish citizen, Mr Tornqvist received an MBA from Stockholm University and is Honorific Consul of Sweden in Geneva. In his leisure time he is a very keen sailor and his team, Artemis Racing is the Challenger of Record for the 34th America’s Cup.

Russell Hardy

Russell Hardy

Group CEO
Vitol Group

Russell Hardy is Group CEO Vitol, a leading physical trading company for energy with a turnover of $181 billion in 2017. Russell has 30 years’ experience in the oil industry.  He joined Vitol in 1993 from BP and has held a number of trading and management roles in Singapore and London.  He has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2007 and most recently was CEO EMEA with oversight of the company’s regional trading activity. 

Russell holds a MEng in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Sylvie Bermann

Sylvie Bermann

Ambassadrice de France
Chairwoman, Board of Directors, Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense National (IHEDN)

A graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, the French Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Chinese) and the Beijing Languages Institute, Sylvie Bermann embarked on her diplomatic career in 1979. Vice-Consul at the French Consulate in Hong Kong from 1979 to 1980, she became Second Secretary at the French Embassy in China between 1980 and 1982. She was subsequently responsible for policy relating to China at the Quai d’Orsay’s Asia and Oceania Directorate until 1986, when she became Second Counsellor at the French Embassy in Moscow.  In 1989, Sylvie Bermann returned to Paris to take up the post of Head of the Southeast Asia Department. In 1992 she was appointed Second Counsellor at the French Permanent Mission to the UN. 
In 1996, she became Head of the Common Foreign and Security Policy Department at the French Foreign Ministry, before becoming Ambassador to the Western European Union and to the European Union’s Political and Security Committee in Brussels in 2002. She headed the French Foreign Ministry’s directorate for the UN and international organizations, human rights and Francophony from 2005 to 2011. She was Ambassador to China from February 2011 to July 2014, becoming the first woman to hold the post of French Ambassador to a country which is a permanent member of the Security Council. She was appointed French Ambassador to the United Kingdom in July 2014 and to Russia from 2017 to 2019. 

She has been appointed by the Prime Minister Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale), Paris, in January 2020. Sylvie Bermann is an officer of the National Order of Merit and an officer of the National Order of the Légion d'Honneur. The president of the Republic bestowed on her the dignity of Ambassadrice de France in 2019.

Bethanie Castelnuovo

Bethanie Castelnuovo

CFO & Board member
SCB Group

Bethanie Castelnuovo is a Board Director and CFO of the SCB Group and has been with the Company since 2010. With group offices in Switzerland, the United States, UK and Singapore, SCB is the world’s largest renewable energy brokerage firm. Prior to joining SCB, Ms. Castelnuovo spent 12 years working for Big 4 accountancy firms in the United States and Switzerland managing global audit engagements. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from the University of Massachusetts, a KPMG Executive MBA from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and is currently completing an MSc in Taxation at Oxford University. In addition, Ms. Castelnuovo has passed a number of professional exams including the CPA, ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting and the CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance. 

Ms. Castelnuovo has a passion for inspiring, connecting and building confidence in women through sport and outdoor adventuring. She has run a number of women’s adventure events during her time at SCB.

Rasmus Bach Nielsen

Rasmus Bach Nielsen

Global Head of Wet Freight
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

Rasmus Bach Nielsen joined Trafigura in August 2014 as Global Head of Wet Freight which includes gas, crude and products. Trafigura Maritime Logistics is the Group entity that arranges shipping and freight services to Trafigura’s various commodity trading teams as well as to third party clients. Overseen by Rasmus, this business operates both as a service provider securing competitive and reliable freight for in-house oil, gas and traders, and as a profit centre in its own right through trading a portfolio of leased and owned ships. During his five years with Trafigura, Rasmus has transformed the freight book into one of the global leading players in the wet freight market also seen through more than USD3 bn of transactions during 2017-2019.

Prior to joining Trafigura Rasmus spent 15 years with various shipowners based in Singapore, Monaco and Copenhagen. He initially trained in A.P Moeller Group and Maersk Tankers trading handy size and tankers. Rasmus then moved to Scorpio Tankers to trade Panamax tankers primarily in the European and American markets. This was followed by a move to Singapore in 2007 where he opened and headed the office for another Italian shipowner. In 2012 he joined Navig8 Group where he was part of the team concluding more than 70 new build tankers at various shipyards in China, Korea and Japan while also assisting the Navig8 Group’s equity raising efforts in Asia.

A Danish citizen, Rasmus is married with two children and lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kingsmill  Bond

Kingsmill Bond

Energy Strategist
Carbon Tracker

Kingsmill Bond, CFA is the Energy Strategist for Carbon Tracker. He believes that the energy transition is the most important driver of financial markets and geopolitics in the modern era. Kingsmill has worked as a sell-side City equity analyst and strategist for 25 years, including for Deutsche Bank, Sberbank and Citibank in London, Hong Kong and Moscow. He has written research on emerging market and global themes, including the wider significance of the shale revolution and the impact of US energy independence. 

At Carbon Tracker he has written about the impact of the energy transition on financial markets, domestic politics and geopolitics, and authored a series of reports on the myths of the energy transition, looking at the many arguments made by incumbents to deny the reality of change.

He has an MA in history from Cambridge University, qualified as an accountant (CIMA), and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

Jan  Dieleman

Jan Dieleman

Ocean Transportation Group Leader

Jan Dieleman is the group leader for Cargill’s ocean transportation business and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has spent more than 20 years at Cargill and has successfully managed businesses in the U.S. and Europe.
Jan first joined the company in 1999 as a management trainee in Amsterdam. He spent the next 10 years gaining experience as a trading manager in the freight, grain and energy markets, before being appointed head of Cargill’s coal trading business in 2012.
He went on to lead Cargill’s North America power and gas unit in Houston, Texas, before returning to Geneva in 2016 as president of Cargill Ocean Transportation. At the same time, he was invited to join Cargill’s global corporate risk committee.
Across the maritime sector, Jan is a respected advocate for sustainable shipping, actively supporting reduced emissions, better vessel environmental performance, safer working conditions and a more diverse workforce. He is also an advisory board member of the Global Maritime Forum and non-executive board member of RightShip.
Jan graduated from the University of Maastricht with a master’s degree in economics, marketing and organization

Patrick Dugas

Patrick Dugas

Vice President LNG Trading
TOTAL Gas & Power Limited

Patrick Dugas, Vice President LNG Trading in TOTAL Gas & Power Limited (TGP), is based in Geneva and is currently managing the worldwide Trading LNG Portfolio of TOTAL with the offices of Geneva, Singapore and Houston. This covers different aspects of the LNG portfolio management, including but not limited to the spot physical trading, the financial trading, the optimisation of the flows of the portfolio long term contracts (Supply and Purchase Agreements) and the Risk Management of the price exposure.

He is also working in coordination with the LNG Shipping division, LNG Operations and the Business Development of the global LNG activities of TOTAL.

He has been involved in LNG industry for more than 15 years with past experience in power,
emission & natural gas trading.

He also previously run the West African Trading desk of TOTAL Trading SA in Geneva
dealing with refined products as LPG, kerosene, gasoline, gasoil, fuel and bitumen.
He has over 20 years of global experience in the energy industry with a particular focus on
Risk Management.

Mark Echlin

Mark Echlin

Managing Director, Chairman of UK Investment Banking and Capital Markets
Credit Suisse

Mark Echlin has been Chairman of UK Investment Banking and Capital Markets since September 2017 and is based in London. It follows his 4–year tenure as Co-Head of Investment Banking and Capital Markets in EMEA, where he was a member of the Global IBCM Management Committee and the UK Investment Banking Committee. 

Mark joined Credit Suisse in 2009 as the Head of the EMEA Industrials Group covering clients in the metals and mining, capital goods, transportation and infrastructure, automotive, chemicals, pulp and paper and business services sector. From 2011 he became the Co-Global Head of the Industrials Group before stepping up to run Investment Banking and Capital Markets in EMEA. 

Before joining Credit Suisse Mark was head of Basic Materials Coverage at Merrill Lynch for 2 years, and previously spent 17 years at Morgan Stanley in a variety of roles in investment banking – predominantly UK-focused. He started his investment banking career at Morgan Grenfell in 1988. 

Mark holds an MA from the University of Cambridge and a DPhil from the University of Oxford

Tahir Faruqui

Tahir Faruqui

General Manager Shell Global Downstream LNG

Previously General Manager North & Central America, Shell LNG Marketing & Trading, Tahir originally joined Shell in 1997 as a Senior Analyst with Shell Services in the US. Shortly after that, he pursued commercial deal making in Shell Capital, focusing on investing in oil and gas opportunities.
Seizing the opportunity to broaden beyond energy, Tahir completed an MBA from University of Chicago and then spent the next four years with Bain & Company in strategy consulting where he focused on transformational projects with mid-to-large corporations across multiple industries. With this broad commercial experience, Tahir returned to Shell Trading & Supply in Gas & Power in their Structured Finance group.

He was then appointed as Vice President for the Energy Retailer business in North America where he also co-led the South Power network team. In 2014, Tahir began running the conventional LNG Trading and Downstream LNG businesses for North & Central America. Currently, as GM Shell Global Downstream
LNG, he uses his commercial breadth and depth, established networks and understanding of the business to deliver Shell’s Global Downstream LNG strategy.

Robert Fig

Robert Fig

Managing Director
Commodity Risk Management Training & Consulting

Robert has recently set up his own commodity risk management consultancy and is part of
the Metals Risk Team, the world’s foremost authority on metal price risk management. He
comes with 40 years of experience in the commodity markets. From post-graduate studies
in economics and development studies in South Africa, he moved into mining and
agricultural commodity research, then into a base metal marketing capacity at a number of
institutions, most notably the Bank of Nova Scotia.
In 2004 working for Mittal Steel and later ArcelorMittal, he set up, centralised and ran a
commodity risk management operation for the world’s largest steel producer giving him
invaluable experience inside a major industrial institution. Robert has also been consulted
by various global, regional and academic institutions on commodity risk management. After
joining the London Metal Exchange in 2011 Robert ran over 60 public and bespoke training
courses in commodity risk management.
Robert has significant experience in analysing commodity risks in softs, metals, energy,
shipping and carbon both in exchange and OTC products. He has delivered training to senior
decision makers at major mining, industrial and global institutions across the world helping
them to understand best practice in the management of their commodity risks. Much of his
work centers on the steel, speciality and stainless-steel industries.
As a widely considered world leader in this field his career has delved into every area of the
commodity markets having worked in research, banking, trading, managing corporate risk,
working for an exchange and now adds training to a most interesting career.
Robert continues to provide bespoke training services for the LME and Euromoney in the
delivery of LME public training and is a regular presenter at Oxford University’s Programme
in Leadership and Public Policy and various MBA programs on the subject of commodity risk
management. His simple, inclusive and engaging teaching methods have always garnered
great feedback from those he trains.

Frédéric H. Barnaud

Frédéric H. Barnaud

Group Chief Executive
Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd

Frédéric Barnaud is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Pavilion Energy, Singapore’s integrated energy company and a fully-owned affiliate of Temasek.  From its core Singapore market, Frédéric has led the expansion of Pavilion Energy in the global gas and LNG markets, including the recent acquisition of Iberdrola’s gas/LNG portfolio. 

Pavilion Energy is now a first-class global energy business with both Singaporean and European platforms, supplying, transporting, marketing, trading, hedging and optimising gas/LNG portfolios in various key existing and new markets in and across Atlantic and Asia-Pacific basins.

In 2019, Frederic was named CWC LNG Executive of the year. During his 30-year career that spanned leading energy companies (PAO Gazprom, Total S.A. and Elf Aquitaine), Frédéric had set-up, grown and led commercial, trading and shipping organisations across the global oil & gas markets. Frédéric was educated at major institutions in France and the UK.  He has been extensively exposed to international environments and diverse cultures.

Ned Harvey

Ned Harvey

Managing Director
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

Ned Harvey is a Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). He leads RMI’s Industry Program focused on heavy transport and energy intensive industry. The program has multiple initiatives focused on aviation; trucking, shipping & freight, Materials, and oil and gas. By working directly with these industries, the RMI Industry Program strives to scale energy transitions and climate solutions through market-based approaches that reduce carbon emissions and advance a low carbon economy.

Ned’s 10-year tenure at RMI leverages his twenty years of diverse business leadership experience. Prior to leading the Industry Program, Ned led the execution of the institute’s acquisition of the Carbon War Room. Prior positions at RMI include serving as the institute’s Chief Operating Officer, Program Director for the Solar Market Transformation Program and Head of Development.

Ned also founded and led several Renewable Energy Development companies and served as an executive for a global consultancy. In his early career, Ned spent eight years as an officer in the United States Navy, serving aboard nuclear submarines and in the Tomahawk cruise missile program office.

Ned received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at San Diego. Ned serves on the boards for the Harvard Business School Club of Colorado and the Colorado Clean Tech Industry Association.

Tony  Hayward

Tony Hayward


Tony is Chairman of Glencore, a Managing Partner of St James’s Asset Management LLP, Chairman of Andes Holding and Chairman of Compact GtL. He was Group Chief Executive of BP from 2007 to 2010 having joined BP in 1982 as a rig geologist in the North Sea. Following a series of roles overseas he joined the Upstream Executive Committee in 1997. He became Group Treasurer in 2000, Chief Executive for BP’s upstream activities and member of the Main Board of BP in 2003.
In June 2011 Tony founded Vallares plc, a $2.2bn acquisition company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Following the merger of Vallares plc and Genel Energy International, the largest oil producer in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, he became Chief Executive of Genel Energy plc in November 2011. He was appointed Chairman of Genel Energy in August 2015 and retired from this position in June 2017.

Tony is a member of the British Museum’s Chairman’s Advisory Board, chairs Aston University Development Board and is Advisor to the European Institute of Bioenergy at Aston University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a visiting Professor in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh.
Tony studied geology at Aston University in Birmingham and completed a PhD at Edinburgh University. He holds honorary doctorates from the University of Edinburgh, Aston University, the University of Birmingham and Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University.

Ben  Luckock

Ben Luckock

Co-Head of Oil Trading
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

In June 2018 Ben Luckock was appointed Co-Head of Oil Trading, jointly overseeing group proprietary trading, the global oil central execution desks and the derivatives desks. This follows a period as Co-Head of Trafigura Group Market Risk and six years as Global Head of Crude Oil Trading.

Ben also develops and manages strategic commercial relationships in the oil trading activities of the company and oversees the commercial activity for both Crude and Products for the Trafigura group in Russia amongst other countries. He also takes an interest in all asset classes of the group working closely with the Metals and Minerals trading division. Prior to joining Trafigura in 2007, Ben spent nearly 10 years with BP as a Crude Oil trader, gaining experience working in London, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

James MacTaggart

James MacTaggart

Senior Vice President, LNG Marketing – Asia and Middle East
NextDecade Corporation

James MacTaggart is Senior Vice President, LNG Marketing – Asia and Middle East, of NextDecade Corporation (NASDAQ: NEXT). NextDecade is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) development company focused on LNG export projects and associated pipelines in Texas. NextDecade intends to develop the largest LNG export solution linking Permian Basin associated gas to the global LNG market.

James is based in, and leads, NextDecade’s Singapore office. In this role, he is responsible for advancing prospective customer engagement throughout Asia and the Middle East, and recently executed the first LNG contract supplying LNG from the United States, indexed to oil.

Before joining NextDecade, James served more than 20 years with Shell in various marketing and trading positions. His last role was General Manager of Shell’s New Gas and LNG Markets business in Asia, India, and the Middle East. During his time at Shell, he originated, negotiated, and executed
a significant number of deals in the upstream, gas and power, and LNG trading businesses. These activities included setting up Shell Energy India, negotiating LNG sales contracts for the Sakhalin 2 LNG project, and selling the first LNG cargoes into the Middle East.

James completed his undergraduate studies in classical and modern Chinese at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and holds an M.B.A. with distinction from Cass Business School.

Yoven Moorooven

Yoven Moorooven

Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Africa

Yoven Moorooven was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Africa business unit in April 2018. He serves on a number of Group company boards. 

Yoven is a senior executive with an exceptional international experience in business development, origination in the commodity and utility industry. He began his career at ENGIE in 2003 as Energy Derivative Sales within the Group’s financially regulated trading arm. He then held various senior positions at Macquarie and Deutsche Bank, before returning to ENGIE in 2013. During his time at Macquarie Bank, he was instrumental in developing the bank’s energy markets division and making it a recognized and established player within the energy industry. He led the Origination and Sales team for EMEA for all energy related commodities and was a Senior Managing Director. In 2012, he moved to Deutsche Bank, where he was Managing Director of their Gas, Power and Coal Origination and Trading activities in Europe. 

With more than 16 years in the energy sector, Yoven has in-depth expertise of the entire financial and physical energy value chain. Rocketing to senior positions from a young age, he has an impressive track record of agile, cross-commodity international business development through organic growth and merger & acquisition in Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa. 

As Head of the International division of ENGIE’s Global Energy Management BU, Yoven accelerated the development of all its activities worldwide. His achievements include a pioneering “plug-and-play” business model, which transposed the best of ENGIE’s long- standing European energy management expertise through nimble, decentralized structures that could quickly adapt to local specificities and grow new activities. This approach proved valuable to boost APAC activities and establish platforms in North America, Turkey and the UK in under 2 years. Mr. Moorooven also led the development of ENGIE’s global biomass business, currently ranked in the top 3 in Asia-Pacific. 

Today, as ENGIE Africa’s CEO, Yoven is fully committed to supporting the continent in tackling its ever-growing energy demand, co-developing new business models with African stakeholders. These translate into centralized green generation solutions, decentralized energy services for off-grid customers and new technological solutions, through start-up acquisitions like Fenix, in-house incubated PowerCorner or more recently, Mobisol, a pioneer in the off-grid solar sector. 

In 2018, ENGIE Africa won the “International Company of the Year” award at the Africa CEO Forum Awards, a yearly event which recognizes the companies and investors that have shaped the year in Africa and had the most remarkable economic and social impact.

In 2019, Yoven won the Rising Star Award, Individual category, at the S&P Global Platts yearly Global Energy Awards, as a recognition of his high achievements and outstanding commitment throughout his career in the energy industry.

He holds a Master in Econometrics and a Master in Banking, Finance and Commodities. He also holds an Executive Master in Innovation, Technology and Management at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris France in collaboration with University of Berkeley California.

Jacqui  Murray

Jacqui Murray

Deputy Challenge Director
Innovate UK

Jacqui spent the early part of her career as an materials and manufacturing engineer in the Steel industry in Wales. Following her M.Eng. and MBA, she moved into industrial environmental regulation policy for the Environment Agency and Welsh Government. She was lead official for Pembroke Power Station environmental permit and led the challenging programme to merge three Internal Drainage Boards into the newly formed Natural Resources Wales (NRW) public body in 2015. Jacqui credits all these experiences as teaching her how to untangle problems, policies and legislation that inhibit successful outcomes in business, Government and Regulators.

In August 2017, she was seconded to Interim Director for the £274 million Faraday Battery Challenge Programme, kicking off the programme to transform the UK world-leading in automotive battery technology by 2027. Jacqui took up permanent position for Innovate UK as Deputy Director in 2018 for the Faraday Battery Challenge. This is the UK Government’s mission to build a UK electric vehicle battery manufacturing sector funding innovation through both the technology levels and working with partners on the value chain. She leads operationally on collaborative research and development as well as specifically for Investor relations, Communications, regulations and standards, raw material supply and recycling.

Outside of work, she is Formula 1 fan, a mum of two and an active STEM Ambassador. Jacqui is an active member of the Welsh WiSTEM Board and chair of the STEM Women in Industry Subgroup. In 2019 the Royal Academy of Engineers’ welcomed Jacqui as a Steering Group member on their Leaders in International Fellowships (LiF6) programme.

She is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers and a Freeman of the City of London.

Stavroula Papageorgiou

Stavroula Papageorgiou

Oil & Gas Research
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Stavroula is in charge of the Oil & Gas EMEA Research at SMBC. She works closely with the relationship management, product and credit teams to support origination and execution of oil & gas transactions, and provides input to senior management to help them define the Bank’s medium/long-term strategy.She has extensively researched the impact of the new wave of LNG projects on the market as well as the energy transition strategy of European IOCs. In 2019, Stavroula was based out of SMBC’s Head Office in Tokyo, presenting and working with APAC clients - particularly the Japanese Utilities - and SMBC’s management - on key commodity supply and demand trends, including co-authoring and releasing the SMBC paper at the FT Commodity Summit Tokyo on the LNG market, and work-shopping this with key clients.Before joining SMBC in 2015, she worked at the National Bank of Greece. She holds an MSc in Finance from London School of Economics and Political Science and a Degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Macedonia, Greece.  

Cyril Reol

Cyril Reol

Group Chief Information Officer

Cyril Reol is the Group Chief Information Officer for Mercuria, Director for Mercuria Technology Ventures and board member of VAKT.

Before joining Mercuria, he was Group CTO for Man Group, a $120 billion UK investment manager where he delivered several digital transformations and enhanced quantitative trading using AI/ML.

Prior to that, Cyril was the Group CIO for Glencore where he delivered global trading solutions and changed the operating model, while improving business efficiency, reducing costs and delivering upon large M&As for nearly 10 years. He was also Group CIO and Executive Vice-President for Addax & Oryx Group (an oil upstream and downstream integrated group) for 7 years.

Cyril has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, leading global teams in agile and fast-growing environments. He holds a Master in Computer Science and Business Administration from Lyon University.

Christophe Salmon

Christophe Salmon

Chief Financial Officer
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

Christophe Salmon joined Trafigura in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer EMEA and became Chief Financial Officer for the company in October 2015.

Mr Salmon is a graduate from Sciences Po in Paris and holds a Masters in Finance. After an active national service with the French Navy, Mr Salmon started his career with credit insurance group Euler Hermes in France.

In 1995 he joined BNP Paribas in the internal audit department, moving to the energy and commodities finance division in 2001. Here he rose through the ranks to be appointed head of the commodity finance department for EMEA, then the leading team in the market.

Benedikt  Sobotka

Benedikt Sobotka

Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)

Benedikt Sobotka is the CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading producer of natural resources that employs 85,000 people on four continents. Mr Sobotka was born in Germany and has extensive experience in advisory/management roles in the mining and energy sectors. At BCG, he advised leading companies and held various management positions. Benedikt founded Minerals Values Service (MVS), among other high-tech startups, which was sold to Platts/Dow Jones in 2015. He holds a degree in management, studied in Europe, Russia and China and co-authored "China Champions", a Financial Times publication. He is particularly interested in international, CIS and East Asian geopolitical relations.

In 2017, ERG helped launch the Global Battery Alliance, a World Economic Forum initiative aimed at achieving a responsible battery supply chain. ERG is a founding member and partner of the Alliance while Benedikt is a co-chair. Aiming to ensure sustainable cobalt production and drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ERG initiated the Clean Cobalt programme. ERG’s Metalkol RTR project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is set to become one of the world’s leading cobalt producers and supply enough material to build over three million electric vehicles per year.

Nick Stansbury

Nick Stansbury

Head of Commodity Research
Legal & General Investment Management

Nick co-ordinates Legal & General Investment Management’s research into the investment implications of climate change and the energy transition. Alongside his research activities, he also manages a portfolio focused on the energy transition. Prior to joining LGIM, Nick worked for Standard Life Investments as an Investment Director in their Asia and Global Emerging Markets team.

Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens

Distinguished Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources Programme
Chatham House

Educated as an economist and as a specialist on the Middle East at Cambridge and the School of Oriental and African Studies; 1973-1979 teaching at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon; 1979-93 at the University of Surrey.  Between 1993 and 2008, Professor of Petroleum Policy and Economics at CEPMLP, University of Dundee. Since 2008 he has been working with Chatham House – the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Dundee and a Distinguished Fellow at Chatham House. He is also a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Energy Economics Japan in Tokyo. In March 2009, he was given the OPEC Award for 2009 for services to improve the understanding of the international oil industry.  In May 2018 he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of Education for Future Energy Leaders by the Al-Attiyah Foundation. He has published extensively on energy economics, the international petroleum industry, economic development issues and the political economy of the Gulf. Paul Stevens also works as a consultant for a wide range of companies and governments. Some of his recent Chatham House publications include The International Oil Companies: The Death of the Old Business Model, May 2016 and The Geopolitical Implications of Future Oil Demand, August 2019.

Randall  C. Stuewe

Randall C. Stuewe

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Darling Ingredients Inc

Randall C. Stuewe has served as Darling Ingredient Inc.’s (NYSE: DAR), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since February 2003. He has been instrumental in transforming Darling Ingredients into the global leader producing sustainable ingredients from fats, proteins and other bio-nutrients recovered from the meat industry. Strategically positioned to lead the world in feeding and fueling a growing population, Darling’s 10,000 employees work in over 215 locations on five continents with headquarters in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. During his tenure, Mr. Stuewe rebranded, reinvented and repositioned Darling from a regional animal by-products processing company into an integrated global ingredient and energy company producing high value, low carbon fuels and sustainable proteins. Accomplished through a series of both domestic and international acquisitions over his 17 years, Darling is now viewed as one of the greenest companies on earth and recognized as a global leader in converting animal fats and waste oils into green hydrocarbons used to produce renewable diesel. Mr. Stuewe pioneered the commercial development of renewable diesel in North America with Diamond Green Diesel, a 50/50 joint venture with U.S.-based Valero Energy Corporation. This breakthrough product is used in heavy industrial transportation fuels and reduces emissions by 85% versus convention diesel.


Prior to joining Darling, Mr. Stuewe worked for ConAgra Foods, Inc. from 1996 to 2002, holding a series of senior executive positions. He was initially hired to do business development as Executive Vice President for soybean processing. His last position with ConAgra was President of Gilroy Foods, building it into the largest vegetable dehydration business in the world.

Nigel Scott

Nigel Scott

Managing Director & Global Head, Structured Trade & Commodity Finance
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Simon Trott

Simon Trott

Chief Commercial Officer
Rio Tinto

Simon joined Rio Tinto’s executive committee as chief commercial officer in 2018. In this role, he oversees all of the company’s commercial activities including sales & marketing, procurement and marine & logistics. Simon has been with Rio Tinto for 19 years and has held a wide variety of commercial, operating and business development roles across a number of commodities. In his previous role as Salt, Uranium & Borates managing director, Simon oversaw operations and projects in Australia, Africa, Europe and the US.  He has a graduate diploma in Finance & Investments (FINSIA) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Dave Turk

Dave Turk

Acting Deputy Executive Director and Head of the Strategic Initiatives Office
International Energy Agency

Dave Turk joined the IEA in September 2016 and is currently the Acting Deputy Executive Director and Head of the Strategic Initiatives Office. He formerly served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Climate and Technology at the U.S. Department of Energy, where he coordinated the Department’s international clean energy efforts. He also previously served as Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change at the U.S. Department of State, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Congressional Affairs at the U.S. National Security Council, and in various capacities in the U.S. Congress.

Alex Sanfeliu

Alex Sanfeliu

World Trading Group Leader

As Cargill’s World Trading Group Leader, Alex Sanfeliu and the traders he leads navigate complex global markets to move grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, palm, and ethanol from where they are grown and processed, to the people and places around the world where they are needed. Together, Alex and his team provide expert trading services that connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive.


Leveraging Cargill’s experience, the latest analytics, and informed market insights, Alex and his team are responsible for defining and executing strategic priorities to improve the company’s trading performance. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Trading Group sits at the heart of Cargill’s agricultural supply chain practice – holding most of its risk limits and leading the whole organization on cash and directional trading.

Alex has been with Cargill for more than 25 years. He applies that experience every day to building and leading the best-performing team in agricultural trading and analytics. Before leading the World Trading Group, Alex managed Cargill’s global trade of corn, soybeans, other feed grains, and proteins. He also represented Cargill on the board of Alvean, a sugar trading company that is jointly owned by Cargill and Coopersucar.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Alex earned his MBA in economics and finance at ESADE Business School. He is fluent in four languages – including English, Spanish, French, and Catalan. Alex and his wife have been living in Geneva with their three children for the last 20 years.

Brian Aranha

Brian Aranha

Member, Group Management Committee

Brian Aranha, 63, is a member of the Group management committee of ArcelorMittal. He joined Dofasco in 1979 as a member of the company's Research and Development Department. In 1989, he was assigned to the American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI) in Washington, D.C. and in 1991 he was part of a Canadian consortium conducting a study for the World Bank on restructuring the Polish steel industry. In 1992, Brian returned to Dofasco where he held various positions in Supply Chain, Quality, Technology and Commercial sections until 2003 when he was named Vice President - Commercial. Mr. Aranha took up additional responsibilities as Vice President, NAFTA automotive, after integration into ArcelorMittal in 2007. He moved to Europe as CMO and head of Global Automotive in 2009 followed by other assignments in NAFTA region in 2012. Currently based in Luxembourg, Mr. Aranha has responsibility for Global Automotive, R&D, Strategy, Commercial Coordination, Corporate Capital Goods Procurement, Corporate Communications and CSR as well as ArcelorMittal's automotive joint ventures in China and the tubular joint venture in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Aranha holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Toronto, Canada. In addition, he has completed the Executive Development Program at Queen's University, School of Business, Canada. Mr. Aranha is a citizen of Canada.

Sigrid Artho

Sigrid Artho

Spencer Stuart

Sigrid Artho is a consultant in Spencer Stuart’s Industrial and Consumer practices and is based in the firm’s Zurich office. She is the global segment leader of Process Industries and she is also a core member of the firm’s Human Resources Practice in EMEA. With more than 20 years’ experience in both consulting and industry roles, Sigrid brings profound international experience, broad functional and general management knowledge, and strategy development and implementation expertise to her client work.

Sigrid joined Spencer Stuart from Digma Management Consulting, which she founded in 2000 and led for 13 years. As founder and managing director, she focused on serving clients in the areas of operational excellence, organizational structure, process management, strategic development and performance improvement. Her clients have included leading companies in the food and beverage, consumer and industrial sectors.

Previously, Sigrid was a consultant and senior project manager with Icarus Consulting, a joint venture between Swissair and Perot Systems providing services in airline catering, ground handling, airfreight and logistics.

Sigrid has more than 20 years’ experience in the food, travel and transportation, engineering and retail industries. She has worked with organizations around the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

Sigrid holds a Ph.D. in business economics and an M.B.A. from University of St. Gallen (HSG). She is a member of University of St. Gallen’s alumni club, where she served as president of the Fourth International HSG Alumni Conference in 2008. Previously, she also served as a board member of VIA MAT Group. Raised in Switzerland and Nigeria, she speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Taraneh Azad

Taraneh Azad

COO and Strategy Partner

Taraneh is COO and Strategy Partner at SYSTEMIQ, a systems change company that partners with business, finance, policy-makers and civil society to make economic systems truly sustainable.
Taraneh recently joined SYSTEMIQ after 20-plus year career in commodity trading, which included three years M&A at the UK utility Eastern Electricity / TXU Europe, followed by 16 years at the international investment banks, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, and lastly three years at commodity trader, Hartree. Taraneh’s experience in Commodities spans physical and financial risk management transactions with corporates and sovereigns in the energy spaces across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Taraneh began her career with development work for the United Nations in Geneva and for European Commission projects in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Orith Azoulay

Orith Azoulay

Global Head of CIB’s Green and Sustainable Finance

She has been working in SRI/ESG since 2002. Orith joined Natixis in 2008 to create and lead its SRI sell-side Research team, and since 2017, created and leading the Green and Sustainable Finance Hub. Natixis’ Green and Sustainable Hub consists of a dedicated, expert and resolutely cross-asset operational task force, whose main role is to develop CIB’s Green & Sustainable franchise and its revenue generation in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas: it offers a wide range of services, from green & sustainable financing to investment solutions structuring through green & sustainable research and advisory.

As an analyst, Orith’s sectors of specialty have historically been energy,utilities, real estate - building materials & construction, but also carbon/climate related topics. She is also Natixis’ expert on green bonds. Prior to joining Natixis, Orith was a senior SRI analyst at Groupama Asset Management from 2003 to 2008, where she created and led their SRI practice.
She also worked for the ORSE, a French think tank for Corporate Social Responsibility, where she was a research analyst. Orith started her career as an equity analyst at JP Morgan Chase in London.

Orith graduated from ESCP Europe in 2000 (Diplome Grande Ecole, Diplom Kaufmann).

Sarah Behbehani

Sarah Behbehani

Global Head of LNG
JERA Global Markets

Sarah is the Global Head of LNG for JERA Global Markets, responsible for leading all commercial activities in LNG trading and optimisation, currently located in Singapore. Prior to JERA GM, Sarah was leading Shell’s LNG trading activities in the west since 2010, and was a key member of integrating Repsol’s and BG’s LNG portfolio into shell’s and growing the trading activities for Shell in the Middle East and Atlantic Basin. 

Sarah has more than 20 years of experience in Oil and LNG trading and marketing business and served roles in the Kuwait, London and Dubai. She graduated with a degree of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering from the US and then obtained an MBA from London Business School.

Philipp B. Büssenschütt

Philipp B. Büssenschütt

Chief Commercial Officer
EDF Trading

Philipp Büssenschütt is Chief Commercial Officer at EDF Trading.  With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, a Baa2 credit rating from Moody’s, over 800 staff and shareholders’ equity of €3 billion, EDF Trading is a leader in the wholesale energy markets operating in the electricity, natural gas, LPG, oil and environmental products markets as well as the global LNG and coal & freight markets through JERA Global Markets.  EDF Trading is part of the EDF Group and responsible for energy procurement, optimising production and transportation assets and hedging risks for the Group and third-party customers ranging from utilities and commodity producers to banks, investment houses and governments.  EDF Trading is also a one-third shareholder in JERA Global Markets, one of the world’s largest utility backed physical energy traders. 

Philipp is responsible for all aspects of EDF Trading’s commercial operations.  He joined EDF Trading in 2002 and in 2009 moved to Houston as Head of Origination and Business Development for EDF Trading in North America. He was appointed to the Executive Committee in January 2010.

Philipp has an MSc in mining engineering and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Andrian Dacy

Andrian Dacy

Managing Director and Group Head
J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Global Transportation Group

Andrian Dacy, Managing Director, is the CEO and the CIO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Global Transportation Group. Andy has over 30 years of experience in the transportation sector. Since 1988, Andy has been active in financial advisory activities for J.P. Morgan and its predecessor firms. Prior to his current role, Andy was Global Head of Shipping and Cruise investment banking for J.P. Morgan from 2003-2008. From 2000-2003, Andy was a member of J.P. Morgan’s Transportation Group’s investment banking team focusing on airlines, shipping, automotive, container leasing, and logistics companies. Prior to these roles, Andy was Director of Transportation at Ceres S.A., a European merchant banking firm, and also worked in the Global Transportation Groups of Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. Andy earned a B.A. from Dartmouth College and graduated with a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. Andy is also a graduate of the Harriman Institute of Columbia University, a research institute for the study of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Jeffrey Dellapina

Jeffrey Dellapina

Chief Financial Officer
Vitol Group

Jeffrey Dellapina is a member of the Vitol Executive Committee. Mr Dellapina joined Vitol in January 2005 from JPMorgan Chase, where he was a Managing Director in the Investment Banking/Sales and Trading division. Mr Dellapina holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Gerard Delsad

Gerard Delsad

Chief Information Officer
Vitol Group

Gerard is Chief Information Officer for Vitol, a member of the Vitol Group Board, Managing Director for Vitol Geneva and a member of business critical committees including the Compliance Committee and ESG Committee.  He joined Vitol in 1996 from KPMG where he was a Management Consultant. One of his first projects was the design and management of an integrated system (CTRM) to manage Vitol’s global trading business, a system which, in an evolved form, still underpins Vitol’s trading activity. 

Gerard holds a Master of Engineering graduate from Télécom ParisTech, 1986.

Bill Dobie

Bill Dobie

Founder & CEO

Bill Dobie is Founder and CEO of SEDNA with over 20 years of experience in bringing technology and people together while creating opportunity for innovation and growth. Mr. Dobie is a serial entrepreneur with a long history in the shipping industry. In 2000 he co-founded Navarik a pioneer in the delivery of software as a service to large industrial organizations. In 2010 he started Stage 3 Systems which runs major software services for shipowners, charterers, and agents around the world. Then in 2017, he launched SEDNA as a transaction management platform to streamline team communication and optimize performance. He has been programming since the age of twelve and while he does not code much these days
his primary passion remains understanding a problem and then using design, engineering, and thoughtfulness to build great solutions.

Marco Dunand

Marco Dunand

Chief Executive Officer
Mercuria Group

Marco Dunand is Group Chief Executive for Mercuria Energy Group, one of the world's largest independent energy and commodity groups. Previous to his current post, Mr Dunand successfully spearheaded the launch of Sempra Energy in Europe and Asia. He left the company in 2004 to found Mercuria together with Daniel Jaeggi.

From 1994 to 1999 he was appointed Managing Director of the European and Asian operations at Phibro, Salomon Brothers in London. Mr Dunand previously joined the J.Aron division at Goldman Sachs, based in London, where he was Managing Director of the European crude oil business. At the beginning of his trading career, he worked with Cargill International SA. Mr Dunand graduated from the University of Geneva, where he earned a degree in Economics and Management.

Gregory A. Heckman

Gregory A. Heckman

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Heckman became Chief Executive Officer of Bunge Limited in April 2019 and serves on the company's board as a Director. He served as the Acting CEO of Bunge Limited from January 2019 until April 2019. He is Founding Partner of Flatwater Partners and has over 30 years of experience in the agriculture, energy and food processing industries. Most recently, Mr. Heckman was CEO of The Gavilon Group. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer of ConAgra Foods Commercial Products and President and COO of ConAgra Trade Group. He is on the Board of Directors of OCI NV, a global producer of fertilizer and chemicals. He also serves on the North America Agribusiness Advisory Board of Rabobank.

He holds a B.S. in agriculture economics and marketing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Daniel F. Hines

Daniel F. Hines

Chief Financial Officer
Castleton Commodities International LLC

Daniel F. Hines is Chief Financial Officer at Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI). Prior to joining CCI, Mr Hines worked at. J.P. Morgan since 1989, where he held a variety of senior level finance positions within the investment bank. From 2007 to 2011, he was Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Management for J.P. Morgan’s global commodities business where he played a key role in the expansion of the commodities franchise. He received his BS in accounting from St. John’s University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Andrew Hinkly

Andrew Hinkly

Founder and Managing Partner
AP Ventures

Andrew Hinkly is the Founding Managing Partner of AP Ventures, an advanced technologies venture capital fund with a focus on hydrogen headquartered in London. He has enjoyed a high-profile career spanning more than 25 years working in the automotive and mining industries in roles including finance, purchasing, strategy and new market development. He held a number of senior leadership positions at Anglo American, where he worked for a decade and was a member of Anglo American Platinum Executive Committee. 

He previously held senior roles at Ford Motor Company where he was a member of the North American Executive Committee. At Ford, he led the Production Procurement operations of Ford Americas and was responsible for $45 billion of annual purchases from over 40,000 suppliers. Whilst at Anglo American Andrew established a successful Corporate Venture Capital Fund, the predecessor fund to AP Ventures Fund I, to invest in innovative technology companies which utilize platinum group metals. Andrew is a board member of Food Freshness, GreyRock, and Ergosup.

Andrew has an MBA from the University of Manchester and a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Loughborough. Andrew is a committed sailor, cyclist and pilot.

Ann-Louise Hittle

Ann-Louise Hittle

Vice President, Oils Research
Wood Mackenzie

Ann-Louise Hittle brings to Wood Mackenzie over 25 years experience in analysing global oil markets. She directed the development of and leads Wood Mackenzie’s Macro Oils Service, launched in April 2005 and focused on global oil markets.
Ann-Louise has established an international reputation for her analysis of short to long term oil markets.

Her career began with Gulf Oil after which she was Staff Editor with Petroleum Intelligence Weekly focused on OPEC and markets in Asia. Thereafter, she was Middle East/Oil Markets research associate with Kissinger Associates in New York and
then Senior Oil and Gas Futures Analyst with Shearson Lehman Brothers.

Ann-Louise joined Wood Mackenzie from CERA, where she was Research Head of the Upstream Oil Service with responsibility for world oil market analysis and writing the long term scenarios. Ann-Louise graduated from St. Lawrence University and holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University in Middle East Studies.

Kristin  H. Holth

Kristin H. Holth

Global Head of Ocean Industries

Kristin H. Holth is Global Head of Ocean Industries in DNB. The bank is Norway's largest financial services group and a global leading financial institution within the Ocean Industries which includes Seafood, Shipping and the Oil related industries. Norway has a high focus on the these industries and from an international perspective they represent Norway’s and DNB’s strongest footprint globally. DNB has Ocean Industry team in the important global hubs with New York, Houston, Santiago, London, Athens, Singapore, Bergen and Oslo.
Holth has held numerous management positions within DNB over the years in Norway and abroad. The latest being EVP and General Manager of DNB Americas for 6 years from 2007, Global Head of Shipping, Offshore & Logistics for 4 years from 2013 and present position from October 2017.
Holth is member of the International Advisory Board at BI, Norwegian Business School, Maritime Forum and Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord.

Karin Kersten

Karin Kersten

Head of Trade & Commodity Finance

Karin Kersten is Head of Trade & Commodity Finance and member of the Management Team of Corporate & Institutional Banking.

Before joining ABN AMRO in 2003, Ms Kersten worked for McKinsey & Company and Mees Pierson. During her career within ABN AMRO, Ms Kersten worked as a Managing Director in various roles like Strategic Risk Management and Transaction Banking.

Ms Kersten has very broad experience in amongst others Strategy, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance and Risk Management.

David Knipe

David Knipe

Head of International Gas

David Knipe is the leader of BP’s International Gas business based in London, UK.  He is a member of BP’s global Integrated Supply & Trading (IST) executive leadership team.  David has worked for the company since 2010. Prior positions include Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Corporate Business Activities and Chief Risk Officer, IST.  In his current role he is responsible for the development of integrated gas and power value chains that deliver lower-carbon energy solutions to end customers.

David started his career in management consulting and worked for 12 years as Consultant, Manager and Partner of Oliver Wyman.  In this capacity David worked for major companies in the Financial Services, Energy and Commodities industries. He advised clients on various aspects of their strategy, organisational design and risk management practices.  

David was born in Northern Ireland where he lived until 1992.  David studied Engineering at Cambridge University where he was a member of Gonville & Caius College.  He was sponsored through his studies by Zeneca. David is married to his wife, Alexandra and has two daughters, Sophia and Isabella.  He enjoys triathlon and sailing with his family during his time off.

BP’s Integrated Supply & Trading (IST) function operates across all of BP’s businesses and provides the commercial face of BP to customers and to traded commodity and financial markets. IST provides customers with energy products and risk management in the areas of oil, gas, power, chemicals and finance.

Benny Oeyen

Benny Oeyen

Executive Head of Market Development, PGMs
Anglo American

Benny joined Anglo American in November 2017 as Executive Head of Market Development in the Platinum Group Metals Team based in London, UK. In his role, Benny leads the formulation and execution of the strategy to optimize the future growth of the market for PGMs, platinum in particular. A global citizen with a Belgian passport, Benny has lived and worked extensively around the world. He was born and grew up in Germany, as part of a military family and graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) with an Economics degree.

From 1996 to 2007, Benny held key positions in the automotive industry where his speciality lies in Product Planning, Strategy and Marketing: Product Marketing for Mazda Motors and Chrysler-Jeep at their European Head Quarters in Brussels, Belgium, Product Planning for DaimlerChrysler World Head Quarters in Detroit, Michigan, USA and Managing Director at DaimlerChrysler Switzerland in Zurich. After two years in the USA as Director for Global Product Strategy at Chrysler in Detroit, Benny returned to Europe in 2009 where as Vice President Marketing he led and implemented Kia’s ‘7 Year
Warranty’ across the European market based at their European HQ in Frankfurt, Germany. For three years from 2014, Benny was Vice President for Product Strategy at General Motors China, based in Shanghai.

Peter Ong Boon Kwee

Peter Ong Boon Kwee

Chairman & Senior Economic Advisor
Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Officially appointed as Chairman of Enterprise Singapore since 1 April 2018, Mr Peter Ong Boon Kwee plays a key role in steering Enterprise Singapore’s efforts to grow stronger Singapore enterprises. He works closely with the Board of Directors and executive management team in providing greater support to Singapore companies looking to build new capabilities and internationalise. In January 2018, Mr Ong was also appointed Senior Economic Advisor at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, where he provides strategic advice on economic strategies and policies as well as champion efforts to enable robust enterprise growth.

Mr Ong retired from the Administrative Service on 1 September 2017. Prior to his retirement, Mr Ong was Head of Civil Service, a position he held since 2010. In 2016, he was also concurrently appointed as Permanent Secretary (Prime Minister’s Office) (Strategy) where he oversaw the PMO Strategy Group to support the Prime Minister and his Cabinet in establishing priorities and strengthening strategic alignment across Government. Mr Ong also previously held the positions of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, the National Security Intelligence Co-ordination Secretariat, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Defence. Other previous postings include stints at Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited – a Government investment holding company, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Mr Ong currently sits on the Boards of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship. He was awarded the Colombo Plan Scholarship to pursue his Bachelor of Economics at the University of Adelaide, Australia and graduated with first class honours. He graduated top of his Masters in Business administration class from Stanford University, USA in 1993 as Henry Ford II and Arjay Miller Scholar.

William C. Reed II

William C. Reed II

Chief Executive Officer
Castleton Commodities International LLC

William C. Reed II is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI).  CCI is a global energy commodity merchant with integrated businesses focused on marketing, merchandising, and trading commodities, and the ownership, operation and development of commodities-related infrastructure and upstream assets. 

Mr. Reed joined Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy in September 2007 and was appointed CEO in October 2008. In 2012, he executed the buyout of LDHE, forming CCI.  Previously, Mr. Reed was founding partner and head of trading at Saracen Energy Advisors, where he was one of four partners responsible for establishing the fund that grew from $30 million to $1.4 billion at the time of his departure.  Mr. Reed served in the U.S. Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and currently serves on the board of the Night Stalker Foundation. Mr. Reed earned an M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S., summa cum laude, in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Muriel Schwab

Muriel Schwab

Chief Financial Officer
Gunvor Group

Muriel has almost 20 years’ experience in the energy commodities and commodities finance sectors. She joined Gunvor in 2018 from Rabobank in New York, where she served as Regional Head of Trade and Commodity Finance (TCF) for the Americas and Member of TCF Management Team since 2015. Muriel previously worked for Gunvor as CFO Asia-Pacific, along with being Board Director and Chairman of the Management Committee of Gunvor Singapore (2009-2014). She joined Gunvor in 2007 as Finance Manager and later became Head of Structured and Trade Finance Asia-Pacific before being promoted to CFO Asia-Pacific. She has also previously held positions with Taurus Petroleum, Credit Suisse and ING in Geneva. Muriel holds a Master of Advanced Management from Yale School of Management, a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. She is qualified FINRA Series 24, Series 79 and Series 63.

Giovanni Serio

Giovanni Serio

Global Head of Research

Giovanni is Vitol’s Global Head of Research. He has 20 years of research, modelling and analysis experience. Prior to joining Vitol in August 2016, Giovanni was Head of Market Analysis at Noble, at BP and senior analyst at Goldman Sachs. Giovanni started his career as an economist at the Research Department of Italy’s Central Bank and then as a Consultant at the Development Economic Research Group of the World Bank. Giovanni holds a PhD in Economics from New York University.

Daniela Stoffel

Daniela Stoffel

State Secretary for International Finance
Federal Department of Finance (FDF), Government of Switzerland

Daniela Stoffel (born in 1968) took up her role as State Secretary for International Finance at the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) on 1 March 2019. 

In 1998, Daniela Stoffel entered the diplomatic service of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). In 2005, she took over as Head of Public Relations and Culture at the Swiss Embassy in Washington D.C. and in August 2009 she moved to the Swiss Embassy in Berlin as Head of Economic and Financial Affairs. There she was appointed Deputy Head of Mission in 2012. In 2015, Daniela Stoffel assumed a staff function in the General Secretariat of the OECD in Paris. 

From 2015, Daniela Stoffel was on detachment to SIF with the title of Ambassador, latterly as Head of Political Staff. From 2016, she was also the Diplomatic Advisor to the Head of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF). In these functions, Daniela Stoffel was involved in safeguarding and dealing with current financial policy issues and challenges and in the corresponding international negotiations and contacts. 

Daniela Stoffel graduated from the University of Zurich in 1992 with a degree in Philosophy, Economics and German Linguistics. Accompanying her work as a University Assistant at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Zurich, she wrote her thesis in 1996. She is a citizen of Winterthur, in the canton of Zurich, and is the mother of an adult daughter.

Sunny Verghese

Sunny Verghese

Executive Director, Co-Founder and Group CEO
Olam International

Sunny Verghese is Group CEO of Olam, and post the re-organisation of the Group announced on 20 January 2020, he holds charge as CEO of Olam Global Agri and Olam International. He was with the Kewalram Chanrai Group (KC Group) for over two decades and in 1989 was mandated to start the Company with a view to building an agricultural-products business for the KC Group. Before joining the KC Group, he worked for Unilever in India.

Since 2018, Mr Verghese has been Chair of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the global, CEO-led organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition to a sustainable world. Mr Verghese previously chaired CitySpring Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd, a listed Business Trust in Singapore and was also a Commissioner of the Business & Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC). He has won several awards including ‘Outstanding Chief Executive’ at the Singapore Business Awards in 2007, ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ for Singapore in 2008 and ‘Best CEO of the Year 2011’ at the Singapore Corporate Awards. He was also awarded the Public Service Medal by the Government of the Republic of Singapore in 2010.

Guillaume Vermersch

Guillaume Vermersch

Group Chief Financial Officer
Mercuria Group

Guillaume Vermersch is the Group Chief Financial Officer and a group board member of Mercuria Energy Group (Mercuria). Mr Vermersch is part of the founding team of Mercuria. Previously he spent five years as head of the Credit and Finance Risk department of Sempra Oil Trading for Europe and Asia. He was responsible for defining, implementing and monitoring the full scope of the Sempra Energy credit and financial strategies, from trading business requirements to banking, finance and risk management responsibilities to support the oil and energy division’s expansion.

Prior to that, Mr Vermersch spent 11 years in the energy, metals and mining commodities and structured finance departments of ING/BBL Bank and CIB in Geneva and Paris. Mr Vermersch started his career with Arthur Andersen in Paris. He holds an MBA from the Manchester Business School and also graduated from École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris Europe (ESCP Europe Business School).



Roula Khalaf

Roula Khalaf

Financial Times

Roula Khalaf is Editor of the Financial Times. She was previously Deputy Editor from 2016 to 2020, overseeing a range of newsroom initiatives and award winning editorial projects and leading a global network of over 100 foreign correspondents.

Before taking up the Deputy Editor role, Ms Khalaf was the FT's Foreign Editor and oversaw the FT's operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Before that, as Middle East Editor, she launched a Middle East edition and led coverage of the Arab Spring. Ms Khalaf was named foreign commentator of the year at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards in 2016 and her series on Qatar won the Foreign Press Association’s Feature story of the year in 2013. She joined the FT in 1995 as North Africa correspondent and before that was a staff writer for Forbes magazine in New York.

Neil Hume

Neil Hume

Natural Resources Editor
Financial Times

Neil Hume is the Natural Resources Editor of the Financial Times. Prior to this he was Commodities and Mining Editor, a role he had held since September 2013. He covers the global trade of natural resources, such as iron ore, coal, copper and wheat as well as the political, social and economic aspects of the commodities industry and trading houses. Mr Hume joined the FT as senior stock markets correspondent in 2006. He also helped found FT Alphaville, the FT’s award-winning markets blog. He became editor of Alphaville in 2010 before being appointed the FT’s Australia correspondent in 2012. In addition to editing Alphaville, Mr Hume has written a weekly column for the FT, he won best scoop article at the M&A International Media Awards in 2008 for his story on InBev’s takeover of Budweiser. Prior to joining the FT, he spent six years on The Guardian’s business desk. Mr Hume graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in History and Politics.

Gideon Rachman

Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator
Financial Times

Gideon Rachman became Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator for the Financial Times in 2006. He speaks authoritatively about economics, politics, and globalisation as they apply to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and more, and writes a weekly column on international politics as well as feature articles. Mr Rachman joined the FT after a 15-year career at The Economist, which included spells as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, Washington and Bangkok. He also edited The Economist’s business and Asia sections. Mr Rachman’s book, Zero-Sum World, about the future of international relations was published in the UK in 2010. He was named as foreign affairs commentator of the year in the UK Comment Awards for 2010. He is a regular broadcaster for — amongst others — the BBC, CNN and NPR, and also a regular public speaker before both academic and business audiences. Mr Rachman is a graduate of Caius College, Cambridge and has been a visiting fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

Anjli Raval

Anjli Raval

Senior Energy Correspondent
Financial Times

Anjli Raval is the FT's Senior Energy Correspondent based in London. Prior to joining the commodities team, she spent three years as a reporter and editor in New York. She covered the US consumer sector which included reporting on real estate, retail and hospitality. 

She has also been a reporter in the FT's New Delhi bureau and a writer for the beyondbrics and Energy Source blogs. Since joining the FT in 2009 she has been a companies, markets and breaking news reporter and an editor on the comment and analysis desk.

David  Sheppard

David Sheppard

Energy Editor
Financial Times

David Sheppard is Energy Editor at the Financial Times. He joined the FT as Deputy Commodities Editor in April 2016, following an 8 year career at Reuters covering oil markets and the Middle East from London, New York and Iraq.

A Gerald Loeb award winner, he helps coordinate the FT's coverage of oil and commodity markets, as well as focusing on trading houses and investment banks in the sector.

Emiko  Terazono

Emiko Terazono

Commodities Correspondent
Financial Times

Emiko Terazono is a member of the FT commodities team based in London. She has been writing about commodities for the FT since 2011, mainly focused on agriculture. She started in the FT in Tokyo as a business reporter and has covered media, the City diary as well as editing corporate news.

Henry Sanderson

Henry Sanderson

Metals and Mining Correspondent
Financial Times

Henry Sanderson is Metals and Mining Correspondent for the Financial Times in London. He previously worked in Beijing as Deputy Bureau Chief and correspondent for Bloomberg News, where he co-authored a book about China Development Bank, China's Superbank. He has a Master's degree from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree from Leeds University. 


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The FT Commodities Global Summit is attended by:

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Available dates: 28 September – 30 September 2020

Accommodation rate per night: *CHF 345.00 single occupancy / CHF 375.00 double occupancy

Parking: CHF 30.00 per car / per day

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Attendees in 2019 Included

ABN AMRO • Accenture • Archer Daniels Midland • Alcoa • Alpicom SA • Amsterdam Trade Bank • Anglo American • ANZ Bank • Bank of America • Banque Cantonale de Genève • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise • Barclays Bank • BMO Capital Markets • BPL Global • Brown Brothers Harriman & Co • Brunswick Group • Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Ltd • CA INDOSUEZ SUISSE • Cargill • Castleton Commodities International • Citi Bank • Clyde and Co • CME Group • Coeclerici Group • COFARCO SAS • COFCO International • Commercial Bank of Dubai • Commerzbank AG • Concord Resources Ltd • Coral Energy • Corteva Agriscience • Crédit Agricole • Credit Suisse • DBS Bank • Deloitte AG • Deutsche Bank AG • EAST METALS AG • ECOM Agroindustrial Corp • EITI • En+ Group • Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners • Enterprise Singapore • Ernst & Young • Erste Group Bank AG • Eurasian Resources Group • Fortum Power and Heat • GERALD GROUP • Ghana National Petroleum Corporation • Glencore • Goldman Sachs • GPW & Co Ltd • Gunvor • Hartee Partners • Haven Capital • HFW • HSBC • Human Capital • IBM • Iman Resources • INDAGRO SA • ING Bank • Integral Petroleum • Itau BBA International plc • J.P.Morgan • JERA Co Inc. • JOGMEC • KfW IPEX-Bank • KPMG SA • Lambert Commodities • Linklaters LLP • Louis Dreyfus Company • Macquarie Commodities Trading • Marsh Ltd • Mercuria • MET Holding AG • Mitsubishi Corporation • Mitsui Bussan Commodities ltd • Mizuho Bank, Ltd • MUFG • Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd • Natixis • Nedbank • NextDecade Corp • Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation • Numis • Oliver Wyman • Open Mineral AG • Orion Resource Partners • Pacific Basin Shipping • Pala Investments • Port of Rotterdam • PWC • Quest Group GMCC • Rabobank • RBC Capital Markets • Rio Tinto • Rosneft Trading S.A. • Royal Dutch Shell • Russell Reynolds Associates • Saudi Aramco • SCB Group • Sea World Management & Trading Inc • SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd • SOCAR Trading SA • Societe Generale • Solaris Commodities • Spencer Stuart • SPIMEX • Standard Chartered Bank • State Secretariat for International Finance • SwiftBulk • Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs • Swiss Federel Department of Finance • Swiss Trading and Shipping Association • The Carlyle Group NY • The London Metal Exchange  • The Metals Risk Team • Trafigura • Traxys North America • VAKT • Vale International • VARO Energy • Viohalco SA • Vitol Group • W MARINE INC • Waterfund • Women-in-Mining UK • WWF • Xcoal Energy & Resources • Zürcher Kantonalbank 


Special Report: Trafigura - Commodities Dymystified

Trafigura - Commodities Dymystified

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The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. The FT has a record paying readership of one million, three-quarters of which are digital subscriptions. It is part of Nikkei Inc., which provides a broad range of information, news and services for the global business community.

Founding Partner (1)

Mercuria is one of the world’s largest independent energy and commodities groups. The group is present all along the commodities value chain with activities forming a balanced combination of commodities flows and strategic assets.

More than 1,000 people operate from offices worldwide to sustain Mercuria’s extensive business reach in more than 50 countries, bringing market knowledge, diversity and experience to all operations. Mercuria's expertise covers all segments of the energy market, including associated environmental products, and extends to iron ore, dry-bulk freight, base metals and concentrates.

The group maintains sound infrastructure capabilities, including storage terminals and production assets for oil petroleum products. These investments underpin Mercuria’s growing presence as a leading player in the global market.

Recognizing the ever-growing correlation between energy products, commodities, and financial services, Mercuria provides commodity-financing solutions ranging from prepayments to structured joint ventures with its business partners.

Mercuria has refined its business to build upon its successful model. In 2014, Mercuria acquired the physical commodities trading unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The next year, China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), one of China’s largest companies, finalized a strategic investment into the group. In 2017, Mercuria acquired Noble Group’s U.S. gas and power business, and in 2019, it acquired the Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, reorganized as Minerva Bunkering. Mercuria continues its trajectory by bringing added value, transparency and efficiency to the commodities-trading world. 

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Castleton Commodities International (“CCI”)  is an independent global energy commodity merchant with integrated businesses focused on marketing, merchandising, and trading commodities, and the ownership, operation and development of commodities-related infrastructure and upstream assets. As a trader, CCI deploys capital on a proprietary basis in the physical and financial commodity markets, providing the Company with market insights and access. As a strategic investor and developer, CCI leverages its market expertise, operations capabilities, and industry knowledge to invest in, and develop, select commodity infrastructure assets.

Gunvor Group is one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy from where it is sourced and stored to where it is demanded most. With strategic investments in energy infrastructure—refineries, pipelines, storage, terminals, mining and upstream—Gunvor further generates sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers.

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Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is a leading diversified natural resources group with fully integrated mining, processing, energy, logistics and marketing operations.

Active in 15 countries across four continents, the Luxembourg-headquartered company employs more than 85,000 people. ERG is a global leader in ferrochrome production by chrome content and a major supplier of alumina and aluminium, iron ore and coal. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, ERG represents one third of the metals and mining industry and provides electric power distribution and logistics services.

With assets in Africa, ERG is also a major cobalt and copper producer. ERG’s project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Metalkol Roan Tailings Reclamation (Metalkol RTR), is a cutting-edge reprocessing facility to decontaminate old copper and cobalt tailings from previous mining operations in the country. At full capacity, Metalkol RTR will produce up to 24,000 t/y of cobalt, enough to build more than three million electric vehicles per annum and making ERG well positioned to become one of the largest suppliers of cobalt to China.

Chambishi Metals, ERG’s smelter in the Republic of Zambia, is one of the biggest standalone cobalt metal producers in the world and the only operation that produces both cobalt and copper cathodes registered on the London Metal Exchange.

ERG is committed to the sustainable production of cobalt and is a founding member and partner of the Global Battery Alliance, a World Economic Forum initiative aimed at achieving a responsible supply chain for the battery sector. Committed to helping local communities to take children out of artisanal mining, ERG supports the education of more than 11,000 children and provides alternative livelihoods in the DRC.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) a top-tier Japanese bank and core member of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, a Tokyo based bank holding company ranked amongst the largest 25 banks globally by assets under management.

SMBC Group has deep expertise on delivering and executing trade finance deals across the world through its global network. With a specialization in bespoke finance structures, the bank’s experienced professionals help its customers to achieve their liquidity needs, mitigate risk, and meet their financial goals. SMBC Group is continuously creating new and innovative ways to serve its customers. For more information, visit the SMBC website.

At Spencer Stuart, we know how much leadership matters. We are trusted by organizations around the world to help them make the senior-level leadership decisions that have a lasting impact on their enterprises. Through our executive search, board and leadership advisory services, we help build and enhance high-performing teams for select clients ranging from major multinationals to emerging companies to nonprofit institutions.

Privately held since 1956, we focus on delivering knowledge, insight and results through the collaborative efforts of a team of experts — now spanning 57 offices, 30 countries and more than 50 practice specialties. Boards and leaders consistently turn to Spencer Stuart to help address their evolving leadership needs in areas such as senior-level executive search, board recruitment, board effectiveness, succession planning, in-depth senior management assessment and many other facets of organizational effectiveness.

Founded in 1993, Trafigura is one of the largest physical commodities trading groups in the world. Trafigura sources, stores, transports and delivers a range of raw materials (including oil and refined products and metals and minerals) to clients around the world. The trading business is supported by industrial and financial assets, including 49.3 percent owned global oil products storage and distribution company Puma Energy; global terminals, warehousing and logistics operator Impala Terminals; Trafigura's Mining Group; and Galena Asset Management. The Company is owned by over 700 of its 8,000 employees who work in 80 offices in 41 countries around the world. Trafigura has achieved substantial growth over recent years, growing revenue from USD12 billion in 2003 to USD 171.5 billion in 2019. The Group has been connecting its customers to the global economy for more than two decades, growing prosperity by advancing trade.

Drinks Reception Sponsor (1)

Vitol is an energy and commodities company; its primary business is the trading and distribution of energy products globally – it trades over seven million barrels per day of crude oil and products and, at any time, has 250 ships transporting its cargoes.

Vitol’s clients include national oil companies, multinationals, leading industrial and chemical companies and the world’s largest airlines. Founded in Rotterdam in 1966, today Vitol serves clients from some 40 offices worldwide and is invested in energy assets globally including: circa 18mm3 of storage across six continents, 480kbpd of refining capacity and 5,000 service stations across Africa, Australia, Eurasia and in Northwest Europe. Revenues in 2016 were $152 billion.

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ABN AMRO Bank offers a comprehensive package of financial products and services to corporate and institutional clients globally. We serve our clients based on sector and product expertise. In the Netherlands, the Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) department serves clients in all sectors with a turnover above EUR250m. In North Western Europe (UK, GE, BE, and FR) we focus on clients with a turnover of EUR100m in eight selected sectors based on our expertise in the Netherlands. Globally we want to grow in the in sectors which we have proven expertise and existing strong positions: Natural Resources, Transportation & Logistics, Trade & Commodity Finance and Financial Institutions.

Our international network (13 countries) is driven by the client sectors we focus on. Our sector bankers are supported by product expertise. They operate in dynamic client service teams of which the composition is dependent on the need of the client.

Sustainable banking is at the heart of our business. We aim to contribute to a better world by thoroughly selecting our business partners and we encourage our clients to do more business in a sustainable manner.

Within CIB, the Trade & Commodities Finance department finances international flows of commodities from origination to destination. We offer financial solutions to international companies involved in the origination, primary processing, logistics, trading and distribution of commodities. We offer standard and structured banking services to global clients in the commodity sectors. This includes asset-backed and working capital facilities, structured commodity and pre-export finance, letters of credit, collections, guarantees and counterparty risk financing, cash management and electronic banking. Next to that we advise on Global Markets products (forex and interest), syndicated facilities (incl Bookrunner), M&A and capital markets products.

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Made for Trade, we have firmly established Dubai as a leading centre for trading international commodities and the world’s fastest-growing Free Zone. We regulate, promote and facilitate trade across a range of goods from gold, diamonds and precious metals to tea, food and industrial materials. Today, as home to major multinationals and start-ups, we connect more than 17,000 businesses with the world-class services, leading infrastructure and vibrant community they need to thrive and succeed.

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Supporting Partners (3)

ICMM is an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. Bringing together 27 mining and metals companies and 36 regional and commodity associations, we strengthen environmental and social performance. We serve as a catalyst for change; enhancing mining’s contribution to society. Every ICMM company member adheres to our Mining Principles, which incorporates comprehensive environmental, social and governance requirements, robust site-level validation of performance expectations and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports.

Founded in 2006, Women in Mining (WIM) is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting the employment, retention and advancement of women in the mining industry. Membership is free to both women and men across the industry.

WIM advocates and speaks for women in the mining sector, informing industry participants and decision-makers of the challenges and opportunities women are finding in pursuing careers in the industry.

Through its partnerships with leading mining companies and consultancy groups, WIM provides thought leadership and analysis on the business case for diversity, inclusion and the economic advancement of women in the sector.

WIM offers a strong international network to progress professional goals, enabling our members to exchange ideas and create connections both locally and globally through our affiliations with other WIM groups worldwide.

WIM provides its membership with visibility on the conference circuit, working with leading event organisers to ensure diversity of speakers and experts.

Through our work with universities and other organisations, WIM promotes the role of women in the mining industry and externally raises awareness of mining as a career choice for women.

WIM celebrates female success stories with its “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” publications.

STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association) is the leading professional association for the trading and shipping of commodities in Switzerland. It was founded in 2006 under the name of GTSA (Geneva Trading & Shipping Association). It has become STSA a Swiss professional association on October 2014 regrouping the regional associations as an umbrella organization. The association currently represents the 150 member companies of the three regional associations, from leading ones to smaller "niche" specialists.

Drawing its force from its member base, the Association shall represent the interests of the commodity trading industry, freighting of goods & financing, and services related to it, in Switzerland.

The Association works in the interest of its members in cooperation with the authorities and puts its competences at the disposal of communal, cantonal and federal institutions.

The Association contributes to the promotion of Switzerland as a center of worldwide know-how in the domain of international trade, and shipping and their financing.

Therefore, STSA offers its members a unique platform, on which commodity trading companies can cooperate with their partners along the logistic chain.


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