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FT Future of Mobility Summit 2020

Riding the waves of uncertainty and opportunity

London |
Speakers include:
Manfred  Rudhart

Manfred Rudhart


John Holland-Kaye

John Holland-Kaye


Bridget  Rosewell

Bridget Rosewell

National Infrastructure Commission


What will future mobility look like, what will it cost and what will it take to get there? The coronavirus has had a drastic impact on the mobility we take for granted, what will be its lasting effects in terms of how we live our lives as workers and consumers?  More generally, as demand patterns shift and environmental stresses increase, what transportation will we need to get around and deliver goods and services?  How can collaboration, innovation and investment speed up the transition to a smarter, better integrated and more sustainable future?   

The FT Future of Mobility Summit brings together leaders with a shared commitment to establishing safe, sustainable and seamless mobility.  The agenda will explore the most effective ways of working together to develop networks, products and services and prepare for the waves of uncertainty and opportunity that lie ahead.

fallback Add to my Calendar 11/24/2020 08:00:0011/24/2020 17:00:00trueFT Future of Mobility Summit 2020What will future mobility look like, what will it cost and what will it take to get there? The coronavirus has had a drastic impact on the mobility we take for granted, what will be its lasting effects in terms of how we live our lives as workers and consumers?  More generally, as demand patterns shift and environmental stresses increase, what transportation will we need to get around and deliver goods and services?  How can collaboration, innovation and investment speed up the transition to a smarter, better integrated and more sustainable future?   The FT Future of Mobility Summit brings together leaders with a shared commitment to establishing safe, sustainable and seamless mobility.  The agenda will explore the most effective ways of working together to develop networks, products and services and prepare for the waves of uncertainty and opportunity that lie ahead.FT-Future-of-Mobility-Summit-2020de9113113c37e8d3cc4f807810566781MM/DD/YYYY

View photos from the 2019 Summit here.

View photos from the 2019 Summit here.



2019 Summit Highlights


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Agenda - 24th Nov

  • 8:00am
    Registration and networking
  • 9:00am
    Opening remarks from the FT Chair

    Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent, Financial Times

  • 9:10am
    Keynote Presentation: Policy priorities and objectives
  • 9:30am
    Opening panel: The roadmap to seamless and sustainable urban mobility

    This discussion will analyse the big picture and key trends, and the extent to which social, economic and environmental factors are driving the adoption of new strategies, business models, technologies and services in the post-pandemic world.  

    • What will be the lasting effects of the coronavirus on urban mobility? In what ways are consumer demands and behaviours evolving?
    • How can we protect passengers and staff in public transport?  What will be the impact of changes in public policy and regulation?
    • In a decarbonising world, how are coordinated approaches addressing the climate challenge?
    • How can we develop a cohesive, safe and resilient system for passengers and freight where road, rail and air come together and multimodal mobility can thrive?
    • How is investment in innovation fuelling transformation?

    Paul McMahon, Interim Managing Director, System Operator, Network Rail

    Maria Tsavachidis, CEO, EIT Urban Mobility

  • 10:15am
    Keynote Interview
  • 10:30am
    Morning Refreshments
  • 11:00am
    Panel: Connecting Britain and levelling up the regions

    This panel focuses on how financial constraints, widely differing local demands and the fragmented nature of the national transport system are challenging efforts to roll out mobility improvements across the country. 

    • To what extent can infrastructure spending and upgraded transport links address regional inequalities and support economic recovery throughout Britain in the wake of the coronavirus?
    • How can the need for targeted local solutions be balanced with connecting the national mobility network?
    • How much harder will it now be to bring public transport accessibility and benefits to rural communities and reduce reliance on private vehicles?

    Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

    Mark Thurston, CEO, HS2

  • 11:45am
  • 12:10pm
    Special focus: Optimising data to transform mobility

    Here we explore how data can help unite systems, promote sustainability and enable smarter mobility management and communication.

    • In what ways is information being used to underpin connected transportation and enable mobility providers to adapt their operations, improve safety and sustainability and meet changing demand?
    • How is regulation evolving to address security concerns and privacy issues surrounding greater connectivity?
    • What can be learnt from other industries about breaking down information silos, and standardising and integrating data across platforms?
  • 12:50pm
  • 1:50pm
    Decarbonisation Debate: Has the pandemic helped or hindered the shift to sustainable mobility?

    Manfred Rudhart, CEO, Arriva

  • 2:35pm
    In the Spotlight: Disruptors in the mobility space

    This session will give the floor to disruptors and solution providers who are pushing the boundaries and addressing mobility’s greatest challenges.  How can the latest wave of technologies optimise connectivity, flexibility and sustainability?  What threat do start-ups pose to established businesses?  What are the opportunities for cooperation?  How can new technology be financed and incentivised? What do the innovations offer in terms of practical solutions and potential investment returns?

    Carl Bayliss, Vice President, Mobility and Home Energy, Centrica

    Uday Senapati, Executive Director, Strategy and Product Development, Lotus Group

  • 3:20pm
    Afternoon Refreshments
  • 3:50pm
    Impact assessment: Coronavirus and the travel industry

    As shocks and uncertainties continue to rock the travel industry, now, more than ever, its future depends on the ability to adapt and innovate.  Here we take a look at how the limitations and fall-out of the coronavirus have impacted global travel and consider the outlook for businesses throughout the sector. 

    • How have recent developments fuelled existing problems and created new ones?  What are the implications for aviation, tourism and corporate travel?
    • Who needs help the most when cash-flows grind to a halt?  What support is necessary and how can companies recover?  To what extent should government intervene?
    • What could be the lasting effects on demand? Are long-term growth forecasts realistic?
    • How are the pioneers and innovators responding to the threats and building resilience?  What are their experiences and lessons learnt? 

    John Holland-Kaye, CEO, Heathrow

  • 4:35pm
    Closing keynote
  • 4:55pm
    Concluding remarks

Speakers (9)

Manfred  Rudhart

Manfred Rudhart


Manfred Rudhart joined Arriva as CEO in January 2016 following eight years in a variety of senior management and financial roles within Deutsche Bahn, including CEO for DB Regio AG, the Deutsche Bahn company which operates short distance train services, metros and buses in Germany. Prior to that Dr Rudhart worked for management consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton, joining in 1996 before becoming a member of the firm's management board in 2003. He started his professional career in research and development for laser applications. He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Karlsruhe before gaining a PhD in the same field at the Franco-Allemand Institute in Saint-Louis, France in 1995.

John Holland-Kaye

John Holland-Kaye


John Holland-Kaye was appointed CEO with effect from 1 July 2014. He joined the company as Commercial Director in May 2009. From November 2012, John was Development Director and was responsible for delivering the £1 billion annual investment in transforming Heathrow, including the new Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal, which opened on 4 June 2014. He was previously Divisional CEO with Taylor Wimpey PLC, having held a number of positions including Operations Director of Taylor Woodrow Developments and Commercial Director of Taylor Woodrow Inc. Prior to that, John was Managing Director, National Sales Division, of Bass Brewers, and has also worked as a strategy consultant with LEK Consulting for a number of high-profile businesses.

Bridget  Rosewell

Bridget Rosewell

National Infrastructure Commission

Bridget Rosewell is an experienced director, policy maker and economist, with a track record in advising public and private sector clients on key strategic issues. She has worked extensively on cities, infrastructure and finance, advising on projects in road and rail and on major property developments and regeneration. She has been a member of Commissions looking at the future of public services, city finance, London finance, the North East economy, the City Growth Commission and the London Infrastructure Commission. She has also served as Chief Economic Adviser to the Greater London Authority (2002 to 2012) and her book, ‘Reinventing London’, was published in 2014.

Bridget Rosewell is Chair of Atom Bank and was Chair of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to 2020. She is also a non-executive director of Network Rail, and founder and Senior Advisor of Volterra Partners. She was appointed OBE in July 2013 and is also a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Carl Bayliss

Carl Bayliss

Vice President, Mobility and Home Energy

Carl Bayliss has spent the past 20 years working across global markets in the automotive industry, including spending more than a decade outside of the UK.  He has experience from working in both new, emerging and mature global environments, delivering strategies and diverse projects that add value for luxury brands and premium products.

Carl joined Centrica in May 2019, to play a role in transforming the energy giant to one which leads on the electrification of mobility and democratisation of renewable energy through home energy management.   To date, this has led to the company formally establishing strategic partnerships with global automotive OEMs, the deployment of home energy solutions pilots and the development of an integrated platform addressing the convergence of electric vehicles and energy in the home.

Paul McMahon

Paul McMahon

Interim Managing Director, System Operator
Network Rail

Paul McMahon joined Network Rail as Freight Director in June 2013. Between September 2015 and August 2016 he was Acting Route Managing Director for Wales Route, and was made Managing Director, Freight and National Passenger Operators in August 2016. Since May 2018, Paul has led the Industry Assurance Programme Management Office, managing the transition from a responsive task force to an embedded proactive part of System Operator – taking on the role of Industry Timetable Change Assurance Director in September 2019. Prior to joining Network Rail, Paul spent more than eight years at the Office of Rail Regulation as Deputy Director of Railway Markets and Economics.

Carlos Moreno

Carlos Moreno

Scientific Director, Chair Entrepreneurship - Territory - Innovation
Panthéon Sorbonne University - IAE

Carlos Moreno specialises in the study of complex systems and in the development of innovation processes, and he has earned recognition for his unique approach to urban issues. He is now renowned as a scientific advisor to high-level national and international figures, including the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, in his role as the Mayor’s “Smart City” Special Envoy.

Professor Moreno works at the heart of issues of international significance as a result of his research, including the following concepts: the “Digital and Sustainable City” in 2006 (before the appearance of the Smart City concept in 2010), overtaken by the “Human Smart City” launched in 2012, the “Living City” in 2014, as well as the “15-minute City” followed by the “30-minute Territory” launched in 2016. His contributions are incorporated into multiple projects of local governance and urban transformation in France and worldwide. His works aim to promote the transformation of our lifestyles and urban spaces, and to offer solutions to the issues faced by cities, metropolises and territories in the 21st century.

Carlos Moreno was awarded Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor in 2010 by the French Republic. In 2019 he received the Foresight Medal by the French Academy of Architecture.

Uday Senapati

Uday Senapati

Executive Director, Strategy and Product Development
Lotus Group

Uday Senapati joined Lotus in August 2018 as the Executive Director for Corporate Strategy and Product Management. He is responsible for the company strategy, product management of future cars and digital products/services, as well as strategic partnerships. Trained as an engineer and in business management, Uday has worked on numerous vehicle projects at various global companies and within different areas of product development.

Prior to joining Lotus he worked at Bentley Motors, where he was responsible for turning Mulliner, a dormant section of the business, into a successful and profitable special vehicles division. Along with technical areas of business, he has also led teams covering Project Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Production and Logistics.

Mark Thurston

Mark Thurston


As the CEO of High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd, Mark has the privilege and ultimate responsibility for leading the company that has been charged with delivering a new high-speed railway that will connect the major cities of the UK. The vision is for HS2 to be a catalyst for growth across Britain and become the backbone of Britain’s rail network. HS2 Ltd began operations in January 2009. The company currently employs around 1,600 people, with the majority of staff working at its headquarters in Birmingham.
Mark joined HS2 Ltd in March 2017; he has some 30 years’ experience including leadership roles in engineering, project and programme management and business operations. Having worked for client, consulting and delivery organisations, Mark has a successful track record across a mix of major organisations and investment programmes and worked on both the London 2012 Olympics and Crossrail. He was previously the European MD of engineering and projects company CH2M.

Maria Tsavachidis

Maria Tsavachidis

EIT Urban Mobility

Maria Tsavachidis is the CEO of the EIT Urban Mobility, a European knowledge and innovation community to accelerate the transition towards sustainable urban mobility and livable urban spaces. Before joining the European Institute for Innovation and Technology in 2018, Dr Tsavachidis was responsible for Innovation at Siemens for more than 20 years in different positions. She started her career as a researcher in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems and holds a PHD in traffic engineering from the Technical University of Munich.


Chair (1)

Peter  Campbell

Peter Campbell

Global Motor Industry Correspondent
Financial Times

Peter Campbell is the Financial Times’ Global Motor Industry Correspondent, based in London but with a global remit. He leads the FT’s coverage of the industry, online and in print, and works with a team of local correspondents around the world to cover the major car makers, industry trends and technological breakthroughs. Prior to this, Peter covered technology and UK company news for the FT, and has previously covered energy, media, telecoms, technology, industry and tax. He was named Young Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards for 2014. Peter holds a BA in Politics from the University of York. Follow Peter on Twitter @Petercampbell1

Who attends?

FT Live has a reputation for delivering very senior board level audiences to attend a wide range of world class thought-leadership events across the globe for nearly 40 years.

This event is crucial for the decision-makers from organisations in all sectors that stand to be commercially, socially and environmentally impacted by a redefined mobility ecosystem with new ways and means of transporting goods and people.


  • Transport Operators & Regulators
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Transport Manufacturers
  • Transport industry infrastructure and equipment suppliers
  • Information technology suppliers
  • Energy & Power suppliers
  • Consultancies
  • Banks and Private Equity

Job Titles:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Country Director
  • VP, Strategic Development
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Production
  • Head of Product Strategy
  • Head of Connectivity
  • Head of Automotive Standardization
  • Standardization Director
  • Commercial Director
  • Sales Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Director of Design
  • Research and Innovation Director
  • Director of Hybrid / Electric Vehicles
  • Director of Powertrain
  • Director of Product Management
  • Senior Partner, Automotive
  • Principal Analyst

Last year's attendees included senior executives from:

Abellio – Arriva – Avis – BMW – British Airways – Campaign for Better Transport – Chiltern Railways – Department for Transport – DHL – East Midlands Trains – EasyJet – Eddie Stobart – Eurostar – First Group – Gett – GoAhead – Heathrow Airport – Hitachi – HS2 – Ocado – Rail Delivery Group – Rolls Royce – RSSB – Stagecoach – TfL – Transport for West Midlands – Transport Systems Catapult – TUI Group – TRL - Uber



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